Why You Should Try The Paleo Diet | Caveman Diet
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Why You Should Try The Paleo Diet | Caveman Diet

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Caveman Diet

As one of the most popular diets today that draws inspiration from prehistoric times, I’ll be telling you why you should try the paleo diet. It’s safe to say that the modern diet we eat today is very different from what people ate back in the Paleolithic Era.

Food is easy to come by nowadays, from a convenient perspective, compared to the days of hunting and gathering. What our ancestors ate compares nothing to the food we put in our bellies. Today’s article is all about the paleo diet, and why you should give it a shot if you’re looking to achieve not only a fitness goal but a lifestyle change.

What Is The Paleo Diet?

Before I can really get into the meat and bones of the paleo diet, no pun intended, we need to go over some of the basics. As a diet adopted since the days of the Paleolithic Era or 10,000 B.C.E., there are a lot of things to know about.

Why You Should Try The Paleo Diet | Caveman Diet

In the times of hunters and gatherers, factories and farmers were non-existent, food was gathered the hard way. Fortunately, in today’s day and age, we physically don’t have to slaughter an animal for survival. Grocery and retail stores cut out all the hassle for us.

Our ancestors gathered foods that could only be found in the wild. The processed, factory-made foods of today were not available. Some foods of the paleo diet include…

  • Meat 
  • Fish
  • Eggs 
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables 
  • Nuts/Seeds  

As you can see, their diets were completely whole foods, everything from nature. Combined with their active lifestyles, our ancestors were very fit individuals that shaped their bodies into great shape.

It’s a whole heck of a lot different when compared to our diets and lifestyles. Not to say that a lot of people don’t exercise and eat healthy, but a majority don’t. Many people live a sedentary lifestyle with a significant lack of nutrients.

A person who’s cut out all the processed foods of today’s era and swaps it with the nutritious/whole diet of our ancestors can see significant differences. That is the purpose of the paleo diet, out with the new, in with the old.

Paleo Diet Benefits

There are a lot of benefits when going on a paleo diet, some of which you got a quick sneak peek of in the before section. I’d like to share why the benefits are not only good for your health but also your lifestyle.

Whole Food Eating

As mentioned before, the people of the paleolithic era ate foods only straight from nature, cutting off any form of processing. The only things they might have changed to their cooking was the addition of completely natural spices.

With the hunting of meats and fish and the gathering of nuts and berries, every dinner provided their bodies with quality nutrition—a good reason you don’t see that many overweight cavemen in movies and tv shows.

The change in diets drastically reduces getting all sorts of diseases. Risks of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease completely decrease when eating a diet of whole foods. Major improvements in health can be seen when cutting out processed/manufactured foods.

Weight Loss

By lowering the risks of obesity and diabetes, losing or keeping a healthy weight is another benefit of the paleo diet. The refined carbs and high-calorie foods that manufacturers put out are excluded from this diet and replaced with great alternatives.

Why You Should Try The Paleo Diet | Caveman Diet

It’s common for people in today’s age to go out to eat foods that we know we shouldn’t be eating. Whether it’s a lack of discipline or any other reason, we know it’s not good for us. Our ancestors didn’t have the luxury of eating at fast-food joints since they didn’t exist.

For them, it was either whole foods or to starve. Dairy wasn’t even a part of their diets, which is a staple in many diets today.

Diet Variety

Over the years, the paleo diet has evolved with variety and modifications. It seems that eating like our ancestors seems too difficult or too basic for modern individuals like us. Which is why many things have been added as optional for eating.

Many of these are suggested by science to be healthy even if they’re not from the Paleolithic Era. Foods like whole-grain rice, wine, and even dark chocolate are now acceptable in the paleo diet.

Paleo Diet Downsides

A lot of benefits surface from being on the paleo diet. However, there’s one main drawback when adapting to this diet. In reality, the benefits do outweigh the downsides, in my opinion. But you can decide for yourself.

Expensive Diet 

The one killer of this diet has to be the cost of being on the paleo diet. The cost of buying whole foods from the grocery or retail store is much higher than those of processed foods. The effort and cost of growing whole foods differ from being made in a factory.

Why You Should Try The Paleo Diet | Caveman Diet

At fast-food restaurants, you see tons of cheap deals on burgers, fries, and whatever combos they have ready. You could buy food for even a single dollar. The foods on a paleo diet may not only be less affordable, but also less accessible.

However, in my opinion, I still think that this diet is a great investment not only for your health but for your lifestyle. As a great quote, I once heard, “the greatest project you’ll ever work on is you.

If you’re willing to put the effort and drop the extra cash when grocery shopping, your body will definitely thank you in the long run. Swapping out the junk foods for whole foods is certainly a chance you’ll not only short term but far in the future.


In conclusion, that is why you should try the paleo diet. As one of the most popular diets to ever exist, many people have seen life-changing effects from starting this eating style. Opting refined carbs and processed foods with whole foods is something anyone’s body would appreciate. Although starting a paleo diet may cost a little more from your food budget, the decision is one you’ll never regret.

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