Why You Should Take Creatine | Best Supplement Ever
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Why You Should Take Creatine | Best Supplement Ever

Why You Should Take Creatine | Best Supplement Ever
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Best Supplement Ever

Creatine monohydrate is one of the most controversial supplements on Earth, but today, I’ll be showing why you should take creatine. The supplement market is filled with products that are not worth your money or time, but creatine stands above this.

As the most researched supplement on the market by far, creatine has proven to be one of the most worthy supplements for consumers through plenty of studies and research. Let’s take a look as to why everyone should invest in a creatine supplement.

Creatine’s Components

Many people who take creatine surprisingly don’t know what exactly they’re putting into their bodies. Even fewer people know that the human body even produces some naturally, but more on that later.

Why You Should Take Creatine | Best Supplement Ever

Creatine monohydrate is composed of three amino acids; arginine, glycine, and methionine. The mix of amino acids produces what we know as creatine monohydrate, one of the world’s most widely used supplements. (1✔)

Almost all of it is located in the skeletal muscle (95%), while the rest of it is located in the brain (5%). Our organs convert it into energy and transport it through the blood to areas of the body that require higher amounts of energy. (2✔)

This extra energy for intense activities is exactly why athletes and bodybuilders alike consume supplemental creatine. The amount of this organic compound produced by the body isn’t enough, so they increase the amount through supplementation. (3✔)

Advantages of Taking Creatine

There’s a multitude of benefits that creatine provides to the consumer. The energy increase the organic compound provides opens the door for a variety of things to improve upon in the human body.

Improve Atheltic Performance

Since creatine allows the body to produce more energy for muscle skeleton, athletes can enjoy sports and performance enhancements. Athletes can train and play for longer while maintaining the same level of high energy.

Professional athletes and even young athletes can take creatine monohydrate. Tons of research has been conducted to test creatine’s safety on teens, and evidence has shown no side effects for teens taking it. (4✔)(5✔)

Increased Muscle Mass

Although the supplement does not increase muscle mass directly, the increase in energy allows for added strength on training which in turn promotes muscle growth. You can’t expect to take a scoop and begin to build muscle without putting in any work training. (6✔)

Why You Should Take Creatine | Best Supplement Ever

Studies comparing a placebo group with athletes taking creatine shows just how much strength improves for the group taking creatine. After loading and consistently taking it for a few weeks, several training aspects improved. (7✔)

Body composition and sprint and jump performances were all significantly better than those in the placebo group. They had improved muscular strength and reduced muscle damage during training. (7✔)

Doesn’t Stimulate Fat Gain

It’s important to note that weight gain and fat gain are not the same things. Weight gain can most certainly be caused by fat gain, but that isn’t always the case. There are many reasons as to why your body gains or loses weight, such as:

  • Fluctuation of Water
  • High Intake of Carbs
  • Stress
  • Change in Eating Times 
  • Muscle Soreness

Research has shown that creatine does affect body weight due to its water retention properties. However, the total percent of body fat and caloric intake was not affected by subjects taking creatine supplements. (8✔)

Improves Brain Function

As mentioned before, our body stores a tiny amount of creatine in the brain, and research has shown some benefits in the brain from the supplement. Individuals suffering from mild traumatic brain injuries have shown improvements in their severity. (9✔

Not only that, but it has been shown even to improve memory in many individuals. Oral creatine administration may improve short-term memory along with intelligence/reasoning. (10✔)

Zero Side Effects

One of the main reasons why so many people take creatine is the lack of risk involved with the supplement. The industry can say with certainty that creatine monohydrate is the safest supplement on the market. (11✔)

In addition to its performance-enhancing properties, creatine has plenty of properties that can help post-exercise. It has been shown to improve:

  • Rehabilitation 
  • Concussions
  • Exercise recovery 
  • Thermoregulation 

There’s a common misconception about creatine that makes people think that it actually causes cramps and dehydration due to its water retention properties. However, this myth has been debunked with plenty of evidence.

The truth is that the organic compound can actually improve performances in hot/humid conditions by reducing sweat rate. The media has given a bad rep to the supplement by proclaiming false claims. However, the compound can prevent dehydration and cramps in even the hottest environments. (12✔)


In conclusion, that’s why you should take creatine. As the safest supplement on the market with zero side effects listed, it can improve many aspects of one’s training regimen. The increase in energy leads to improved strength that leads to several other benefits.

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