Why Take Protein Powder? | 5 Reasons Why You Should Start
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Why Take Protein Powder? | 5 Reasons Why You Should Start

As one of the most famous supplements on the market, protein powder is consumed by many athletes/bodybuilders, but why take protein powder? 
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5 Reasons Why You Should Start

As one of the most famous dietary supplements in the fitness industry, protein powder is taken by many athletes/bodybuilders, but why take protein powder? 

Protein powder is a supplement that almost every bodybuilder has in his/her arsenal, and for good reason. 

In today’s article, we’ll be giving five reasons as to why everybody should be taking a protein powder in their diet, even if they’re not an athlete. 

Protein Powder Analysis

Why Take Protein Powder? | 5 Reasons Why You Should Start

To begin, let’s discuss how protein powder supplements function in general. It’s good to get a gist of the supplement before diving into the details. 

Protein powders are dietary supplements made by manufacturers to increase the protein intake of individuals. (1✓)

On labels, you’ll notice just how high some protein powders can get in terms of protein with just a single scoop, some even as high as 30 grams. 

The increased amount of protein in an individual’s diet can lead to the benefits we will discuss in the following section. 

5 Reasons for Taking Protein Powder

As you will soon read, there really aren’t any complicated benefits to taking a protein powder. They’re self-explanatory and make sense when it comes to your body.    

Muscle Growth/ Recovery

Why Take Protein Powder? | 5 Reasons Why You Should Start

Protein is key for building muscle—activities including weight lifting or strength training exhaust and tear your muscle fibers and tissue.

In order to repair and therefore grow the muscle, protein must be consumed to patch these tears and increase the size of the fibers. (2✓)

The number of grams in protein powder will not only meet your daily amount of protein needed for your body (avg. is 46g for women and 56g for men) but exceed it and help you build more muscle. 

Studies have shown the groups taking protein supplements compared to groups that don’t make them show an increase in strength and muscle mass. (3✓)

With the right protein powder and the correct amount of rest, the muscle will begin to build.

Weight Loss/Management

Why Take Protein Powder? | 5 Reasons Why You Should Start

Protein is a very important nutrient for weight loss, without a doubt. Regardless of the benefits, protein-rich food is very filling, reducing hunger resulting in eventual weight loss.

Not only that, but protein can also boost your metabolism, resulting in your body burning off more food at a faster rate. (4✓)

Since protein is aiding in your muscle-building, more calories will be burned due to increased muscle mass. 

The more muscle you have on your body, the more energy, and therefore calories will be burned when exercising.

Last but not least, protein powder can overall give you a lean body as you shred off fat without losing any muscle. (5✓

The protein powder, even in a caloric deficit, will keep your muscles from going anywhere as your fat melts off. This is because of how low protein powder is in calories.

Important for Functioning For Older Adults

Why Take Protein Powder? | 5 Reasons Why You Should Start

Much research has shown that seniors are less likely to lose functioning, such as get out of bed, walk upstairs if they consume more protein.

Through the 2,900 seniors researched over 23 years, the seniors who consumed more protein were 30% less likely to lose functioning than those who consumed less protein. (6✓)

More amounts of protein may else deal with illness when it becomes an issue, either chronic or acute. 

When your body begins to have a situation of muscle disuse, such as a hip or knee replacement, higher amounts of protein may be needed.

Not to mention, a malnourished older person may eventually have to consume up to 2 grams per kilogram of body weight; in that case, protein powder just might be the key. (7✓)

A Boost For Your Immune System

As the protector against pathogens, bacteria, viruses, parasites leading to disease, the immune system is an extremely important system in your body. (8✓)

Essentially, your immune system is made up of proteins, making new proteins every time it goes through protein synthesis. 

Protein contains immune-boosting nutrients, mainly zinc – a mineral that helps up the production of infection-fighting white blood cells. (9✓)

Along with magnesium, these nutrients are essential for a healthy immune system. Not enough protein, however, may weaken your immune system.

Ease Muscle Soreness

Why Take Protein Powder? | 5 Reasons Why You Should Start

When you are working out, your body naturally sends amino acids to support your contracting muscles. (i.e., curls, presses, squats, etc.)

During the recovery phase, after the workout, muscles are needed to be repaired so amino acids are directed toward protein synthesis. (10✓)

Protein synthesis is the process of your body making more protein molecules in order to support the structure and function of your cells.  

The muscle tears are what cause your soreness, faster protein synthesis would, therefore, relieve or reduce your soreness. That’s where protein powder comes in. (11✓

Consuming a complete protein may speed up the process of muscle recovery, easing your overall soreness.

Suppress Hunger (BONUS)

As a last but not least benefit to mention in this listing, protein powder can help suppress even your harshest hunger hormones. 

This benefit does go hand-in-hand with weight loss as your reduced hunger may result in higher amounts of fat loss.

There’s a hormone in our body called ghrelin that makes us hungry by stimulating our appetite and promoting fat storage. (12✓)    

Research has shown that higher protein intakes decreased hormone concentrations of ghrelin strongly over time. (13✓

Types of Proteins Powder

There are several available types of protein powder suitable for every person. They are all made from different ingredients but have the same purpose. 

Whey Protein 

As the most popular protein among athletes, whey protein powder is made from cow’s milk before it is curdled and separated into two products.  

As a complete protein powder, it contains all the 21 amino acids the human body requires. 

This type of protein is also commonly digested right after a workout because the body absorbs the protein quickly and easily.

Casein Protein

Casein is also a dairy protein powder, much like whey, and is also made in the same process as whey protein powder. 

We mentioned that curdling milk creates two byproducts; whey (liquid) and casein (curdles). 

Manufacturers take the casein curdles and make them into a protein powder that digests slower than whey

The effects of the protein last a while, so it’s advised to take casein protein before going to bed at night. 


Whey and casein protein are very popular supplements on the market, but for lactose intolerant/vegans, alternatives must be sought out.

That’s why vegan protein powders have surfaced recently to accommodate the needs of vegans and vegetarians. 

Some of the common ingredients for vegan protein powders are either soybeans, hemp seeds, or even flax seeds. 


In conclusion, why take protein powder in the first place? These five benefits are just some of the positive effects protein powder may have on you. 

Every person should have a good source of complete protein, whether it’s from whole foods or supplements. 

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