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Why is Protein Good For You? – More Than Just Gains

Why is Protein Good For You? - More Than Just Gains
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More Than Just Gains

When someone mentions the word protein, what instantly runs through your mind? For many, it’s athletes, bodybuilders, runners, lifters, even PE teachers. But why’s it important, why is protein good for you? Anyone who’s trying to look fit and stay fit is what protein is used for, according to many people. What if I told you there’s a whole other realm to protein that doesn’t necessarily touch upon strength or building muscle.

It delves more in-depth than just your physical appearance; it may affect it, but not necessarily in muscle and composition. Did you know that protein can clear your common cold? You probably didn’t, which is why I’m here to explain the many other benefits protein holds other than muscle gain. 

Rev up Metabolism for Fat Loss

To explain the sudden weight loss when consuming protein, we must discuss the thermic effect of food. It sounds complicated and like high school chemistry, but it is straightforward. It states that’s your body uses calories to digest food along with absorbing the nutrients into your body,  and depending on the foods you eat, the amount of calories expended can differ.

Why is Protein Good For You? - More Than Just Gains

Through TEF,  higher protein intake an amount to an extra 100 calories burned a day, possibly even more for some individuals. After weeks or even months of this, you start to see some changes in weight, which is another reason why many people go on high protein diets.

Keep the Fat Off

Well, losing the way may be challenging, keeping the weight off proves to be an even greater of a task. You must be consistent with the work you have done as long as you might live. With protein, this can become much easier because protein has an element that other macronutrients do not offer. It keeps you much more satisfied hunger wise than carbs and fats.

Why is Protein Good For You? - More Than Just Gains

Eating this macronutrient makes you full and keeps you full for longer, lowering the risks of you snacking on food throughout the day, especially midnight for that sake. You’d be surprised at how full you came after you eat foods like fish, poultry, steak, chicken breast, or even eggs. Adding these into your diet will make your weight loss journey much more comfortable in the long run. If burning fat is something you’ve always wanted to do, click here for another article I wrote explaining in-depth how protein powders burn fat.

Become Your Healer

Consuming protein does help your body heal faster,  on some Wolverine type nonsense. Your tissues and organs are all made from proteins, helping you recover more quickly from injuries. And this is just wounds.

Diving a little deeper into your body, your immune system helps fight off infectious diseases, and what do you think it’s made of?  You guessed it, protein! (along with some other cells and chemicals.) If you’re looking to heal a wound or stop feeling under the weather, try eating up some more protein watch and observe how much it can help.

Good For Your Bones

Instead of muscles, we’ll be taking a look at the benefits of protein with bones. When speaking of bone growth, people tend to think of milk due to the calcium it contains. WIth proteins, there is a positive effect on the mineral density of bones. This means that the likely hood of fracturing a bone is lowered, compared to individuals who don’t consume as much protein.

With protein, more active individuals are less likely to experience bone problems in the long run. It may seem if you’re more active, the event of you fracturing a bone through a sport or activity may be higher. That may be so, but once your old, things like arthritis and osteoporosis start to come in. Moving around more also makes you less likely to experience such things later on in life. If you’d like to know more about bone diseases, since they’re very common, click here to learn more.


As you can see, protein goes much farther and more profound than just muscle building. It not only for the meatheads and the lunks of the gyms; it’s for every individual looking to be healthy. For your skin, immune system, tissue organs, and what keeps you standing, your bones. It’s the magic of protein.

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