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What is Egg Protein Powder? – Gains Ready to Hatch?

What is Egg Protein Powder? - Gains Ready to Hatch?
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Gains Ready To Hatch

What is Egg Protein Powder? Eggs, one of the most beloved and popular foods known to man-kid. Able to be mixed in with a variety of ingredients or served by itself for a great taste. Along with being utterly delicious, eggs also offer a solid source of a certain macro-nutrient, protein. So, wouldn’t it be so very convenient if only the protein nutrients from an egg were used to consume in a way to just pick up and drink (besides straight-up raw eggs) instead of taking the time to cook it? Well, manufacturers and developers have created this Egg Protein Powder, and I’m here to see if it could potentially be better than the competition.

How is “Egg Powder” Made?

It does seem rather peculiar that a “gooey” substance like the inside of an egg can potentially be morphed into a powder in a container. Well, it most definitely is possible with a process that involves dehydrating the eggs.

By separating the egg white from the yolk, the egg whites can be broken down and dried up. Why would you want to separate them? You see inside an egg, the egg white is what contains the protein while the yolk holds the fats and calories. To keep the protein powder purely protein, for the most part, the yolk is extracted from the white.

Most of the time, the powdery egg white is pasteurized and then shipped to a processing facility. From the processing facility, manufacturers put in all types of additives, sweeteners and other things to eventually create the protein powder.

Is it Anything as Good as Whey/Casein?

The mighty eggs do hold their own when compared to other protein powders like casein, vegan and even whey. Not only do they meet face to face, but egg protein powder may have a couple of perks that make egg white outshine the rest of the bunch…
What is Egg Protein Powder? - Gains Ready to Hatch?

Medium Digestion Speed

As you may know, whey protein is the fast-digesting protein, it doesn’t take long to get into your bloodstream after consuming. Casein, on the other hand, is very slow with its digestion, taking and lasting much longer than whey. Well with egg protein powder, it’s not the fastest digestion, nor the slowest.

It has an in-between speed of digestion, so it does keep protein synthesis going longer in your body than whey but not as long as casein.


The problem many come to face with when drinking dairy protein powder like whey or casein is that some side effects come along soon after. Some mild bloating and especially gassiness are some things people bare with when taking the protein. (myself included)

What is Egg Protein Powder? - Gains Ready to Hatch?

Without covering the allergic hazards, dairy protein has, it’s safe to say it causes some trouble in some people’s bodies.

With egg protein powder, however, there is not a hint of dairy within the container. meaning it’s safe for individuals who are lactose intolerant. So a lot like vegan protein powder, it’s a perfect alternative to people who are allergic to dairy.

Still A Complete Protein

Not only does each scoop provide an average of around 25g-30g of protein, but the source is a complete protein. What does that mean? A complete protein means it provides the 9 essential amino acids our body needs to consume through food since we can’t produce it on our own.

Within these 9 essential amino acids, there is a group of 3 amino acids that are branch-chain, known as BCAA’s. (branch-chain amino acids) These amino acids are responsible for mainly creating and preserving lean muscle mass. They are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. More on amino acids by clicking here for another article I wrote that explains them more in-depth.

Potential Setbacks

As egg protein powder may be extremely beneficial in many aspects, it does hold some side effects that make this product now as appealing to some. It all depends on what your goal in your diet is, you may limit or increase some nutrients that decide what product you ultimately buy.

Not Very Filling

Unlike whey, egg protein powder is not very satiating. People tend to consume more calories with an egg protein powder since it doesn’t keep you as full as maybe casein or whey protein powder. With that being said, an egg protein powder isn’t the most beneficial idea when trying to lose weight.

High in Cholesterol

Concerning cholesterol, egg protein powder is said to have 3x as much cholesterol amount than your average whey protein. Something you should keep noted or in mind if you are looking to watch your cholesterol may want to stay clear of egg protein powder. High cholesterol is a common issue among the population, learn more about that by clicking here.


In conclusion, egg protein powder is a fantastic choice when wanting a source of protein to get to your daily intake goal. As a complete protein, it provides all your amino acids, but you may want to be wary of the cholesterol however when deciding on the right product for you.