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Vegan Series Select Protein Review – Sprouting Gains

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Sprouting Gains

We know what we’re getting ourselves into when we buy and drink protein powders. Especially when we got proteins like whey and casein in our arsenal. Vegetarian and vegan protein powders are uncharted land for some, as they simply don’t need a vegan option. However, some of our bodies, unfortunately, can’t handle or are uncomfortable with dairy options. This is why vegan protein powders were introduced in the mix, to comply with the needs of those who can’t choose whey or casein. PEScience is a company that’s on the rise, and with this Vegan Series Select Protein Review, you’ll see if this is the right vegan protein for you. Stay tuned.

Product: Vegan Series Select Protein Powder 

Price: $39.99 

Cheapest Place to Purchase:

Size of Container: 2lbs.

Protein Per Scoop: 20g

PEScience Background

Vegan Series Select Protein Review - Sprouting Gains

Founded in 2009, PEScience is a company that offers nutritional supplements to millions of fitness enthusiasts and athletes worldwide. Their team is committed to giving each and every one of their products the time, research, and development they need to succeed. Their HQ is located down in Tampa Bay, a nice and sunny place for people to try their supplements and show off their bodies. The number one characteristic that can adequately describe PEScience is quality. Their quality control always comes first, they go on to state that,

“The industry contains numerous companies who scream top quality, but only few practice what they preach. Having proper quality control staff and procedures in place is an extremely expensive cost to a company, which is why so many avoid following true GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

                                                                                                                                                                                     – PEScience 2019

They got their quality on lockdown, but they are true leaders of innovation, one of the main reasons they’ve blown up in popularity recently. Every day, new scientific studies are released with the team staying forefront of research. This doesn’t mean that they’re just chucking whatever they can at the wall, hoping it sticks, not at all. They take their research and development very seriously, and if you look at their history in their first 4 years, they’ve only 7 products. As you can see, they take their time and trust the process.

Pros Of Vegan Series Select Protein

Let’s get into the actual protein powder at hand here. This veggie bomb of nutrition has many positive things in-store as you expect from a company like PEScience. We’ll get into some of the negatives that the Vegan Series has in store, but since I like being positive, we’re going with the positives first.  

Transparent Ingredients 

The guys at PEScience are big talk about having clear cut, simple, and quality ingredients in their products. By the looks of the ingredients label, I think they walk the walk. Below I have a screenshot at the list of ingredients used for the protein powder. No, I didn’t crop a single ingredient out, that’s the whole list.

Vegan Series Select Protein Review - Sprouting Gains
They utilize two of the three most common vegan protein substances, brown rice protein, and pea protein. These are very popular and efficient sources of plant protein, which makes up this entire powder. In total, I counted 8 total ingredients on the whole label, that’s crazy to think how great this powder is. Go look at your protein powder right now and tell me how many ingredients are listed there. More times than not, it’s more than 8. If you’d like to check out the entire label, I’ll leave a link here to go check it out.

Well Crafted Taste 

It’s no secret that vegan protein powders taste, well, bad. Many of the “organic” ingredients thrown in vegan protein powders make the protein taste chalky and grainy. (I’m using the word organic very sparingly after finding some dirty things about manufacturers.) This is a common theme with vegan protein powders, a good reason why many consumers tend to stray from them. However, as I said, PEScience is all about quality and innovationTheir team cooked a simple formula to create “crafted flavors.”

They say that all you need to make a great tasting protein is two things: top-quality ingredients, and a special craft in the flavoring aspect. Thankfully for us, PEScience has those things under their belt, which is apparent in their protein’s taste. I like their Chocolate Bliss flavor for one reason. That being because of its chocolate, and if you’re a consistent reader of my articles, you’ll know that I’m a chocolate connoisseur. Don’t overlook the taste with this one, you’ll surely love it, trust me.

Strictly Protein 

With this protein powder, it’s strictly business and does its purpose. It knows it’s role as a supplement, and it has no time for other nutrients. The point of you buying protein powder is for protein. There’s a reason why it’s not called a fat powder or a carbohydrate powder. In the nutrition label, there are 0 grams of sugar and 0 grams of fat. This takes time and effort from manufactures by picking quality ingredients and extracting any other nutrients.

Cons Of Vegan Series Select Protein

Now that we have discussed what positive things I really since in PEScience’s vegan protein let’s switch gears. I have two things in particular that I personally didn’t like from this protein powder. They may not be so detrimental to you, but it may be a concerning factor for somebody else.

Peanut Ingredient 

Vegan Series Select Protein Review - Sprouting Gains
One of the main reasons people drink vegan protein powders is the allergen risks other protein powders have. However, it really defeats the purpose when you take a look at a certain ingredient on the list, peanuts. When you realize how many people are allergic to peanuts, it adds an allergen to protein powder for people looking to get away from allergens. To make up for this, the protein powder is gluten-free, which benefits a large group of people. But the peanuts are something that some individuals can’t overlook, unfortunately.

Poor Mixing 

If there’s one thing I can’t stand with protein shakes I drink is clumps. When you’re enjoying a good shake, and out of nowhere, you get clumps in your mouth. Clumps are little balls of undissolved protein that feels awkward in your mouth. This happens if the protein powder you’re using is harder to dissolve in water or milk if there are no easy dissolving properties. I know a small list of ingredients looks good on a protein powder, but some additives can help a protein powder. So, in this case, that easy dissolve additive is missing, and you can notice. Even with a mixing ball, it’s hard to mix well.


In the conclusion of this Vegan Series Select Protein Review, this can definitely be a protein powder any vegan can add to their arsenal. The minimal ingredient list looks fantastic and ensures that you’re being served quality ingredients. That and its fantastic taste, we’ll surely get you hooked. Although it does contain peanuts, a major allergen in the world, and excludes a large group of people, the rest of the population can very much enjoy this protein powder.

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