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The Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss – Melt Off Fat

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Losing Weight Like Mad

It’s no surprise that protein powders can be used to help spark muscle growth for those looking to put on some size. The quick spurt of protein you get from a single scoop of powder is so convenient and fills in a chunk of your daily protein intake. However, it can also aid in shedding off tons of fat. I’ll fill you in on the best protein powder for weight loss, a top 3 list on the supplements that shred off weight.

How Can Protein Powder Even Burn Fat?

Before jumping into our list of miracle-working protein powders, I know many will doubt the fact that supplements can burn off fat. Regardless of protein powder being a supplement, protein, in general, can, in fact, burn fat. It is the most critical macronutrient when dealing with fat loss, and can be efficiently used in your diet. Here are three main ways it burns fat.

 Fills You Right Up 

Protein scientifically proves to satiate your hunger better than any other macronutrient. It has the best correlation between carbs and fats with your hunger hormone ghrelin. A study conducted the TNO Quality of Life tested how a high protein breakfast performed against a high carb breakfast in terms of satiation. They measured the concentration of ghrelin and gastric emptying, how fast food leaves your body through your digestive system.

The Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss - Melt Off Fat

In the end, protein was left in your stomach longer than carbohydrates, mostly keeping you fuller for a more extended period. The hormone ghrelin concentration also crashes, meaning your hunger poofs into thin air. You being filled up also makes you not want to eat more, leading to fewer calories in and more calories out. If you’d like to take a look at the study yourself, click here to have a look.

Jolt Metabolism

Your metabolism is a significant regulator in weight loss and weight gain. It’s our body’s mechanism on how we turn our food into energy. The speed of our metabolism differs from body to body, your metabolism may be slower or faster than your buddy’s metabolism. Now, this isn’t to say we can change our metabolism’s speed, either quicker or slower. Individuals with lightning-fast metabolism convert much of what they eat into energy not long after digesting. Meaning, they can eat, eat, and eat and may gain little to no weight at all.

This is a double-edged sword.

The Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss - Melt Off Fat
On the plus side, you can expect to be skinny on whatever non-extreme diet you are on. How about that, eat whatever, and still be thin. What a world. On the other hand, your chances of putting on some size and gaining muscle have been reduced. Your calorie intake must be much higher than the calories for an average person on a steady metabolism.

Some people eat up to 4,000 calories a day and possibly more.

However, for out slower metabolism friends out there, they want a speedier metabolism for an opportunity to burn more fat. Which is where the thermic effect of energy comes into play, the amount of energy, calories, it takes to digest food. Yes, you burn calories when you eat calories. It’s a paradox.

The Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss - Melt Off Fat

On the top of the list of foods that require the most energy to digest are, you guessed it, foods high in protein. It takes more effort from your body to break down protein for your body to absorb it. So not only does it keep you satiate longer, but it also burns the most calories out of any macronutrient out there. Remarkable!

Muscle Triumphs Over Fat

Taking a look at the heading, this comes as a no brainer. When comparing the two components that make up your body, the sanest person is going to want more muscle on their body than fat. Just hearing the word fat, for some people, brings negative connotations: the stubborn fat that for the life of you won’t come off. However, you need fat to live: it insulates your body to keep you warm, helps absorb essential vitamins, and provide stable energy after your carbs are used up. But this is a topic for another article, moving right along.

The Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss - Melt Off Fat

For lean muscle to maintain on your body, more energy needs to be expended for it to stay put. Fat, however, is stored there without energy really exerting itself all that much, nothing like muscle. If you have more lean muscle on your body, expect to burn more calories, especially at rest. Nothing better than chilling on your couch and still be burning calories. It’s finally time to move on to the top 3 protein powders that I guarantee, incorporated into your diet properly, will help you incinerate fat.


3.) Mutant Iso Surge

The Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss - Melt Off Fat

Product: Mutant Iso Surge

Price: $25.99

Cheapest Place to Purchase:

Size of Container: 1.6 lbs

Protein Per Scoop: 25g

Other Worldly

From a brand name like “Mutant,” you can expect something radical from whatever they release. With this pure 100% whey protein, you can expect a lot of greatness to surface once having a drink of this. When the word “mutant” crosses my mind, I think of an unnatural beast that is packed with muscle. Some people that come to mind are the likes of Goku, Wolverine, and especially the hulk.

However, we are here to talk about the components of fat loss with Mutant Iso Surge. Speaking of mutant beings, could you ultimately be as ripped one if you drink this protein shake? The answer is simple;

Yes, to an extent.

Let’s just push the genetic mutations to the side, the ones you would need to actually see yourself as a green monster or a beast with claws. Who knows how much radiation you’d have to expose yourself to. However, with the right diet and proper nutrition, you could be your own shredded beast yourself.

The Duo

I especially like two things Mutant does fantastically well when it comes to their protein: their added enzymes and pure whey. Quickly bringing it back to high school biology, enzymes are proteins that speed up specific biochemical reactions. When you digest foods, enzymes in your stomach work to break down foods for their nutrients and then secrete them as waste.

When even more enzymes are thrown into the mix, the digestion process is even quicker and more efficient. Your troubles digesting protein powders will stop once you come across this supplement.

The Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss - Melt Off Fat
The pure whey used to create Mutant Iso Surge is excellent for what whey does: shoot right into your bloodstream for use. There are two byproducts when curdling milk, making it into cheese, beloved whey, and it’s neglected brother casein. Without going into detail, whey is absorbed by your body faster than casein, nothing wrong with that.

(If you’d like to learn more about the wonders of casein, however, feel free to click here)

After a hard-fought workout in the gym, you’d want something to instantly hit your damaged muscle tissue to begin restoration and building of new muscles. Whey is a secure card to play here, is readily absorbed by your body into your bloodstream. Going back to what I mentioned earlier on muscle burning more calories than fat, this can be an easy way to build muscle incorporated with an intense training regime.

Gourmet Right?

The only problem I had when drinking this protein in a shake is its stubbornness when wanting to dissolve. I’ve had chunks in my protein shakes, but this has a little more than I’d like. However, the taste is undoubtedly gourmet, mint chocolate chip taking my breath away for sure, which makes up for its shaky consistency. Something they need to work on if they’re going to claim it to be gourmet. Despite its weak consistency of the shake itself, it can still help you lose weight, click here if you want to take a test drive with Mutant’s protein.

The Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss - Melt Off Fat


2.) Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein

The Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss - Melt Off Fat

Product: Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey Protein

Price: $30.00

Cheapest Place to Purchase:

Size of Container: 2 lbs

Protein Per Scoop: 24g

The Classic Whey Protein

As possibly the first-ever whey protein of many gym-goers, ON set the bar for many protein powders long ago, and many have tried to compete with it. I’ve asked many people who work out, and their supplement choice is 9 times out of 10 ON’s Gold Standard Whey Protein.

And there’s a reason for that.

ON provides quality whey protein, that has been proven to offer marvelous results, whether that being with muscle gain or weight loss. The whey isolate offers real strength, never resting, never quitting. In all honesty, this protein powder could easily rank 1st on the best powder to lose weight, but there’s one reason it kills it for me. Stay tuned why!


This 100% Gold Standard Whey is also a 100% winner. It has been chosen as the supplement of the year for 10 years straight, holding the title over any other protein powder. Considering the hundreds of thousands of supplements on the market, it’s genuinely hard to pick out the man within boys. Winning the award one year seems hard enough, but winning it for a decade straight is unbelievable.

But how?

How has ON been able to stay atop of the hill for so many years? Let me break it down for you beloved readers. They also do two amazing things when it comes to their powder: superb quality and a heavenly taste.

The Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss - Melt Off Fat

Their consistency with their top tier products dates back to 1986 when their outstanding efforts initially started. They’ve been using state of the art manufacturing facilities for a long time to be able to create the genius supplements. 25 grams of protein in each scoop, with legendary quality and innovation.

Craving Flavors

Probably one of the primary reasons why people have stayed with Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey for so long is due to their taste. When I say this has an outstanding taste, take one sip of any flavor, and you’ll be instantly hooked. I’m a chocolate protein flavor enthusiast, and I like a good chocolate flavor. My brother first introduced me to this protein when I was in high school, and of course, it was chocolate. It was a match made in heaven.

The chocolate honestly tasted like cookies and cream, but with a rich, creamy flavor. With some milk, it has absolutely no trouble mixing. Many say that even with a cup of water, the powder mixes quite well without problems. If you personally do not prefer chocolate, that’s no problem.

There are 18 different flavor choices.

You have tasty-sounding flavors like birthday cake, rocky road, strawberry banana, vanilla ice cream, and even gingerbread if you’re feeling festive. These are just a handful of the rich flavors in the ON Whey Protein arsenal. Click here to have a full look at all the flavors.

Why It Can’t Take The Cake

This is entirely my opinion on the matter, let me put this into perspective. Imagine eating your favorite flavor ice cream, the same flavor you have been munching on for years. You love this taste, you’re not sure how’d you react if they discontinued this flavor and break your bond with that ice cream forever. So now, take the situation, and apply it to this protein powder with the chocolate flavor, and the victim is me.

The Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss - Melt Off Fat

Yes, they stopped producing the unique chocolate flavor for ON’s Whey Protein, and when I ran out of my last container, it was back to the drawing board for a new powder. They did have a double chocolate flavor, but that was just too much chocolate for me. For that reason, ON give up their spot to the new protein powder I have been hooked with for the past couple of years.

Let’s have a look at that protein, shall we?


1.) Signature Whey Protein

The Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss - Melt Off Fat

Product: Signature Whey Protein

Price: $49.00

Cheapest Place to Purchase:

Size of Container: 5 lbs

Protein Per Scoop: 25g

Best Fat Torcher

Last but certainly not least, finishing off our top 3 list of best fat burning protein powders is’s whey protein from their signature line. When I say I love this product, I am absolutely obsessed with this supplement. I personally have had fantastic success drinking this protein shake to slim down immensely, more on that a little later.

I’ll touch on two things does absolutely exquisitely, one far from the norm, and the other that complements the powder. These two things being the trio of whey protein and the unbeatable tastes. These two aspects influence your weight loss that you may not realize until taking a look into the facts.

The Three Wise Whey

In many protein powders, including the two listed above, sticking to one particular type of whey is common, they’re not trying to step out of their comfort zone. Not to say sticking to one whey is bad, significant success has come out if done right. However, has thrown the norm out the window by experimenting a bit with their signature line. They have decided to combine all three wheys into one spectacular protein powder.

(If you need to be filled in on the three types of whey, we got you covered:)

Whey Isolate: Great for low-carb diets, low in fat, and easily digested. Containing the highest concentration of protein, accumulating to about 90% of protein from other macronutrients.

Whey Concentrate: Concentrate has a more balanced amount of proteins, carbs, and fats to fuel your workouts. The second-highest concentration of protein.

Whey Hydrolysate: This whey protein has been hydrolyzed, or broken down into strings of amino acids called peptides, for even faster absorption than standard whey!

But how did they do? Although they might not be winning the highest honor award for 10 years straight, they certainly have caught some attention. The fusion is meant to provide maximum muscle growth, recovery, and weight loss. This risky and gutsy executive move from has most definitely paid off, being their number one product on their site.

Chocolately Goodness

Where Optimum Nutrition left off on their chocolate flavor, picked it up and took off running. I truly believed no one could top the 100% Gold Standard Whey chocolate flavor of whey, until the chocolate of’s signature line rested itself upon my tongue, and blessed my taste buds. The rich, creamy goodness of the powder mixed with milk is absolutely, in my opinion, gourmet. On the official site, the rating of the chocolate given from actual reviews by consumers is an 8.8 out of 10.

I’m sorry, that’s absurd.

The Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss - Melt Off Fat

The taste should be at least an 11, nothing lower, it’s that tasty. If you’re not a chocolate person, they got you covered with tons of other flavors that are bound to satisfy you. They have strawberry, vanilla, and even oatmeal cookie, scrumptious. Those flavors have even higher ratings than the chocolate, imagine how good they must taste. Have a look at the ratings yourself by clicking here.

Personal Achievement

There’s a reason I hold this protein powder near and dear to my heart. A reason why I defend this protein powder as if it were my child. It’s because of the outstanding results I achieved from drinking the powder. During the beginning of the summer of 2018, I decided I wanted to lose weight, for summer maybe, but to have more confidence in myself. So I started two new things in my diet, higher protein consumption, and intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting could be like 10 articles on its own, solely discussing the benefits of eating patterns. However, I want to talk about protein consumption. Knowing all the benefits and “shortcuts,” I could be taking if I were to boost my protein consumption by taking a protein shake had me hooked. With that, I was off on my journey, never hesitating twice to exercise whenever I could. I weighed 217lbs at the beginning of that summer,

I weighed 184 by the end of it.

The Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss - Melt Off Fat
I’m not going to discredit IF, it definitely had a lot to do with my weight loss, but the protein also had a good portion. Intermittent fasting has studies that claim it can even prevent cancer, now who wouldn’t want that? The benefits of IF could potentially be endless, with all the positives it includes.

Not only was I burning fat, but I was starting to get some gains from it. I was, still am, looking pretty muscular, turning a couple of heads here and there. Thanks to the combo of IF and protein powder, I got my confidence back, which is why unanimously takes the number one spot.


In conclusion,’s Whey Protein takes the cake on the most effective fat stripping supplement. You may experience significant results by using the other powders on the list, nothing is set in stone, this is just my experience. The components within these whey proteins are more than enough to accomplish the goals you wish to achieve. Whether it’s the weight loss or even to put on some gains, like how I eventually did. The risky triple whey action paid off for the company, and especially for me. Remember,

“The greatest project you’ll ever work on is you.”

Got any questions? Feel free to leave them down below, along with any comments on an experience you have with the protein powders above.


Ghrelin – intense hunger hormone secreted by the stomach

Gastric Emptying – how fast food leaves your stomach

Metabolism – the conversion of food to energy through several chemical processes in your body

Thermic Effect of Energy – amount of calories or energy you expend to digest foods

Enzymes – proteins that speed up specific biochemical reactions

Casein – byproduct of cheese that takes longer to disperse in our bloodstream

Whey Isolate – the whey with the highest concentration of protein (90%)