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Select Protein Powder – Stop Drinking In The Past

Select Protein Powder - Stop Drinking In The Past
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Product: Select Protein Powder

Price: $37.99

Cheapest Place to Purchase: 

Size of Container: 2 lbs.

Protein Per Scoop: 23g

Stop Drinking In The Past

The protein powder industry is being revolutionized by this new combination of protein. Select Protein Powder has got the industry brewing. They have formulated a protein powder that they claim pushes themselves way ahead of the competition. The rest of the manufacturers are in the past, Select has the future in their hand with this innovation. When I first heard of Select’s protein powder catchline, it sure got my attention. Read on to know what the future has in store for us to supplement consumers.

Select Protein Powder - Stop Drinking In The Past

Nutrition Facts

Before we reveal the significant innovation PEScience has concocted, let’s take a look at the splendid nutrition aspects the protein powder has. They’re a couple of great things their protein does in terms of the macronutrients.

Select Protein Powder - Stop Drinking In The Past

The nutrients described here are per scoop of protein powder. Starting with what the supplement is known for, the protein is a very decent amount. 23 grams isn’t too little, nor is it the most out there; I’d say it’s still a good bang for your buck. A good rule of thumb I like to follow concerning protein supplements, if it’s less than 20 grams per scoop, I would say investing into something else with a little more. Since it’s a protein powder, it’s a complete source of protein, meaning it contains our 9 essential amino acids.

The carbohydrates, as you can see, is at a very minimal amount, accumulating to 4 grams in total. The most important thing with carbs is the sugar, in this protein powder, it’s only 3 grams in total. You can do a lot of things with just 4 grams of carbohydrates even though energy may not be the purpose. Lots of diets require you to eat the least amount of carbs possible, ones that I’ve also tried. The Keto diet requires lower carbs to get your body into ketosis, the metabolic state in which your body uses fat as energy instead of carbs. The paleo diet is also a tremendous low-carb diet.

Select Protein Powder - Stop Drinking In The Past

Finally, with our last, but certainly not least, macronutrient, fats are a crucial part of our diets and should not be looked over. There’s a whopping 1 gram of fat in one scoop of protein powder, mainly consisting of saturated fat. There is no trans fat in the powder, which is splendid. Trans fats are the lipids that may clog your arteries if eaten in abundance, they can cause heart problems. It’s your best bet to limit them or stay away from trans fat, thankfully for you, Select has got 0 of it.

Fused Innovation

It’s time to reveal what Select’s secret is when it comes to their protein powder, what exactly sets it apart from the rest. Well, you may have observed the ingredients from the nutrition label and already jumped the gun. Before I tell you, go ahead and try to find what makes this protein so different. This protein powder has both casein and whey, not just one. Drinking whey solely or solely casein is “drinking in the past” according to Select, one on its own just won’t cut it these days.

Select goes as far as to say that when building lean muscle, “whey is inferior.” I’m not joking, they really went and said that, pretty bold. Please don’t believe me, go and click here to check for yourself that they really said such a daring statement. I was thrown for a loop because I use a whey protein powder, and I love it and don’t think there’s anything better. I looked into the protein powder, and PEScience does have a point with their powder.

Select Protein Powder - Stop Drinking In The Past

Casein and whey come from the same source, milk, but they have differing effects in your body when it comes to muscle building. In short, when you drink whey protein, your bloodstream is spiked with amino acids immediately. At the same time, casein trickles slowly into your bloodstream, taking its time with it. Whey stays in your blood for about 4 hours, while casein can be still be found for up to 8 hours. When you drink one, you miss the benefits of the other. Select saw this as an opportunity, and capitalizes on it. If you’d like to know a little more about casein, I wrote an entire article talking about it, click here for it.

Whey and casein are at their best when they’re combined into one. Published studies show that combinations of whey and casein resulted in a quick increase in protein synthesis, a higher possibility to maximize muscle protein accumulation. This new research is what Select has been basing off its bold claims. The company also found that the 2005 International Whey Conference concluded that a mixture of whey and casein is the optimal form of protein for gaining muscle mass.

Suspicious Taste

The taste is one of the most crucial things when it comes to foods, let alone supplements like protein powders. When something doesn’t feel pleasant on your taste buds, you’re not going to come back to try it more. When it comes to Select’s taste for its protein powder, it isn’t the best. The texture is what kills it, which can kill many products if not done right.

Select Protein Powder - Stop Drinking In The Past

The powder does not mix well with the liquid, it has a hard time dissolving itself. You’ll find many clumps even after shaking it for minutes, chunky protein shakes are not satisfying when drinking. The idea is to have a smooth, pleasant shake bless your taste buds for more. Even with a stainless blender mixing ball, there will still be clumps, which is annoying. Maye putting two will do the trick, try it out, and tell me in the comments.


In conclusion, Select have a special thing going on in their arsenal with their protein powder concoction. Their research has allowed them to create such a powder that could maximize your lean muscle gains. The only thing they could work on is the taste of their powders, they could use some better textures. If you’d like to try out their powder, click down below.

Select Protein Powder 

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