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Protein Shakes vs. Protein Food – Which Is Superior?

Protein Shakes vs. Protein Food - Which Is Superior?
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Who Is Superior?

In our diets, protein is one of the most essential macronutrients to us. Let me tell you, all protein was not created equal. We’re comparing protein shakes vs. protein food in this article. One is a supplement, one is something we need to survive as humans. Regardless of which you’re picking, they both provide protein. However, everyone wants to know which is better? Which source should I stick to? In this article, I’ll fill you in on which source you should dedicate yourself to.

Protein From Foods, Benefits

Let’s start with the protein we get from foods. I’ll compare the benefits protein from foods that provide the benefits from supplements.

Common Necessity

As food is an everyday necessity, you’re going to find it everywhere. The most common place you’ll find protein foods will be at the grocery store. Here’s where you’ll find a lot of your favorite protein-packed foods. We got our chicken breasts, steaks, eggs, milk, fish, and other great foods. The thing with protein powders is that they’re not the easiest thing to come by. Most supplements are found in designated stores that sell supplements. Places like GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, and Vitamin Warehouse are just some supplement shops.

Protein Shakes vs. Protein Food - Which Is Superior?

Not to say that some supplements can’t be found in some grocery stores or supermarkets. You can actually see some of the name brand supplements, too, at some retail stores. However, if you’re looking for something in particular, your best bet is going to a supplement shop for it. There’s also plenty of supplements shop online, my favorite protein powder is from an online shop, If you’d like to check out the site along with my favorite powder, click here.


With only the foods I just mentioned, chicken, steak, eggs, fish, you could make a lot of tasty meals. There are plenty of recipes out there that could make something as bland as chicken breast into a flavor bomb. Some foods just taste better than others on their own, but they all can be amazing with the right cooking. Protein powders have one taste, and only one taste until you buy a different flavor. A protein shake just can’t compare to a nice big juicy steak.

However, you can mix protein powder into different things to add flavor. Things like smoothies, coffee, and even cookies to put a twist on the taste. Considering how many flavors of protein powders there are in the world, you can mix tons of flavors. I remembered I mixed some chocolate protein powder to make a chocolate ice cream shake. It was delicious, let alone nutritious.

Protein From Foods, Drawbacks

There aren’t too many drawbacks when it comes to getting protein from foods. There are sure lots of benefits, but I can think of one drawback.

Incomplete Proteins

As mentioned in the introduction, not all protein was created equal. Protein exists in many different foods, many more than the ones I also mentioned. The foods I did mention, however, are considered complete proteins. A complete protein is a protein source that contains all 9 essential amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, adding up to 20 in total. Our bodies produce 11 of them on their own, while the other 9 need to be consumed to survive.

Many foods are complete proteins, while many other ones are incomplete proteins. The amount of incomplete proteins is higher than the amount of complete proteins. Foods like beans, peas, fruits, veggies, grains, nuts, do not have all 9 essential amino acids. There’s nothing wrong with being an incomplete protein, they can be mixed in with other sources to become complete. Eating them on their own does not fulfill your amino acid needs. Looking for complete proteins is what you want. If you’d like a full list and more information about complete proteins, click here on an article I wrote about them.

Protein From Supplements, Benefits

It’s time to move on the supplements side of things. Oh, how I love protein supplements, such a blessing from the gods. I’ll lay down some of the attractive benefits that protein from foods do not hold.


This is probably the best benefit supplements hold over protein foods. The fact that you can simply drop a scoop of protein into a cup of milk or water, and get 25 grams of COMPLETE protein, is fantastic. It’s literally that easy. You can get the powder in an assortment of flavors, you’ll find one you’re bound to like. The convenience of preparing a protein shake is unmatched, and protein in foods just cannot compare.

Protein Shakes vs. Protein Food - Which Is Superior?

The process of preparing foods like steak and chicken takes a while, at least a lot longer than a protein shake. Not to mention, people eat foods like chicken and steak as a main meal, so sides also need to be prepared. The time it takes to make rice or beans adds on to the total amount of time. Plus, after you finish eating, you still have to wash all those dishes you just used to make your dinner/meal. Protein shakes cut out all of that, all you need to do is clean the cup after using it.

Complete Protein

As mentioned before, about complete proteins, every protein powder is a complete protein. I have yet to be proved wrong. I have not found a protein powder that is not complete with its protein. Most manufacturers make sure it contains all 9 amino acids that we can’t produce, giving you a bang for your buck. The food you buy can’t always be complete proteins. Unfortunately, it’s just the reality. With protein powder, they got you covered. If you’d like more information about the 9 essential amino acids, since I’m mentioning it so much, click here for another great article that goes in-depth about them.

Protein From Supplements, Drawbacks

Much like the drawbacks with protein from foods, there aren’t very many. But I did find one that many people would probably agree with me on.


It’s no secret that supplements can prove to be somewhat pricey. Back in my day, when I was young and broke, my older brothers used to buy our protein powder from the store. It was great, and I loved drinking it. Little did I realize how much protein powder that big, about 5 pounds, costs. Fast forward to today, the price always stares me in the face every time I go to purchase it from To be fair, it isn’t the most expensive thing in the world, and it does last a while. But it’s still more than what people would like to cough up.

Then again, grocery shopping isn’t the most inexpensive thing, either. Going to the grocery store can rack up some deal of cash if you’re not careful. But for the price of one protein powder, you can get you a lot more groceries with that cash. There do exist more affordable protein powders, but the one I like, and many others, is going to cost you.

Who Wins It?

I’ll give you the verdict. After comparing the pros and cons of both protein from foods, and protein from a supplement, it’s definitive. The truth is, they’re both just as important. Yes, I know that it is very clique to not declare a single winner. But, that’s just how many other people and I see it. Food is just a necessity to everybody, and the protein you get it from it is even more essential. Protein powders also do great wonders, and its protein is just as significant and impactful.


In conclusion of protein shakes vs. protein food, there is no single winner. They both have enough benefits, and drawbacks, to be just as important as the other. For my sake, I can’t live without eggs. They are an easy to make protein food that is just delicious when scrambled. On the other hand, my protein powder is like my best buddy, a link to that below. I need my protein powder to reach my protein goal for the day. Instead of foods and supplements being rivals, they’re complementary. Whey Protein

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