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Protein Shakes Keto Diet – Low Carb Treat

Protein Shakes Keto Diet - Low Carb Treat
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Low Carb Treat

Many have heard of the Ketogenic diet, Keto for short, but are not sure what it actually consists of. They’re not sure what to eat on such a diet, and the concern always brought up is the inclusion of supplements. Primarily, protein shakes. The addition of supplements to a person’s diet can make for many benefits for one’s health. Knowing if you can consume shakes or other dietary supplements on this diet is crucial. By the end of this article, you should know if protein shakes keto diet is the right move.

What Is Keto?

The Ketogenic diet is one of the most popular diets known on the planet Earth. You see this diet’s name all over magazines and all across recipe books. Discovered in the 1920s, scientists realized that keeping their patients on this diet experienced impressive effects from it. The diet consists of keeping your carbohydrate intake as low as possible. Say good-bye to all your favorite carb-filled foods. As someone who has used Keto, you soon realize how many things have carbs. It’s a lot.

Protein Shakes Keto Diet - Low Carb Treat

This is why tons of foods have been made that are specifically designed to be eaten on a Ketogenic diet. You’ll be surprised at how many things can be turned keto-friendly, like keto bread. Considering the properties of bread, made up of grains, and how many carbs it has, it makes you think what they do to get the carb count so low. Your goal is to keep your carbs to about under 50 grams a day; easier said than done, but very possible.

What’s The Point?

You may be asking yourself,” why am I giving up my favorite foods? With what purpose am I doing this with?” Well, I’ll give you a quick science lesson to describe what happens in your body without carbohydrates, or lack thereof. Our body’s first line of energy to use is our carbohydrates, when we’re low on them we’re sluggish, when high, we’re jumpy. Foods that give you sustainable energy, like pasta, rice, and bread, have high amounts of carbohydrates.

Now, let’s say you slowly begin to use up all your carbohydrates until the point where you have none left to use. Your body still needs to function, so, where do you get your energy? Your next line of energy to use is our fats. Our stored fats are reached into for energy when the carbohydrate well dries up. This is the ideal state you would like to be in when you’re on the keto diet. This metabolic state in your body is called ketosis, carbs run scarce, and your body is resorting to fat for energy.

You want to get your body to this state as soon as possible while you’re on this diet. Which is why minimizing your carb intake is critical. The less carbs you eat, the less time it takes your body to use up the scarce amount of carbs and begin using fat for energy. This scientific discovery explains why people have found not only found great but consistent success. If it only works for one person, and not for the other 7.5 billion on Earth, it’s useless.

Is My Protein Shake Keto-Friendly?

It’s also good to know what foods are and are not allowed with Keto. Like the introduction said, and title of this article, protein shakes are a common one people question. So, protein shakes keto diet, are they compatible? My answer is most definitely! If you look on the back of your protein shake container right, take a look at the carbohydrates. If you don’t have one near you or on you, let’s look at my favorite protein powder,’s Signature Whey Protein.

There are only 3 grams of carbs per scoop in their protein powder. Even if you 2 scoop your protein shake, that’s only 6 grams, not to mention about 50 grams of protein. This is common for most protein powders. Supplements that provide protein are meant just for that; protein, and not carbohydrates. If one protein powder isn’t enough to convince you that carbs are minimal, let’s have a look at another protein powder, a trusted one. This is the nutritional label for Optimum Nutrition’s 100% Gold Standard Whey Protein, a classic among consumers.

ON’s masterpiece only has 4 grams per scoop, and 8 if you decide to add two scoops into your cup. These aren’t the only two protein powders that contain little amounts of carbs. You’ll find plenty of other protein powders and shakes that have little to no carbs. These two protein powders provide much more than just protein powder, they give the consumer fantastic benefits.

I have a review on’s Whey, my favorite protein powder, here on the site, click here to check it out if you’re interested in finding a solid protein. I’ll also leave a link to a review on Optimum Nutrition’s Whey right here, it’s bombastic.

My Story With Keto

Now, what right does someone like me have to be explaining if Keto works or not? How can you trust someone like me? Well, I think I’m more than qualified because I tried Keto. Yes, it was the summer of my sophomore year when I began it. I was about 217 pounds when school was over that year. I used Keto, regular exercise, sort of clean diet, and, last but not least, intermittent fasting. That combo dropped me to 185 pounds in about a month and a half.

Protein Shakes Keto Diet - Low Carb Treat

It’s pretty insane thinking about it now how I dropped large amounts of fat in such little time. You may think it was unhealthy to lose 30+ pounds in that amount of time, but I’m completely fine and still at my weight right now. I mentioned I also used intermittent fasting, which I still use today to stay in good shape. Using Keto with intermittent fasting is also very popular if you want more on that, click here for the article I wrote on that.


In conclusion of protein shakes Keto diet, it’s safe to say, they’re like bread and butter. If that isn’t straight forward enough, they work. The properties of a protein shake prevent them from exceeding your carb intake by any means. Even if you add 2 scoops to your cup, you won’t surpass more than 10 grams of carbs. That’s plenty of room to keep you into ketosis to keep burning that fat, and getting you into the shape you’ve always desired.

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