Protein Powder Weight Loss - Melt Some Body Fat
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Protein Powder Weight Loss – Melt Some Body Fat

Protein Powder Weight Loss - Melt Some Body Fat
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Melt Some Fat

Protein powder, a supplement well-known for its ability to build muscle when consumed consistently. By being a complete protein, containing all your essential amino acids, it helps you maintain your lean muscle mass along with building some. However, many people and even consumers of protein powder don’t realize that the supplement can essentially help you shred some fat. Many properties in protein powder can aid in losing body fat while also maintaining your lean muscle. How is that? How is protein powder weight loss possible?

Protein Filler

Protein, in general, is a very filling nutrient. Individuals on high protein diets, such as the Atkins diet, seem to eat much less when studied compared to individuals on other diets. There are two main reasons for protein to decrease your hunger and appetite…

Hunger Hormones

Your body is filled with hormones, even hormones that regulate your hunger. There are two main hunger hormones, leptin, and ghrelin. Leptin, made up of fat cells, decreases your appetite while ghrelin increases your appetite (a big factor in body weight). An increase in the intake of protein reduces your level of ghrelin, making you less hungry.

Protein Powder Weight Loss - Melt Some Body Fat

Feel Full Longer

Studies have shown that an increase of protein intake by 15% – 30%, can reduce your calorie intake by at least 400 calories. One scoop of protein powder a day can easily cut your calories without having to take a cut in portions of your overall food intake. (You still have to be aware of drinking too many excess calories when taking the protein shakes, one scoop a day should do you perfectly)

Glucose Production

When consuming protein, a spark in glucose happens in your small intestine. Glucose is a simple sugar that is one of your main sources of energy. This spark is sensed by your lives and sent to the brain, signaling it to cut your portions due to a fuller feeling. By eating less, you will eventually burn body fat. This isn’t to say that protein can’t provide your body with energy, it’s very possible. Check out this article here to see how it gives your body a boost.  That’s not the only way you can burn body fat with protein powder…

Rev Up Metabolism

The intake of protein powder may, in fact, boost your metabolism, therefore helping your body burn more calories every day. This boost in metabolism is spiked up even more when weight training and building muscle. If you have more muscle on your body, you will burn more calories, more calories than you would with fat. (the number of calories you burn could alter depending on your age, sex, and body composition)

Protein also boosts metabolism through the phenomenon of the thermic effect of food (TEF). Some of the foods we consume are digested and absorbed while other foods will be burned off as heat. The energy needed to digest nutrients varies in percentages. Protein requires the most energy to digest, around 4 calories per gram (10% – 20% of TEF)

Lean Mass Maintainer

When cutting, many people want to preserve any lean muscle they have on their body because, as said before, that can burn more calories. However, is it even possible to lose fat while also building muscle? It seems like its contradicting, but it is indeed possible, but it sure ain’t easy. Diets wanting to lose weight can make you lose muscle along with slow down your metabolism. However, protein power comes to the rescue.

Protein Powder Weight Loss - Melt Some Body Fat

Consuming a protein shake a day can maintain muscle mass up to 3x more efficiently than cutting weight without drinking protein powder. It is also interesting to note that a study between two groups of athletes cutting weight on two different diets, one consisting of higher protein than the other, had the same amount of fat loss in the end. However, the group who had more protein maintained almost 40% more muscle mass than the other group. This increase in ending muscle mass also benefits one after effect in losing weight…

Prevents Weight Re-Gain

You will maintain results in consuming more protein. Simple as that. The effect the protein has on your metabolism, muscle mass, and hunger makes it harder for your body to regain and weight loss. A study has shown that, after 6 months, people who consumed the daily protein shake regained 50% less weight. The fullness the protein powder gives you prevents you from consuming extra calories, thus prohibiting weight regain.


There are just some of the ways, protein powder can aid in your journey to weight loss. The boost in metabolism, buff in muscle mass, and decrease in appetite all help you for an overall easier journey to weight loss. Do you have an experience of weight loss with protein powder? Leave it in the comments below with any questions you might have.