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Protein Powder For Teens – Can Adolescents Build Muscle?

Protein Powder For Teens - Can Adolescents Build Muscle?
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The Stages Before Becoming A Man

We’ve all gone through it, or maybe we are going through the most awkward but critical stage in our lives as humans for proper development. The step where our voices get deeper, our bodies get stronger, and our hormones are traveling a million miles per hour running up and down our bloodstream. You guessed it, puberty! Right around this time, boys and girls alike begin to take pride in their appearance, especially in their physique. This is when building muscle for guys sounds like a dream, to start to turn heads, especially of the opposite gender. That brings up a question many want answered, especially our pubescent friends. Can teenagers build muscle? Is it even possible? Should you not waste your time and look into another hobby? If it is possible, is there a protein powder for teens that’s effective and safe for them to consume? All of that, and more, will be answered in this article, stay tuned!

Protein Powder For Teens - Can Adolescents Build Muscle?

What Does Puberty Do To A Young Man?

In this article, I will be concentrating most of my information on the effects of puberty on males, I apologize, ladies, your report will come in time. Puberty has some similarities between the two genders, but also significant differences, with the same goal in mind; becoming sexually mature and able to reproduce.

Protein Powder For Teens - Can Adolescents Build Muscle?

The start of puberty begins at different times for everyone, beginning as early as 10 years old to as late as 15. Your testicles produce the most important sex hormone that will govern your teenage years and then some, our manly testosterone. The hormone that plays a role in many bodily functions within you, especially during puberty, where it kicks into overdrive. Let’s have a look at what things testosterone cause within your maturing body.

Body Hair

A tell-tell sign of someone going through puberty is most certainly hair growing on their body. Areas of hair growth on your body include under your pits, arms, legs, chest, back, and none other than your face. This is when the infamous “peach fuzz” starts developing above your lip, or harrier guys can start growing masculine beards.

Protein Powder For Teens - Can Adolescents Build Muscle?
Some dudes develop to become harrier than other dudes, depending on your genetics. You may have noticed that some races pack on more hair than others, some cultures genetically produce more hair during puberty. This includes growing more hair down below, where hairy “bushes” can start to build unless you tame them.


Probably the defining point of puberty, the acne that surfaces onto your face. It may even start growing on other surfaces on your body, like your back, your chest. Hormones increase the production of oil inside your pores, which may cause an opening for bacteria to grow. This develops into as to we know, pimples, or blackheads or whiteheads. Topical creams and medications may help reduce acne, but it’s a prevalent problem.

Also, around the time of puberty, teens develop a new sense of mindset. Their appearance matters to them the most, trying to impress the world, thinking everyone is looking at them. Known as the spotlight effect, people experience they are on the spot at all times, although no attention is on them. To look good in the spotlight, you want to get rid of your acne.

Protein Powder For Teens - Can Adolescents Build Muscle?
For this, many people, not only teens, decide to pop them, so they’re not visible. Let me tell you now,

Never do that!

If you squeeze the life out of pimples, two things could occur that may worsen your situation. The pus inside the pimple will spread itself to more on your skin, causing even more acne. It also may leave a scar where you popped the pimple, and scar most certainly do not go away. As satisfying popping pimples may be, resist doing it, it may lead to scarring and even more acne. If you’d like to know how to scientifically prevent acne, click here!

Emotional Change

It is also ubiquitous for teens to be on an emotional rollercoaster. One second they are as happiest as can be, the next minute, they hate the world for being how it is. Depression hits hard for teens, that’s why it’s important to observe them, as much as they may hate it. You must also keep an eye on the love life on a teen, sex hormones start pumping, and the thoughts of taking that girl to where the magic happens is as real as ever.

Their decisions are rash, jumping to stupid choices is very common. This is because their brain has not yet fully developed. The frontal cortex, the front part of your mind, is responsible for making your decisions. In an adult, the cortex is fully developed, while in a teen, it’s still developing, so it’s not working at its peak.

Can Teens Put On Muscle?

Here is the answer to the question in hand.

Yes, they can!

During puberty, growth hormones surge through your body to make you grow taller, your bones sturdier, and your muscles bigger. Testosterone allows for muscle to grow and get stronger. This is why some dudes experience glow ups where they look lean and buff because they finally start to build muscle. Going to the gym and focusing on resistance training sparks the development of muscle.

Concentrating on protein in your diet helps you maximize your muscle gaining experience.

How About Supplements?

But how do supplements sound when it comes to teens? Are they safe to take when it comes to boys who are going through puberty?

Yes, with awareness!

Yes, since testosterone is produced by the testes that allows for the development of muscle. Protein powders boost your daily protein intake to achieve your protein goal amount. Like I mentioned earlier, acne is in occurrence in teens. Whey protein, and dairy protein powder, can cause more acne. Take a look at this article I wrote if you’d like to know more about the development of acne from whey protein.

Does Whey Protein Cause Acne? – Blackhead Breakout


In conclusion, teens can build muscle, and it’s okay for them to take supplements. The puberty they go through results in opportunities to build muscle and further maximize their body growth. They should still focus on their overall diet rather than supplements running the entire show.

Got any questions? Leave them down below, along with any comments!


Puberty: stage in an adolescent’s life where he/she becomes sexually mature and able to reproduce to complete their human development.

 Testosterone: human sex hormones in men and women responsible for playing a role in human development and functions in the body.

Peach Fuzz”: suttle mustache hair grown that lacks definition and color during the early stages of puberty, looking like the fuzziness of a peach

Bushes”: Pubic hair grown in your pubic area that accumulates to the point that it presents itself as a bush of hair.

Spotlight Effect: a phenomenon where people believe they are noticed much more than they really are.

Frontal cortex: region in your brain that makes your decisions.