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Pro Jym Protein Powder – Dr. Jim Stoppani’s Finest Work

Pro Jym Protein Powder - Dr. Jim Stoppani's Finest Work

Product: Pro Jym Protein Powder

Price: $35.00

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Size of Container: 2lbs

Protein Per Scoop: 24g

The Man With the Plan

With a Ph.D. in exercise physiology and a minor in biochemistry, Dr. Jim Stoppani is a well-known exercise guru in the fitness industry. He is a trusted professional, I mean, look at his physique! Dr. Stoppani wants all his followers to experience maximum muscle growth. So to do this, he has concocted his Pro Jym protein powder that blends science and real ingredients for fantastic results.

Pro Jym Protein Powder - Dr. Jim Stoppani's Finest Work

This sleek black matte colored protein powder brings some exciting things to the table upon inspection. For instance, it has blended two different types of milk-based protein instead of sticking to just one, something that is rare to come across in the supplement industry. This is the ingenious idea that doctor Stoppani has come up with. However, there’s one question.

Does it work?

Does it provide the results, or is it just a make-believe idea that is too good to be true. I’m here to discuss the abundant amount of benefits but at the same time, consider the potential consequences are side effects with the fusion of protein.

Nutrition Label/Ingredients

Let’s have a look at the nutrition label and listed ingredients on the contain

I like to hit three main macronutrients when discussing protein powders, those being protein, fat, and carbs. Considering it is marketed as a protein powder, you can expect the protein amount to be reasonably high between 20g-30g. In Pro Jym Protein Powder, It’s 24 grams hits the mark, not the highest or the lowest.

Moving on to the carbs and fats, they both are at a reasonably low amount, which in my opinion, is a good thing. The small amount of fats puts you nowhere near the risk of high cholesterol levels, so you won’t have to worry about that. As for the low carbs, many things can be done with this minimal amount of carbohydrates. It might not provide much energy, those satiating, but the powder can be utilized in several diets like keto or the Paleo Diet.

Pro Jym Protein Powder - Dr. Jim Stoppani's Finest Work

Two ingredients caught my eye, and yours to maybe, that I’d like to put on the spot briefly.

Micellar Casein: Many consumers of protein probably have heard of casein, the brother of whey, or should I say, the neglected brother of whey. It doesn’t get as much love as it’s quicker digesting protein siblings. I wrote an entire article between the differences between whey and casein, click below if you’d like to check it out.

What is Casein Protein Powder? – Whey’s Rival

But back to casein, this isn’t any ordinary type of casein; this is micellar casein, one many have not heard about. It’s called this due to the micelles that form from the casein, which takes an even longer time to digest. That is the main difference between the two; micellar takes longer to digest.

Mono-and Diglycerides: As an emulsifier mono and diglycerides help oil and water mix; with this, it is often used as a food additive. When added, it improves the texture and stability of the food no it’s extended shelf-life by not letting oil separate from water.

Whey and Casein Fusion

As mentioned before, Pro Jym Protein Powder mixes both weighing casing to form a powder that is mostly unheard-of. Bringing me back to my main question, does it even work? Well, let me tell you it is gain central when taking this product. The way Dr. Stoppani explains it makes sense when analyzing information.

Let’s say you solely take a whey protein without a casein mix, nothing wrong with that, but you are missing a lot of benefits. Whey protein is a fast-digesting protein that shoots into your bloodstream and quickly boosts muscle protein synthesis for only a short period. However, casein is the exact opposite. It trickles into your bloodstream that leads to a more extended period of muscle protein synthesis. That begs the question, what if you mixed the two?

Upon mixing, you will experience a medium digesting protein that’s longer than whey but shorter than casein, which can provide a significant impact on your overall gains. Individuals who take the whey/casein mix protein experience higher muscle growth over time than the people who consume just whey alone or just casein alone.


In conclusion, Dr. Stoppani has delivered a top-of-the-line supplement for his JYM line. He has nothing to hide with his ingredients or his doses with his high-quality protein. It provides maximum muscle growth, recovery, and repair for anyone ready to experience pro results.

If you have any questions about Pro Jym’s Protein powder, feel free to ask along with any comments you may have.

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