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Premier Protein Review – Buried Gem?

Product: Premier Protein 100% Whey Protein Powder 

Price: $14.00

Cheapest Place to Purchase: Amazon

Size of Container: 28oz/1.75lbs

Protein Per Scoop: 30g

A “Premier” Protein Powder?

Premier Protein, known for their exquisite pre-made protein shakes and bars, has released a line of whey protein. And as my duty, have decided to purchase it and create a review on the product. The size of the container comes in at 28oz, just shy of 2lbs. The package comes in a basic white and brown container with red dabbed into some text atop an image of the flavor (in this case chocolate, but could also come in vanilla). Not the most creative container, but you must never judge a book by its cover.

Ingredients/Nutrition Label

Here is the nutrition label on the package along with the ingredients list

Discussing the ingredients, Premier Protein is created mainly of whey protein concentrate. The concentrate is not the highest amount of protein (70%) from the types of whey, isolate contains 90%, but exchanges that with other essential macronutrients. One serving of protein powder contains 30g of protein, quite a high amount.

Monk Fruit Extract: Also known as monk fruit sweetener, is a popular alternative sweetener used to avoid using sugar in many products. It contains zero-calories and is 200 times sweeter than sugar

The extract is packed with tons of surprising benefits, such as anti-cancer properties, antioxidants, and anti-diabetes properties since it’s used for weight management due to it containing zero calories.

Rebaudioside A: As another sweetener, Rebaudioside A has quite a history for sweetening foods. Extracted from Stevia, a plant used centuries ago in South America, Reb. A has zero calories just like monk fruit sweetener. It is used to mimic the taste of sucrose, approved by the FDA since 2008.

If you’d like a more in-depth analysis of the ingredients used for this protein powder, check out this article on the most common ingredients in protein powders…

What’s In Protein Powder – Secret Ingredients

Protein at a Bargain

Premier Protein offers a whey protein powder at an incredibly low price. I bought mine at my local Walgreens for $20, while it was on sale (around $25). The price we have linked is 14 bucks on Amazon, would have saved me an extra $5. It is about $15, with each serving containing 30g of protein, you’ll get to your daily protein intake in no time.

Comparing Premier Protein with other brands like Optimum Nutrition or at around the same container size, Premier Protein is your choice on a budget. The quality of the proteins may or may not differ, but in terms of price, Premier Protein takes the cake.

Highly Questionable Taste

For a price this low, the skeptical would expect some sort of catch. The catch, not for everyone, dawned on me when I drank the protein mixed with milk. As a chocolate guy, I love tons of chocolate protein powders, but this one wasn’t worth a second sip. I’m not sure how to describe the taste, but it wasn’t for me.

Not to say you won’t enjoy the taste, it can be a choice of preference. For less than $20, it’s worth spending the money to see if you find a hidden gem of protein powders.


In conclusion, Premier Protein Powder is a great choice for buying protein powder on a budget. This protein has quite the acquired test, so it may not be for everyone. If you have any questions about the protein powder, leave it down below along with any comments you may have.

If you’d like to purchase this protein powder, click here:

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  1. Rebecca

    I know a lot of people use protein powders when they work out. I’ve never tried one. Most of them have caffeine and I’ not a fan of caffeine. This one looks like it doesn’t have any. I probably need to use something to help me since I’m getting older. Thank you for this review. What was it that you didn’t like about the taste? Was it bitter? Too sweet? I’ve never tried monk fruit before. 

    • Jose Gallegos

      Hey Rebecca, I don’t completely recall how the protein powder tasted since I could only bare one sip, but I remember it was really chunky and it tasted cheap. I’ve never tried monk fruit either, but it’s quite a good sweetener!

  2. Trevor M

    My wife is always looking for ways to up her protein, iron and many more supplements. As you have to after giving birth and making two babies that takes a toll on your body and all of it goes to well making that baby. She is always making shakes, taking her vitamins and making sure her body and the loved ones are getting enough nutrition. This is good for anyone looking to keep a goo balance.

  3. Jordan Smith

    Wow! glad to see someone write on this awesome product. I had to get this for my weight loss surgery. My dietitian suggested this powder. It tastes pretty good with no after taste. I’ve been using it with half percent milk. I’ve been taking this powder for about 4 weeks now, down 50lbs, and not getting tired of the taste.

    Nice write-up.

    • Jose Gallegos

      Hey Jordan, great work on the weight cut! I myself dropped around 30lbs, but 50lbs is quite the accomplishment. 

      I’m glad someone enjoyed the taste, what do you like about the taste?

  4. Rob S.

    I’m really into protein now since I’ve been changing a lot of bad habits.
    I realize how important protein is.
    Premier Protein Powder is something I’d like to try especially since chocolate is my favorite flavor!
    But from what you’re saying the taste isn’t that good but at least it’s healthy, right?
    And this seems like a great price but then again anytime you buy something on Amazon you’re pretty much guaranteed to pay the lowest price.
    I’m gonna give this a try! Can you take too much of it?

    • Jose Gallegos

      Hey Rob, the protein powder is definitely healthy, even if the taste may make you think twice about a 2nd sip.

      You can potentially drink too much, much like how you can drink too much of any protein powder (or anything in general). You may want to keep it to 1-2 scoops a day, or else you could get some excess bloating or gas.

      Hope you enjoy!!

  5. TimMoto

    The Premier Protein brand seems a bit like a copy cat product.  Not sure if the price would be worth it.  $20 is a good chunk of change and to waste it on a questionable product is not a good idea. 

    There are other products that might be better then Premier, so I’d suggest a trip to your CNG to determine what product would be best depending on what you are trying to accomplish.  Just my opinion.  

    • Jose Gallegos

      Hey TimMoto, Premier Protein is mostly known for their pre-made protein shakes, their protein powder is not as well known. 

      There are definitely better quality products than Premier’s protein powder, but for the price of $20, you can’t really ask for much more other than a source of protein to reach your daily intake.

      (and I think you mean GNC 🙂 ) 

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