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Optimum Nutrition Plant Protein – Vegan Blast

Optimum Nutrition Plant Protein - Vegan Blast

Product: Optimum  Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Plant Protein Powder

Price: $25.00

Cheapest Place to Purchase: Bodybuilding.com

Size of Container: 1.8 lbs

Protein Per Scoop: 24g

ON’s Vegan Experiment

As a reliable producer of solid protein powders, Optimum Nutrition has come out with their plant protein powder for the vegans. Optimum Nutrition’s whey protein powder is one of the most trusted and popular supplements known to consumers. As the company with the protein powder that holds a staple for many lifters, other products coming from ON should have the capability to be or exceed consumer expectations. Well, this green Optimum Nutrition Plant Protein might have some things in store you may want to stay for…

Nutrition Label/Ingredients

Here is the nutrition label listed on the container, along with the ingredients used…Optimum Nutrition Plant Protein - Vegan Blast

We will discuss the vanilla flavor of ON’s plant protein powder, but they also offer a chocolate flavor for all you chocolate lovers. With the serving size being 1 scoop, the amount of protein within said scoop is 24g of protein with low amounts of fats (3g) and carbohydrates (7g). Along with these crucial nutrients, one scoop amounts to only about 150 calories in total.

Moving a little lower to the vitamin section, you can see that ON’s Plant-Based Protein covers 100% of your daily value for Vitamin C. Daily value percentage is the percent amount of a certain nutrient, found in a serving on a food label, of your daily needed intake of that certain nutrient. For example, looking at protein, consuming one serving completes almost half (48%) of your daily amount of protein your body needs.

Optimum Nutrition Plant Protein - Vegan Blast

Having 100% of Vitamin C means you cover your daily intake of Vitamin C with just one scoop. Vitamin C has many vital and important functions in your body, including fighting against immune system deficiencies, skin wrinkling (by producing collagen), maintenance of bones and even wound healing.

Discussing the ingredients, it is obvious since the protein is vegan, it can’t go anywhere near dairy protein sources like whey or casein. Instead, it offers protein sources that come from plants, such as peas, brown rice, and sacha inchi that are vegan-friendly. It may seem hard to believe for those who are unaware that these sources can even a small amount of protein, but they sure do make it happen.

I will be going over 2 ingredients present I the protein, but if you’d like a more in-depth overview of all the ingredients, make sure to check out this article here where I discuss the most common protein powder ingredients.

What’s in Protein Powder?- Secret Ingredients

Organic Gum Arabic: Also known as Acacia gum, it comes from the hardened sap of an acacia tree. In the food industry, Arabic gum is used as a stabilizer/emulsifier in several foods such as soft candy, soft drinks and of course protein powder. The gum also contains water-soluble dietary fibers, that aid in of course fiber in your diet but also help reduce and keep down cholesterol.

Ascorbic Acid: From just the name, it can be quite concerning that manufacturers are putting “acid” in your supplements. But no need to fear, ascorbic acid is a perfectly safe ingredient that provides your body with Vitamin C. Along with providing vitamin C, it helps keep products from spoiling as it prevents microbial growth.

Quite the Taste

Many people seem to be quite satisfied with the taste of ON’s Vgen protein, the one thing they never fail to seem mention, is the strong flavor of stevia it has. Not just to pick on Optimum Nutrition, but many vegan protein powders contain a trace of stevia,

Leaf Stevia Extract: Coming from the South American plant stevia, this leaf extract is used in food as a sweetener with no calories.

Some claim that the taste is a little too overpowering for them, while others quite enjoy it. It’s just a matter of preference, don’t knock I till you try it.

Optimum Nutrition Fails to Disappoint

Once again, Optimum Nutrition offers another solid and reliable product, that even more people can enjoy as it has left out dairy. It provides a great source of protein along with some added Vitamin C to go with it, as long as you don’t mind the stevia.

Have any thoughts on ON’s Vegan protein? Leave it down below in the comments along with any questions you may have the product.

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