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Mutant Whey Protein – Hazardous Amount of Gains

Mutant Whey Protein - Hazardous Amount of Gains
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Product: Mutant Pro Triple Whey Protein Powder

Price: $28.99

Cheapest Place to Purchase: 

Size of Container: 2lbs

Protein Per Scoop: 24g

Scientifically Ahead of the Game

With a radically cool name like “Mutant,” anything they produce undoubtedly must catch any consumer’s attention, especially a protein powder consumer. Today in this article, we’ll be looking at their Mutant whey protein, or should I say, “TRIPLE” whey protein blend. Manufacturers of this Triple Whey Protein have engineered and formulated a protein powder that claims to ahead from a scientific point of view. Let’s have a look at how Mutant’s lab work has put them forward of the game by observing their pros and cons.

Nutrition Label/ Ingredients

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of the nutrition and ingredients Mutant’s protein has to offer.

Taking a look at the nutrition label, there’s not many things this whey protein does wrong regarding the macronutrients. There is only a single gram of fat in 1 scoop (a serving) of whey protein. Not to mention the 0g of trans fat, the type of fat that is manufactured and is one of the main leading causes of cardiac disease. With around 40mg of cholesterol, you shouldn’t have to worry about exceeding the recommended daily amount of cholesterol for an adult, which is about 300mg.

The same goes for sodium; the 40g doesn’t come near your daily recommended amount of sodium, this time being around 2,300 mg. To conclude the nutrition label, the protein will get its little section; carbohydrates are where it gets interesting, in a beneficial way. Although the amount of carbs in this whey won’t give you the most amount of energy, it is undoubtedly suitable for specific diets that include low carbs, like keto.

Mutant Whey Protein - Hazardous Amount of Gains

As there is a decent amount of ingredients on this list, I’d like to touch upon only the parts that may stick out to a consumer like you and me.

MCT Oil: Short for Medium-Chain Triglycerides, MCT Oil is extracted from either coconut or palm kernel oil (in this case, it’s coconut). It is added to many drinks, such as smoothies, bulletproof coffee, and salad dressings. MCT oil has many benefits, such as weight loss, appetite control, and even inflammation.

Lactase: It’s about to get “sciency,” so brace yourself. In our bodies, we produce a digestive enzyme called lactase to break down the sugar in milk called lactose. When someone says they are “lactose intolerant,” this means that they do not have enough lactase enzymes to efficiently break down lactose, leading to side effects such as bloating and diarrhea.

With the addition of lactase to the drink, the protein will necessarily help you digest whey better. However, this is not a guarantee for everybody, as “lactose intolerance” is different for everyone. The only way to find out if you can stomach this protein is to drink it! If you’re lactose intolerant and would like to know more, I got an article here talking about protein powder risks.

The Protein Trio

As stated before, I’m giving Mutant’s whey it’s own protein section as it has done something uncommon when creating protein powders. Several whey protein powders stick to just a specific type of whey, whether it’s an isolate, concentrate, or hydrolyzed. They each respectively hold their benefits and setbacks, but Mutant has figured it out by MIXING all 3, creating a devasting protein powder.

Mutant Whey Protein - Hazardous Amount of Gains

By mixing the three, you will experience, “rapid, delayed and extended phases of amino acid absorption.” This time-releasing protein automatically gets put ahead of other protein that only contains one particular type of whey, missing the benefits of the other 2.

Gourmet Taste?

Labeled on the whey protein, Mutant claims the taste to be 100% gourmet. Gourmet is defined as a product, mainly food, that is involved with high quality or exotic ingredients with skilled preparation. The bottom line; if the food is labeled gourmet, then it is expected to taste top-notch.

Mutant Whey Protein - Hazardous Amount of Gains

However, the problem with Mutant’s whey isn’t with its taste; it’s mainly with its texture. The powder never seems to dissolve correctly, even with a whisk ball in the cup. The chocolatey goodness seems to get ruined by the chunkiness the powder leaves behind, even after many shakes.


In conclusion, Mutant has their protein-making down to a science, with an exceptional whey protein powder they have created. It seems like they were going for mutant-like gains on this one because that’s what you’ll get when consuming this protein!

(With the right diet and exercise, of course!)

Got any questions or have any experiences with this protein? Leave them down below in the comments!

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