Muscle Beach Nutrition 100% All-Pro Review - Beach Bod
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Muscle Beach Nutrition 100% All-Pro Review – Beach Bod

Muscle Beach Nutrition 100% All-Pro Review - Beach Bod
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Beach Bod

Summer is just around the corner, and you know what that means! Suns out, guns out! It’s that time of the year where people rush to the beaches to get take off their shirts and have some fun in the sun. Unless you’re in the percentage of the population where you feel insecure about your body. You don’t feel comfortable in your own skin, and therefore you prefer to keep your shirt on. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but wouldn’t you finally want to feel good in your own body for once. This where Muscle Beach comes into play. After this Muscle Beach Nutrition 100% All-Pro-Review, you’ll see yourself closer to the beach bod you’ve always wanted.

Product: Muscle Beach Nutrition 100% All-Pro Whey 

Price: $49.99

Cheapest Place to Purchase: 

Size of Container: 4lbs

Protein Per Scoop: 24g

Muscle Beach Nutrition Background

First introduced in 2017, Muscle Beach Nutrition, the company is located on the sunny beaches of Southern California. The brand has been building up for over 40-50 years on the sunny shores, and the idea of making it into fruition became a reality. Anyone who has visited their Muscle Beach down in the south of Cali knows the environment they got running. Their outdoor gym is called “The Pit,” conveniently right next to their supplements/juice bar.

Muscle Beach Nutrition 100% All-Pro Review - Beach Bod
What sets this company aside from the rest? Well, what other supplement brands can claim that their home is the famous Muscle Beach? Not a single one. Muscle Beach Nutrition scrutinize every ingredient and tell customers exactly what they’re getting for their money. Words they use to describe their products include quality, integrity, honesty, and results. Their goal is to get you looking like the guys and girls who work out at Muscle Beach. Easier said than done, of course, but their supplements have got some goods in-store.

Pros Of Muscle Beach

Let’s begin with the positive aspects of the protein powder, and trust me their tons of them. We’ll get into some of the negatives a bit later, but some things that this supplement provides are worth discussing.

Whey & Casein Mix 

A not so common thing that manufacturers do with their supplements is to mix different types of protein. To know what I mean, we must understand the different kinds of protein. They’re tons out there, a lot of articles with information about them here, but we’ll talk about the dairy protein sources; whey and casein. They both come from the same source or mom, milk, which is why I categorize them as brothers. One may receive more spotlight than the other, but that’s a topic for another time. Muscle Beach Nutrition 100% All-Pro Review - Beach BodWhen making cheese, milk gets turned into substances, or as a scientist would say, two byproducts. A liquid substance, whey, and a solid curdled substance, casein. Most of the time, these two are separated for their own purposes in supplements and products. Whey has it’s own benefits, and casein does too. Whey protein gets absorbed by the bloodstream much quicker than casein. Then again, casein protein can last hours and hours in your bloodstream, just trickling protein for your body.

I have a drawn-out list of benefits for both whey here, and casein here. Knowing the list of benefits for each makes it all the much sweeter when you combine both proteins in one supplement. You get a mix of both whey benefits and casein benefits, fast and long-lasting absorption. This duo of protein puts you on the right track for the beach bod Muscle Beach Nutrition wants you to achieve.

Transparent Ingredients 

The ingredients to any supplement matters, a lot. You want to know what exactly you’re putting into your body, and how it’s going to affect it. As of recently, protein powders have been under some controversy due to the ingredients being used. Many of you don’t know that supplements, such as protein powders, aren’t checked or regulated by the FDAFood and Drug Administration.

I’ll leave more information in terms of the FDA and protein powders here, but consumers have begun to lose faith in manufacturers after certain findings. It’s quite shocking, some protein powders had traces of toxic substances that could potentially harm your central nervous system. Yeah, I know, shocking. The guys at Muscle Beach Nutrition make it their goal to have transparency in their ingredients. They state,

100% ALL-PRO™ does not contain any substance banned by the NCAA, IOC, WADA, or any mixed martial arts, bodybuilding, powerlifting, or weightlifting federation, or by the U.S. Armed Forces.

They put themselves through a rigorous ingredient approval process to make sure none of their products are dangerous to the consumer. This is important, especially in the industry, to make sure they don’t keep a bad reputation.

Digestive Enzyme 

The nutrition label has digestive enzymes included for the benefit of the consumer. An enzyme is a protein that speeds up the chemical process of a living organism. In this case, with the “digestive” enzymes, it helps the digestion process speed up in your stomach. Not only does it speed it up, but it also makes it easier on your stomach. This benefit is really impactful for people who are lactose intolerant. I myself am a little lactose intolerant, so the enzymes really are useful.

Fantastic Taste 

One aspect that is also very important is the taste, not only with supplements but with any food. If you’re not going to like the taste of a supplement, you’re not going to buy more than one product. Thankfully, Muscle Beach Nutrition has got plenty of flavors to chose from, and they all taste splendid. You are bound to find one you’ll enjoy from options like Peanut Butter CookieChocolateCookies n’ Cream, and Vanilla.

Cons Of Muscle Beach

We’ve arrived at the negatives bits of this Muscle Beach Nutrition All-Pro, and thankfully, there’s not much negative to discuss here when talking about the negatives. There’s one key flaw that frustrates some people but has an easy solution.


The issue of clumps forming when you pour your protein powder into your desired liquid is one that no one likes. When drinking, little balls of undissolved protein stay together in your drink, which doesn’t sit too well in your mouth. You expect everything to be a somewhat thick liquid, but when a ball of clumps rolls in your mouth, it’s quite frustrating. With some protein powders, including this one, no matter how much you shake, clumps still seem to persist.

I personally hate this problem, but buying a blender mixing ball can really help eliminate those pesky clumps. The ball acts as a sort of whisk for your bottle, targeting any balls of powder and taking them out. I always plop one of these bad boys in all my bottles to make sure I don’t get those irritating clumps. I’ll leave a link to one here if you too hate that problem, and are looking to solve it.


In the conclusion of this Muscle Beach Nutrition 100% All-Pro Review, it’s safe to say that it’s a solid protein powder. With mixtures of whey and casein, excellent taste and choice of ingredients along with added enzymes for digestion, it’s got most of the bases covered. The clumping issue may seem annoying, but adding a mixing ball takes care of that problem very quickly. If you’d like to be one of those guys who you’ve always aspired to be at the beach, I’ll leave a link to the product down below.

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