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Kasein Kaged Muscle – Release The Gains

Kasein Kaged Muscle - Release The Gains From The Cage
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Product: Kasein Kaged Muscle

Price: $34.99

Cheapest Place to Purchase: Bodybuilding.com

Size of Container: 2lbs

Protein Per Scoop: 25g


Unleash The Beast

It’s been trapped in a cage, chained up, locked away from reality. But now, it’s time to unleash it, Kasein Kaged Muscle. There’s a presence in your body, of gains and muscle, that hasn’t been tapped into. Whether you’re far into your muscle-building journey, or you’re just starting out, gains are what you’re after, and with casein like this, you won’t be disappointed.

Kasein Kaged Muscle - Release The Gains From The Cage

The dudes at Kaged Muscle are moving into the future, ditching the old school casein and bring in the new. They’re taking it into the next level with their Kasein innovation, stay tuned to find out how they can have you building muscle while you sleep. I’m not lying.

What Is Micellar Protein?

Casein is a common type of protein powder on the market, but not as common as it’s byproduct brother whey. Casein and whey protein comes from milk when it gets curdled, creating two products. One is the most popular supplement found on the market, whey protein, and of course, casein protein. They may come from the same source, but boy do they have differing results when consumed.

We’ll be talking about casein with this article, if you’d like an in-depth analysis about whey protein, click here to learn more. Whey, in general, is the faster absorbing protein that goes straight into your bloodstream not too long after digestion. The amino acids course straight in and immediately go where they are needed throughout the body. This is why, right after a workout when your muscle fibers are damaged from being stress placed on them, whey is taken. It aids in the immediate recovery of broken-down muscle tissue. Seems like a good deal, but,

How long does whey protein last in your bloodstream?

Kasein Kaged Muscle - Release The Gains From The Cage
The short answer; not very long. You can expect for whey protein to run out and leave your body after a handful of hours. This flaw, if you can classify it as one, is where casein protein exceeds in. The other byproduct of curdling milk lasts much longer in your bloodstream because of the manner it arrives there. Unlike whey, casein doesn’t shoot straight into your bloodstream after digestion. Our friend casein takes its sweet time with its amino acid release,

causing the protein to trickle for up to 8 hours in your body. 

Which is why casein protein is regularly taking by individuals right before they go to bed to help build and preserve their muscle while they sleep. While you sleep, the chances of muscle breakdown increase since you’re knocked out, and can’t feed your body with the protein it needs to keep your muscle. A way to stop as much muscle breakdown as possible when you sleep is to consume some protein before hitting the hay. If you had to choose between whey and casein, the little brother casein is your best bet.

If you were to take whey protein before bed, the protein would definitely block off muscle breakdown, but not for very long, a couple of hours or so. The casein will last a throughout your sleep time, doing it’s best to supply your body and prevent muscle breakdown. The reason why casein last longer is due to the micellar substance it contains. Your body takes a lot of time to digest micellar, which is why it slowly trickles into your bloodstream over time.

Kaged Muscle Jumping From Old School To New School

Kaged Muscle is hopping into the next generation of protein powders with their new “Kasein” innovation. One of the main reasons why casein is much overlooked when compared to whey is because of its taste. I have a personal favor whey protein, it’s BB.com Signature Whey Protein. Out of the many reasons why I like it, one is because of the exquisite chocolate taste.

The flavor is so rich and creamy, making for a great post-workout snack, or just a tasty snack in general. The taste of anything, let alone a protein supplement, must be perfected, or at least not botched. If you like the flavor of something, you’re going to keep coming back to it wanting more. The problem with many casein protein powders is precisely that, the taste is subpar, nothing that wants you craving for more.

Kaged Muscle has fixed and got this covered.

Their casein protein powder has an enhanced taste that many casein powders wish to possess. Old school caseins have a chalky, gritty taste to them as if you were putting sand into your protein powder. A lot of vegan, plant-based protein powders have a gritty taste, which some people may enjoy, but casein is a whole different beast.

The manufactures of Kasein protein powder have spent over 6 months developing a fantastic tasting powder for us consumers. No more of that chalky, sandy protein flavor from those old casein protein powders. They claim the tastes are nothing you’ve ever tasted before, something brand new.

They state, “There’s no reason why you cannot get the results you crave while enjoying the taste of your supplements at the same time,” which is something I’m in complete agreeance with. It should not be one or the other, it should be both great tasting and very effective.

Why Pick Kasein Kaged Muscle?

In return for a premium price, Kaged Muscle offers a top of the line protein powder created by manufactures who committed to strict ethical and quality standards. This protein powder set the way for a new generation of protein with a combo of top quality nutrition and functional purposes. The listed qualities from this casein include,

  • 10g of conditional amino acids
  • 5g of Glutamine and Glutamic acids
  • 4.75g of BCCA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acids)

If you take a look at this chart below, it discusses even more advantages KM’s protein powder has over its casein competitors. As you can observe, they hold tons of benefits over other caseins.

Kasein Kaged Muscle - Release The Gains From The Cage


In conclusion, Kasein Kaged Muscle is an outstanding slow-digesting supplement that should be included in any consumer’s arsenal. A protein powder before bed well benefits you greatly, especially if it’s casein since it will last you throughout the night. Kasein will build an sustain your muscle while you sleep, any man’s dream.

Got any questions? Leave them down below, along with any comments you’re dying to share.

Click here to purchase your Kasein Kaged Muscle protein powder: goto.bodybuilding.com/3KQxM