How To Drink Protein Powder - Time To Mix Things Up
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How To Drink Protein Powder – Time To Mix Things Up

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Owning protein powder is amazing, using it is a whole other story. There are several creative ways in which one can consume the protein they own. There are conventional ways many have heard of but also ways that many have never thought of mixing with their protein powder. After discussing the reasons why you should consume protein powder, you would want ways to enjoy your delicious protein supplement. Here are a couple of ways on how to drink protein powder…

Protein Powder x Water

One of the most common ways to mix protein powder is with regular cold water. Mixing the protein with water is the cheapest and easiest way to enjoy your protein supplement. Although not being as tasty as the other options we have on this list, honey could be added to add a sweeter flavor. If a wire whisk ball is unavailable to you, you could always mix around the clumps of protein with a fork in a whisking motion.

How To Drink Protein Powder - Mix It Up

Protein Powder x Milk

Another common way to mix protein powder, and my preferred way, is to mix with milk. I mix 1-2 scoops of protein with about 2 cups (16 fl oz) of milk. Not only does the milk add a fantastic taste to the mix, but milk on its own is also a great source of protein. Just the 2 cups of protein alone are about 16g of protein, along with the added 1-2 scoops of protein powder makes for a protein-packed shake. Both animal milk and dairy-free milk provide a great source of Calcium Vitamin D. However, milk can potentially cause some issues when it comes to allergies. If you’d like to know about allergic risks, click here.

How To Drink Protein Powder - Mix It Up

Protein Powder x Coffee

As an alternative for creamer, protein powder may be added to your coffee. The protein powder adds a protein-packed taste, a great addition to your morning routine. You may want to add milk to prevent any clumping when adding the protein powder. If you’d like more ways to spice up your coffee, click here.

How To Drink Protein Powder - Mix It Up

Protein Powder x Smoothie

When mixed into a smoothie, there are tons of possibilities on what nutritional aspects that could be added to complete your shake. The possibilities of fruits and veggies may add more nutritional value to the smoothie, along with the protein that is added with the powder.

How To Drink Protein Powder - Mix It Up


As you can see, there are several ways in which you may enjoy protein powder besides conventional water or milk. This list of creative ways you can consume protein not only provides you with a good source of protein but a tasty snack.