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How Much Protein Do We Need? – Do We Even Need It?

How Much Protein Do We Need? - Do We Even Need It?
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The miracle made from amino acid chains, protein, is a macronutrient loved by many. It’s is responsible for the creation of several materials inside the human body. Takes care of muscles, tendons, and enzymes, just to name a few. You’ll be surprised at how many things’ protein is capable of besides building muscle and developing your body composition. It comes in all shapes and sizes from different animals or plants or even a shake. Although it is capable of several things’, is it also essential? Do we even need it in our diets to stay alive? And if we do, how much do we need? I’m here to answer this simple question, along with other benefits or possible disadvantages.

Protein for the Average Joe

Before getting into this, I want to answer the question mentioned above. Protein is, in fact, essential for life as we know, you must include in your everyday diet. As said Before, proteins goes farther than just building muscle compound, it is a structural molecule that your body cannot produce certain types of, specifically, the essential amino acids.

The purpose of your protein consumption will ultimately decide how much of it you should consume. People strive for different things’ when eating protein, for this section, we will explain how much of the macronutrient the average Joe needs, which isn’t much.

For the average sedentary male, the recommended protein intake is around 56 grams a day. As for the sedentary female, it will be a little less, around 46 grams. The reason behind this lower amount in intake is due to their activity levels. They are not doing much so their muscle than body composition will not require as much as let’s say a body good or an acid.

Protein for Building Muscle

Moving on to the people who look sustain or build muscle, they obviously need more to protein to satisfy their muscles. If the goal of the individual is to put on some muscle, a formula is used to estimate the amount they will need daily.

Bodyweight (lbs.) x Grams of Protein (0.7-1g) = amount of protein needed in grams

The equation might seem pretty self-explanatory and straightforward, but staying with it and on track is a whole different story. For individuals who carry a couple more pounds on them, they will need more protein in their system, which can be kind of overwhelmed, while the lighter ones won’t need as much. Keep in mind that it is a lot of food. That’s why the more strict individuals and organized achieve the goal they’ve always wanted.

Eating Too Little

Now let’s say that you stop eating protein as a whole, not even a lick of it. Then you’ll die, end of story.

However, let’s say you are incorporating some protein in your diet, but it isn’t very much, not enough for your body. Then you will begin to see, that is, if you are not already seeing them, some changes not just in your body but in your overall life. Here are some that really stuck out to me…

Always Munching

Many people believe if you are going to cut out protein from your diet, might as well just replace it with another macronutrient, a common one being carbohydrates. What many people don’t realize is how satiating it is, it keeps your tummy full longer than any other macronutrient.

How Much Protein Do We Need? - Do We Even Need It?

This is why people on high protein diets may experience more fat loss as they aren’t as hungry as people on let’s say a high carb diet. Without much, expect to be munching on food and snacks until it fills you, potentially having calories stack up on you.

Mood Swings

In your brain chemicals that relay information between your cells, called neurotransmitters, what you may have heard of. These said neurotransmitters are made up of amino acids that can potentially change your mood if there is not enough in your system. Neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin alter your mood, not to mention endorphin and melatonin.

Healing of the Body

If you ever have seen any of the Wolverine movies, you’ll see how fast Wolverine heals when injured in battle. Well, in this case, without protein, you’ll be having none of that. Protein is responsible for improving your body. Blood clots and collagen need protein to function, ultimately, healing will take much longer. If healing is something you are intrigued in, I got more on that by clicking here.

How Much Protein Do We Need? - Do We Even Need It?

Under the Weather

As a segway to the next section, proteins and amino acids are needed to fight viruses in your body, keep you healthy in your body your immune system produces antibodies actually white blood cells to combat any bacteria or toxins. Without protein, expect to be sick very often and for a longer amount of time.

Eating Too Much

If you realize you may fall into the section above concerning not eating enough protein, it should be wise not to stuff your face with purely just proteins. Erasing every other nutrient besides protein in your diet will do more harm than good. Along with too little, too much can actually be harmful to your body.

Subtle Weight Gain

With the consumption of too much protein, the excess amount that your body does not need is stored straight as fat. The accumulated excess amount of it over time may lead to a little more than a subtle weight gain.

Evil Protein Farts

Many of you have heard or even experienced the wretched protein fart, a horrid smell coming from eating a hefty amount of protein. Very common, it doesn’t seem to pose a real hazard to your body, maybe the people in the surrounding area. But why does it smell so bad?

Well, protein builds up in your large intestine, the bacteria then ferments and is eventually released as a gas, nitrogen. The key is the sulfur inside the bacteria, which produces the putrid smell. If you suffer from protein gas, I have a solution for you in an article I wrote. If you want the answer you’ve always been looking for, click here.


There you have it, the dos and don’ts of consuming protein powder. It is key to find a balance when consuming protein powder, to avoid the other side effects of going too low or too high.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below!