Gaspari Proven Egg Review - Eggcellent Protein
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Gaspari Proven Egg Review – Eggcellent Protein

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Egg-cellent Protein

By the title of this article, you already know we’re pulling out all the stunts for this egg protein review, egg puns and all. We know that eggs by themselves provide excellent quality protein when consumed. They’re on the list of complete proteins, more on those later. What better way to make eggs even better by transforming them into a protein powder. In today’s Gaspari Proven Egg review, we’ll see what this protein has in store. Will it be among the greats of egg protein powders, or sink as another flop in the market? Read on to find out!

Product: Gaspari Egg Protein Powder 

Price: $47.99

Cheapest Place to Purchase: 

Size of Container: 2lbs

Protein Per Scoop: 25g

Gaspari Nutrition Background

Gaspari Proven Egg Review - Eggcellent Protein

Founded in 1998, Gaspari Nutrition’s mission has always been simple and will continue to be; to produce the highest quality, science-based sports nutrition supplements in the world. That’s certainly not an easy task, being the best in a state or country seems difficult, but try the whole planet.

It all starts with the man with the plan, Rich Gaspari, professional bodybuilder, and CEO of Gaspari Nutrition. Nicknamed the Dragon Slayer, yes I fact-checked this, Gaspari has been in countless of weight lifting competitions. The list includes the Arnold Classic, Mr. America, Mr. Olympia, and Mr. Universe. Being on just one of those is impressive, but appearances on all four is outstanding.

After retiring from pro bodybuilding, Gaspari began developing his own line of quality supplements after creating his own brand, Gaspari Nutrition. To this day, the principles Gaspari set back in 1998 stay true, innovate, and give results. These fundamentals have allowed Gaspari to lead the way in nutrition products since their beginnings.

We fast forward to the present day, how do their supplements hold up in the current market? We’re having a look at one of the most innovative products they put out, an egg protein powder. Let’s see what it’s got!


We’ll be starting off with the positives I encountered when using this egg protein powder. There was a lot to take away from trying out this protein, so I’ll have a lot to talk about, starting with the good.

Nature’s Best Protein Source

Upon hearing that the protein powder was made from 100% egg white protein, I knew I had to check it out. Eggs are one of the best forms of protein people can consume, something I cannot stress enough. So much so, I wrote an article explaining why egg protein is a protein you can basically live your entire life off of, link to it here. Gaspari knew precisely what he was doing when utilizing eggs in his protein supplement.

Gaspari Proven Egg Review - Eggcellent Protein

“To build a muscular physique,” Gaspari Nutrition says, “ you must consume sufficient doses of high-quality protein on a daily basis.” Proven Egg has the properties of being a complete protein, and 21% better efficiency than whey when it comes to building lean muscle mass. Whey is no pushover in the supplement industry, calling it a giant is an understatement. Building better muscle than whey is something that’ll grab anyone’s attention.

I mentioned that it has the properties of being a complete protein, something that should not be overlooked. When our bodies consume protein, we’re really seeking the amino acids that make up protein. In total, there are about 20 that our bodies need. Amino acids are split up into two categories, complete and incomplete.

A complete protein has all 9 essential amino acids, amino acids that we cannot produce on our own. Incomplete is does not contain all 9 of the essential organic compounds. It’s important to have complete proteins to maximize lean muscle and strength.

Keto Certified 

If you have never heard of the keto, short for the ketogenic diet, you may be living under a rock. Its popularity has sparked as of recently, but the diet has been around for quite a long time now. It’s a powerful way of eating, that maximizes your chances of shedding tons of fat off your body.

The purpose of the Ketogenic Diet is to get your body into ketosis, a state in which your body burns fat for energy. Normally, your body uses carbohydrates for energy, but once it runs out, it turns towards your body fat. How do we get to using fat for energy as fast as possible? Eat as little as carbs as possible.

That’s the entire goal of the Keto diet, minimizing your carb intake. Proven Egg is most definitely keto-friendly, with a total of 2 grams of carbohydrates per scoop. So when you’re drinking your shake, that’s only 2 grams of carbs right there. It makes sense if you think about it because eggs are also very keto-friendly, so the powder is bound to be also.

Dairy & Lactose-Free

As an egg protein powder, there are absolutely no traces of dairy or lactose inside. Dairy and lactose are properties that make up whey and casein protein powders. Whey is one of the most, if not the most, popular protein powders on the market. It’s great in many aspects, but the fact that it’s made of milk is also a major problem for some.

Many people are allergic to dairy, forcing them to completely avoid dairy products, like whey and casein, entirely. Then there are lactose intolerant people, a digestion problem from an inability to digest to lactose entirely. This can lead to problems like bloating, gassiness, and upset stomachs, which are just rather annoying.

The absence of lactose opens up this protein powder to a whole other group of consumers who can’t consume whey/casein. There will be no problems with digestion when drinking your shake, easily broken down with no issues.

Transparent Ingredients

To add to the absence of lactose, the ingredients listed are nice and sweet. I mean that there are only 6 ingredients in total, and you can actually pronounce them all. If you’ve seen other protein powder labels, you’ve probably seen how long some ingredient lists can be. I’ve seen up to 25 on some, so when you see only 6, it’s quite impressive.


As you can see, they’re a lot of positives in Gaspari’s egg protein. It really takes into account different types of consumers and their needs. Now, let’s see some things that Proven Egg can approve on. It’s pretty minor, but it’s worth talking about.

Odd Consistency

When I refer to consistency, I’m talking about how the shake tastes in terms of texture and thickness. When you add the scoop to your water/milk, the mix becomes thick, creamy, and frothy. Some people may actually like this type of consistency, but others may find it a little unwanting.

This consistency is due to the powder being made of egg protein. It gets thicker when the scoop hits the liquid when shaking. To know exactly what I’m talking about, you may have to try it out for yourself. Some people don’t really mind, saying it’s fine, but it’s all really a matter of preference on what you like.

My Experience With Proven Egg

I want to talk about my experience with Gaspari’s Proven Egg protein because I’d like to tell you guys how I felt about it from my perspective. I got mine from, and it arrived at my house in two days, amazing, I know, and I tried for two weeks. I think a week is not time to really understand a protein powder, so two is perfect.

Gaspari Proven Egg Review - Eggcellent Protein

I got the chocolate flavor, of course. As soon as I opened the container of protein, I could already smell the rich chocolate locked inside. My routine was to take one scoop with 16 oz of water once a day after my workout. With all the water, the consistency did get thick, as I mentioned. However, thick chocolate was terrific with me.

I honestly think Gaspari did a fantastic job with the protein flavor, crafted and perfected. I had absolutely no stomach issues since dairy was nowhere to be found. The powder easily mixed with the water, whether there was a mixing ball or not.

I personally don’t experience any lactose intolerance or allergies to milk. Hence, an egg protein powder isn’t a necessity for me. However, if you’re in that position, this is definitely something you should pick up. It’s great to fix problems involving dairy, so if you require protein powder, try this one out.


In the conclusion of this Gaspari Proven Egg Review, Gaspari definitely created a winner for his brand. Making an egg protein egg was a brilliant idea, considering all the benefits it has to offer. Being nature’s best protein source, suitable for ketogenic diets, missing dairy/lactose, and minimizing ingredients are all benefits people seek. When looking for a protein powder, those are definitely things people consider. I personally had a good experience with Proven Egg, even with the odd consistency. Link down below if you’d like to try it out.

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