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Eating Protein During The Coronavirus Quarantine – Protein In A Pandemic

Eating Protein During The Coronavirus Quarantine - Protein In A Pandemic
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Protein In A Pandemic

The date is April 9, 2020. The planet is being struck by a potentially lethal virus, causing countries around into sheer pandemonium. My deepest condolences to those who have lost someone due to the recent virus. However, for the rest of us who have not caught the infamous COVID-19, we live our lives in complete solitude. We are told to have little to no contact with the outside world and to stay indoors. This has affected many of us in many different ways. I’m here to discuss the ways the virus has affected our diets, specifically, eating protein during the coronavirus quarantine.

Now that grocery stores have been ransacked by people trying to stock up on goods, it’s starting to get pretty hard to look for certain foods. Just imagine a world where food like chicken breast is beginning to become hard to come by. Well, we’re living in it. Depending on where you live, it may hit you harder than someone living somewhere else. I’m here to give you protein options to eat in a dire moment like the one we are living in.

Tragedy Striking Earth

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve most likely have not only heard but have been affected by the recent virus spreading like wildfire currently. Trust me, that’s a rock worth living under in a time like this. Due to the weak attempts by China to contain the virus, where it sprouted, it has inevitably spread to countries nearby. If you know where China is, the United States is only an ocean away. It seems far if you think about it, but it only takes one person, on one plane trip, to land on U.S soil and begin expanding the virus. 

Eating Protein During The Coronavirus Quarantine - Protein In A Pandemic

As I’m writing this article, I currently live in the United States, and the cases of people with the virus has got to about 400,000. Not to mention, worldwide things aren’t much prettier, cases coming close to 1.5 million. The precautions people need to take as of right now are mainly to stay home and wash their hands. More on the precautions later. This is just a very brief summary of the no doubt historical event people like me and you are going through right now. We need to remember and not forget about the things that are essential to us, like food and water

If people didn’t pay attention to their diets before, this might be an eye-opening experience, to say the least. Stuffing your face and getting ravenous cravings is something you want to avoid. Times like this is when you want to begin rationing your foods, you never know when things might just plunge even lower to how they are now. 

Eating Protein During The Coronavirus Quarantine - Protein In A Pandemic

Don’t believe me? I lost a bit of faith in humanity from reading this article, it’s quite despicable, things to watch for out there. If you want more information about the pandemic, click here for the CDC’s online page from where I get my news on the virus from. Who knows, you may be someone who’s living through it right now or a future reader who’s had the fortune to be passed it. 

Protein Ideas In A Quarantine

If you’re trying to stick to even the most minimalistic diet possible, you always want to hit your macronutrients. Pandemic or not, this rule of thumb goes for any diet. If you’re unaware of these three nutrients, they are our carbs, fats, and of course, proteins. I’m here to talk about sources from where we could protein. Leave a comment below if you’d like an article about sources of healthy fats and carbs. They aren’t personally my field of study, but in a time like this where we can hardly even leave the house, I can give them a shot. 

Animal Protein  

As the most popular source from where people get their daily helpings of protein, animal-based protein has been eating since the dawn of time. As a hunter-gatherer society, our ancestors hunted animals to eat them, gaining their nutrients, specifically protein. There are tons of animals on this list, it only makes you wonder what possible animals may also be included on this list in the future. 

We have our chickens, cows, and fish, the three main staples for animal-based protein. Then we have our eggs, poultry, pork, and yogurt. These four are commonly known throughout, but just not as well known as the three main animal proteins. There are tons of other sources that’d make this list longer than a novel, but a few honorable mentions include milk, lamb, sardines, turkey, and much more. 


If you’re looking to stay vegan or heck, start being a vegan or vegetarian, you must look for options for protein that are not animal-based. If you don’t know the difference between the two, think vegetarians as a laid-back version of vegans. Vegans strictly do not eat anything that has to do with animals. Vegetarians, on the other hand, don’t eat animals themselves but may opt for products that come from animals. This may include eggs or anything dairy.

I’ll start with vegetarians since they’re a little easier to cover. I mentioned that they can enjoy animal-based products like non-vegetarians, just not animals themselves. We have options like eggs, milk, yogurt for the things that come from animals. There are many plant-based proteins that vegans and vegetarians alike resort to, such as quinoa, nuts, tofu, edamame, and beans. 

Unfortunately goes for vegans, they get to eat solely plant-based proteins instead of having the luxury of eating things like eggs like vegetarians. Other options include legumes, oats, chia seeds, peanut butter, lentils, and soy milk, a cow-less version of milk. As you can see, they’re plenty of options out there, maybe even as many options as animal protein eaters. However, many of these sources may become harder to come by, as our situation becomes more dire. The luxury of having things like soy-milk and quinoa may begin to disappear as time goes on with our pandemic.


This option is not exclusive for animal eaters, vegetarians, or vegans; it’s for anyone. You may consider taking a supplement to aid your intake of protein if food is starting to become hard to come by. The average protein scoop contains around 20-30 grams of protein per scoop, which is a lot considering how small a scoop really is. There are tons of different protein powders out there, each designed to fit different groups of people. I have two protein supplements that I recommend because of their excellent quality and taste. 

Eating Protein During The Coronavirus Quarantine - Protein In A Pandemic’s Signature Whey Protein is personally my favorite protein powder that I have been taking for almost a year strong. The chocolate flavor of the whey is one that few companies can really match. Their 25 grams of high-quality protein provides your body with amazing benefits and fills you right up. Little do people know, the macronutrient that fills people up the fastest is protein. No macronutrient can compete with it, this article I wrote explains how protein can aid with the loss of fat due to its satiating abilities. 

However, my favorite protein is a whey protein powder. Whey is a by-product that comes from the curdling of milk, the other product being casein, so it is considered an animal-based product. As you know, these animals are a no-go for vegans. But I got them also covered with Optimum Nutrition’s Plant Protein, a protein that is 100% plant-based. Its plant sources of protein include organic peas, brown rice, and sacha inchi. The taste of this protein is fantastic, with options like chocolate and vanilla, there’s no way you can go wrong. 

Ways To Stay Safe Right Now

Before turning you guys loose, I’d like to conclude this article with tips and precautionary measures of staying safe out there. If you haven’t heard this enough times already from your friends, governors, politicians, teachers, or even the president himself, stay home. Anyone telling you that can’t stress that enough. The virus spreads through the air, anyone is at risk for it, celebrities, athletes, politicians, and folks like you and I. Wash your hands with soap regularly to kill any chances of the virus wandering on to your face. 

If you’re forced to leave the house for whatever reason, measures must be taken to an even higher level. State officials have begun to enforce the usage of protective face masks for citizens wandering outside their homes. This is probably the highest protection you may help yourself to since there is no vaccine for the virus yet. As boring as it might be, stay in your homes, and only come out for the essentials. 


In conclusion, there you have ways of getting protein right now during our current situation. Eating protein during the coronavirus quarantine is laid out to you entirely in this article, with plenty of options. Whether you’re like me and you eat animals and animal-based products, or you stray away from them and are a vegan/vegetarian. If you’d like to try out one of the supplements I have posted up there, I’ll have a link to them right down here. Remember, stay safe out there, protect you and your loved ones. Tough times never last, but tough people do.

Optimum Nutrition’s 100% Plant Protein’s Signature Whey Protein

Got any questions? Leave them down below, along with any comments you may have.