Dymatize Elite Casein Protein Review - Protein While You Sleep
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Dymatize Elite Casein Protein Review – Protein While You Sleep

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Protein While You Sleep

The subtitle of this review makes it seem like one of those that just seems too good to be true. But let me tell you, it’s very much possible. Casein protein is a protein that is rather neglected in the protein powder industry, mostly due to its more popular brother, whey protein. The two proteins have their own benefits, but today we’re looking at casein protein. By the end of this Dymatize Elite Casein Protein review, you’ll see precisely how protein is used while you sleep. It’s a pretty exciting occurrence that I’m sure you won’t want to miss!

Product: Dymatize Elite Casein Protein Powder 

Price: $29.99

Cheapest Place to Purchase: Bodybuilding.com 

Size of Container: 2lbs.

Protein Per Scoop: 25g

Dymatize Background

Founded in 2010, Dymatize CEO Ted Casey’s goal has been very straightforward, bring innovative/effective sports nutrition products available to anyone. The goal may seem pretty easy from the surface. Still, it’s much easier said than done, especially considering the disadvantages Dymatize faces.

Dymatize Elite Casein Protein Review - Protein While You Sleep

The protein powder industry is, without a doubt, a competitive one. Every year, tons of new companies show up from out of the blue to sell their supplements. It doesn’t help that Dymatize is still a relatively young brand, just barely hitting 10 years in its lifespan. For a company, that’s fantastic, don’t get me wrong. However, some protein powder companies have been around since the 80s, and seniority has a lot of influence in the protein powder market.

However, those obstacles don’t faze Dymatize in the slightest. Their foundation is based on science and implementing as much of it into their supplements. I don’t mean that they pour tons of chemicals into their products to keep them edible. Not at all. The manufacturers use the research they conducted to ensure high-quality protein for the consumers. Ted Casey calls their foundation for product development Real Science, which is quite fitting for their standards.

Dymatize Elite Casein Protein Review - Protein While You Sleep

Their accolades also show that their quality is nothing lower than excellent. They’ve won “Isolate Protein of The Year” with their company’s whey isolate protein. Bodybuilding.com holds a Supplements Award every year, and Dymatize has won best isolate 4 years in a row. Winning best whey isolate is tough, but winning it 4 times in a row is even harder. If you don’t know what whey isolate is, I’ll leave a link to an article here that talks about not just whey isolate, but the rest of the whey proteins.

However, today’s review is on Dymatize’s Casein Protein powder. It’s not up there in the rafters just yet, but it definitely has benefits that anyone would want.

Dymatize Casein Pros

I’d say I’m a pretty optimistic person, and for that reason, we’re starting with the positives I see in this protein. I will agree that the positives of anything are just as crucial as the negatives. However, hearing the positives first gives you more confidence in a product. Well, expect a confidence booster after hearing about some of these pros

Casein Properties 

The moment of truth, can Dymatize Casein give your muscles protein while you sleep to grow? Without a doubt, they can. The thing with casein protein, and why it’s so similar but different from whey protein, is how long it stays in your bloodstream. Amino acids, protein’s building blocks, is what our body craves, and it travels through our bloodstream.

Whey typically lasts 3-4 hours in your bloodstream after digestion due to the speed it’s used at. The whey protein is quickly absorbed by your muscle tissues and cells for immediate usage. It gives reason to why after a workout, when your muscle tissues are damaged, whey protein is taken to help them recover.

Casein, however, is much the opposite. The longest recorded amount of time casein protein has stayed in someone’s bloodstream is 9 hours, about 3x longer than whey. Casein is made of micelles that do not allow your stomach to digest it very quickly. It allows for protein to trickle into your bloodstream, instead of surging like whey.

Meaning, if you were to take a casein protein shake before you go to bed at night, protein would be flowing through you while you sleep. So yes, protein and muscle building can occur while you sleep with this protein powder. But why’s it important to have protein in your system while you sleep?

Well, since you’re not eating protein to repair your muscles, muscle atrophy, the loss of muscle, can occur. It’s much less likely if there’s protein slowly trickling for 8-9 hours for your cells/tissues to use. You’ll preserve more muscle and build it when taking a casein powder, much like Dymatize’s.

Informed-Choice Certified 

If you ever see one of these little stamps on the back, side, or front of your protein powder, just know it’s the real deal. By that, I mean it has gone through pretty much every quality check in the book by one the most vigorous quality assurance programs out there. Informed-Choice certifies manufacturer’s products on the quality of their ingredients. Dymatize Elite Casein Protein Review - Protein While You SleepThey test and see if any banned substances are being used in protein supplements. One of the tests they run is the WADA test. WADA, or the World-Anti Doping Agency, lists protein supplements that have any of the following…

  1. The potential to enhance or enhances sport performance.
  2. Represents an actual or potential health risk to the Athlete.
  3. Violates the spirit of sport.

It makes sense that Dymatize Casein is Informed-Choice certified since it does follow GMP or Good Manufacturing Practices. GMP is a system of manufacturing that guarantees the reproducibility of product qualities to preset standards. Many companies claim to practice GMP, but it can be very expensive, and some just opt to “talk it” and not “walk it.”

Lovely Taste 

The importance of the taste of a protein powder is something that I cannot stress enough. If you like how something tastes, let alone protein powders, you’re going to come back to it, and if you don’t, you don’t even think about consuming it again. I’ve tasted some poor protein powder in my day, one’s where you take only two sips, and no it’s not for you.

With Dymatize, they put their science and innovation into their ingredients and into their tastes. They have a total of 4 exquisite flavors, Cinnamon Bun, Cookies and Cream, Rich Chocolate, and Smooth Vanilla. When buying it, I chose the chocolate flavor because if you know me, I’m a chocolate flavor connoisseur.

The rich chocolate is just how it’s named, very rich, and sweet for that matter. It’s most likely due to the sweetener that is added to the powder. Depending on how much water, or milk for me personally you pour, it gets thicker. It also mixes great, something I really appreciate in protein powders.

I hate tasting clumps of unbroken down protein powder when drinking a shake. It’s one of the most unnerving things in protein. It ruins the shake if it can’t mix well, even with a mixing ball. A couple of good shakes are all that is needed when mixing this casein, excellent manufacturing!

Dymatize Casein Cons

The pros of this Dymatize Elite Casein are interesting and worth the buy. However, before you go and buy it, not so fast. We need to talk about two negative aspects this protein powder faces in terms of its properties. They may be very minimal for some but quite impactful for others

Dairy Protein

If being dairy is something you can’t digest, whether you’re lactose intolerant or allergic to milk, this protein is not for you. Casein, and whey protein, are made from cow’s milk, classifying them as dairy products. Some people have a real hard time digesting dairy, so they prefer to stay away.

If this is you, your best alternative would be vegan protein powder. A protein powder that contains no dairy protein but rather plant-based protein. Sources like peasbrown rice, or hemp are used to create a protein powder for people unable to drink dairy. I have a handful of vegan protein powder reviews if you’d like to check them out, click here.

Cinnamon Bun 

As you may recall, Cinnamon Bun is one of the flavors Dymatize has to offer with its casein protein. I’m putting this one the negative because, well, it tastes bad. It’s the black sheep of the flavors from their collection that isn’t liked much by consumers. Dymatize Elite Casein Protein Review - Protein While You SleepI’ve never tasted it myself, but customers say that it tastes “exactly what a cinnamon bun air freshener smells like.” From what I’m hearing, it’s not a great tasting flavor, to say the least. Try it at your own risk, who knows, maybe it’s an acquired taste that takes a while for you to like it.

My Experience, Dymatize Casein

I’d like to give you my first-hand experience with Dymatize’s Casein since I think it’d be helpful for any of you on the edge of buying it. I purchased my casein from Bodybuilding.com, and it arrived in a swift two days, with great shipping time no question.

Dymatize Elite Casein Protein Review - Protein While You Sleep

I gave this protein two weeks since one week isn’t enough time to immerse yourself in a protein, in my opinion. As I mentioned, I got the Rich Chocolate flavor. I drank it after my workout, right before bed. Flavor and mixing were fantastic, mixing balls or not. I’d pour my protein into 16oz of milk because the milk for me gives it a better taste and mixing capabilities.

My lactose intolerance isn’t too bad, so I can get away with adding milk to an already dairy protein powder. I do experience some effects, like the protein farts and bloating, but other than I’m fine. I’d be perfectly fine continuing with this casein, and I just might for the rest of the month to see what other effects I find.


In the conclusion of this Dymatize Elite Casein review, it’s safe to say that this casein is definitely worth adding to your arsenal. If you’ve never tried casein, I’d advise starting with this if you’re looking for one. The flavors, besides maybe the Cinnamom Bun, are fantastic and mix excellently without having to shake the cup for minutes on end.

The casein protein allows for slow-releasing amino acids into your bloodstream, making it possible for your muscles to use protein while you sleep. If dairy isn’t for you, I’d say skipping out on this protein and choosing a vegan protein powder. If you have no problem with dairy, try this casein out, it’s worth the dough.

Buy your Dymatize Elite Casein Protein here: goto.bodybuilding.com/jYQ2M

Got any questions? Leave them down below, along with any comments you may have about this Dymatize casein!