Drinking Protein Shakes Everyday - Good or Bad?
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Drinking Protein Shakes Everyday – Good or Bad?

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Good or Bad?

The protein shake. One of the most world-renowned dietary supplements known on the planet. Known for its benefits for others, while also known for its controversy for some. Today, we’re going straight into the controversy with the frequency at which you should be drinking protein shakes. People discuss how many shakes you should drink in a month, in a week, or even a day. In this article, we’re debating if drinking protein shakes everyday could be beneficial for your goals and health, or if it could be detrimental. This is something people have wanted to know. Even myself, before doing any research on dietary supplements, has been curious about knowing this answer, and today, I got it.

Who Needs A Protein Shake

This is good to clear up before jumping into how often you should drink a protein shake, who actually needs one. The typical candidate for protein shakes for many people are bodybuilders or athletes. Basically, the people whose muscles can be seen popping from their shirt. However, did you know that tons of other people need protein shakes to keep themselves healthy? Instead of a supplement, it’s more of a necessity in their lives.


You knew this was coming. The people who are in the gym pumping iron wanting their muscles to grow and grow. Weight lifters don’t only take up this slot, athletes are a group that drinks protein shakes too. Whether you’re a runner, swimmer, basketball player, football player, soccer player, or even a golfer, you too could benefit from a protein shake. It’s because these individuals put their bodies under much more stress than what a sedentary person would. They need more protein to repair their bodies and get their muscles to grow bigger.

Drinking Protein Shakes Everyday - Good or Bad?

Since these two groups of people, sedentary and active, put their bodies under completely different conditions, their needs are going to be different. Sedentary basically means that you’re sitting or inactive most of the day. If you group yourself into one of these categories, you’re probably wondering how much protein does even consume a day. No worries, I have an equation to accurately calculate your protein needs that have been developed by a scientist researching this exact topic. If you’d like to check it out, click here to find it in this article I wrote.


This one you probably didn’t expect, but here it is. Probably the opposite of an athlete, an elderly is mostly a sedentary person. I’m not saying that all older adults cannot be athletes, they sure can try, but most are just not as nimble as they were back in their glory days. Don’t blame me, it’s just science. The rate at which cells divide and multiply in a senior is not the same compared to the youth. Cells begin to stop functioning or begin to function unusually, a major reason why the elderly are more vulnerable to illnesses like cancer.

Drinking Protein Shakes Everyday - Good or Bad?

If that’s the case, how could they benefit from a protein shake? Although it won’t keep their cells working at 100%, they can help another important aspect of their lives; their strength. Yes, the elderly also need to be strong. They may not have to be as strong as Arnold Schwarzenegger, but they need to be strong to keep themselves on their feet. As people get older, they begin to lose strength in their legs if they choose to stay idle or sedentary. Think of the classic old man in a rocking chair, when he gets up, he probably moves at a slow pace due to lack of muscle in his legs.

To combat this, a protein shake can really help in maintaining the previous muscle a person once had to stay on their feet. In order to maintain it, however, stress must be put on the legs to make them grow. It doesn’t have to a whole lot of stress, I’m not talking about maxing out on a deadlift, or squatting three plates. Even just brisk walking can stimulate their legs, and with a protein shake, they can maintain enough strength and mass in their legs to keep moving along.

The Protein Deficient

Much like other deficiencies that could be found in your diet, like iron deficiency, or calcium deficiency, you can be deficient in protein. Not getting enough protein in your diet can pose a person with problems in many different ways. There are various symptoms from which one can tell if they do have protein deficiency.

  • Skin and Hair Problems
  • Loss Of Muscle Mass
  • Fatty Liver
  • Higher Calorie Intake

Drinking Protein Shakes Everyday - Good or Bad?

There’s a more severe symptom one can experience if they lack protein in their diet. It’s called kwashiorkor, a symptom that is common with individuals in countries that are limited in food resources. Their bodies take on delayed growth for children, swollen bellies, and more vulnerability for infections. However, if you’re fortunate enough to have food on your table every day, you’ll rarely ever experience kwashiorkor. The way to get rid of these symptoms? Eat more protein, of course!

This is where the protein shake comes into play. On average, a scoop of protein has around 20 – 30 grams of protein. Which by no means is enough to cover the amount you need daily, but it is a decent amount. It’s an excellent way to kickstart your goal to start eating more protein to keep your body healthy.

Reasons To Drink Protein Daily

The best way I can put drinking a protein shake daily is “beneficial, but not at all necessary.” It really just depends on who you are as a person on what goals you’re trying to achieve with protein shakes. It’s important to remember that protein shakes and powders are “supplements.” meaning they can be used to add to something but are not essential. Here are some reasons why one might take a protein shake, with a solution that negates the need for a protein shake.

Meet Protein Goal 

To build muscle, one must consume enough protein to be able to heal their muscles adequately for growth. The quality of protein is one thing to take into account, but we’re talking about the quantity. It’s different depending on who you are, as mentioned above. Taking a protein shake takes a good chunk out of what you need in a day, which is one of the main reasons why people take protein supplements; for convenience. The convenience they provide is unmatched elsewhere. It’s so much easier dropping a scoop into a shaker cup, than taking the time to prepare a meal.

However, as I said, it’s not at all necessary. If you like going the extra mile and don’t mind cooking up something, then a protein shake isn’t needed. Instead of the protein powder, you could opt to make yourself some scrambled eggs, or grill up some chicken breast. The protein in those two meals makes up for the 20 or so grams of protein in the scoop. Not to mention, I love the taste of eggs and chicken breast. The flavor of a well-cooked meal will always triumph over a supplement any day of the week.

However, there do exist some circumstances where protein shakes are the best option for protein for some people. Folks who are always on the move and are extremely busy may not find time in their day to cook something up for themselves. Eggs might take no more than 10 minutes to cook, but they don’t even have that time to spare. In this case, taking a protein shake is more than up their alley. I have a high-quality whey protein that I take that I can easily just scoop up, drop in my cup, and take it on the go. If this sounds like something you could use, click here to see a review I made on it. Just remember to wash the cup after every use, I beg.

Appease Appetite 

Something not known by the public, protein is not like other macronutrients. If there’s one thing you could take back home with you, it’s that. No other nutrients have a filling factor-like dietary protein. What does that mean? It means that protein quiets your hunger than both carbs and fats. Studies have shown that protein seals away your hunger hormone ghrelin when it is present. Ghrelin is a hormone that makes you ravenously hungry, think of the people on the Snickers commercials who aren’t themselves when they’re hungry; they got ghrelin running through them.

Drinking Protein Shakes Everyday - Good or Bad?

Drinking a protein shake can be a simple snack that keeps you full and for a long time. For something that takes you a couple of seconds to put together and keeps you not feeling hunger for hours to come, that’s a great deal. Although the taste can’t match that of something like a big juicy steak like I mentioned before, protein supplements can still taste good. They offer a wide variety of flavors for us to choose from. My go-to flavor is hands-down chocolate, no other flavor can compare to it.

My Experience With Daily Protein

To fully understand what can happen when drinking protein powder daily, I decide to throw muy hat in the ring and try it out for myself. I wanted to see if all the things I just mentioned could happen to me. I usually drink protein shakes after I workout, and I work out 4 times a week, putting me at four shakes per week. So I just had to add three to that total and observe what happened. I stayed on drinking protein daily for a month, and I experienced a handful of things.

Filled Up Like A Tank 

I couldn’t help to notice how easy my appetite was quieted when I took all those protein shakes. When I get from work or school in the afternoon, I can’t wait for dinner. I usually have a pre-dinner snack to hold me over until dinner time. I inserted the protein supplement as my pre-dinner snack for that month, and I couldn’t believe how not hungry I was. Even my sister was in shock fo how much food was left on my plate when going to wash it. You thought I was sick, but it was really the protein shakes.

Fuller Muscles

From drinking the protein after my workouts, and waking up the next morning, I could see slight differences in my physique. Suttle veins that I could never spot before, and muscles that started to poke their heads a little more prominently. I couldn’t really tell my muscles had changed slightly until a couple people at school and work started noticing them. (Not to mention touching them, but that’s for me to know, and you the reader to wonder.)

Combining the shakes with my workout regime really did me a favor. Even though I could have gone with what I usually make myself as a post-workout meal, some tilapia or chicken, I took the easy route this month. I do get the fact that waking up in the morning without anything in my system does make me look a little leaner, but I’ve never witnessed these features. The veins were what convinced me that the shakes were changing me, subtle veiny streaks trickling down my forearms.

Some Stomach Issues

The one problem I did run it when taking consistent supplements was the effects it had with my stomach. Some days I’d think there was a war waging on between the whey I was drinking and my stomach. For those of you who don’t know, I drink a whey protein, link to it here, and I do experience slight effects from it after digesting it. I mainly get gassiness and some bloating. Those of you who get protein farts know precisely what I’m talking about, a smell that absolutely assaults your nostrils.

Drinking Protein Shakes Everyday - Good or Bad?

I am a little lactose intolerant, which is the reason I do experience those symptoms. However, they are side effects I can totally deal with here and there. The thing with taking a shake every day is that you experience those effects… every day. The amount of bloating I was experienced had me feeling like a hot air balloon. There are some ways to get around this, picking another type of protein, or maybe limiting the consumption of protein powder. Which is what I picked, sticking to my four days a week consumption. If I had to try doing this little experiment again, I’d probably do it with a different protein shake to reduce stomach effects.


In conclusion, drinking protein shakes everyday is really up to you. I look at it as something that anyone is definitely capable of, but not as a necessity. Depending on what your needs consist of to try to reach your goal, you may want to add that protein powder to your daily food diet. However, if you have no specific goal you are dying to achieve, it’s best if you just replace the shake with a quick and easy meal.

Got any questions? Leave them down below, along with any questions you may have!