Does Pre-Workout Work? | Jolt Your Workout
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Does Pre-Workout Work? | Jolt Your Workout

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If you’ve ever felt sluggish or unenergetic before a workout, taking pre-workout right before has always been an option. But does pre-workout work? It seems like lifters, bodybuilders, and gym-goers alike all take pre-workout. But do you need to take one?

In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at some research about pre-workout to discuss its effectiveness. Testimonials can only help so much. Taking a look at the science and research can give us a better idea if the pre-workout is actually doing something to improve our workouts in the gym.

What Is Pre-Workout?

The infamous pre-workout has gone through many different changes since its creation as Ultimate Orange in 1982. Back then, the supplements weren’t tested, and heart attack side effects weren’t uncommon from the formula’s ephedra. (A banned herb in the U.S)

Does Pre-Workout Work? | Jolt Your WorkoutI have a whole article dedicated to pre-workout here if you’d like to know more about pre-workout evolution. However, we’re talking about the pre-workout of the present, 2020. Nowadays, these supplements are multi-ingredient reinforced with safety implications. (1✔)

As of recent years, the “consumption of pre-workout dietary supplements by recreational and competitive athletes has increased dramatically.” Due to a higher demand for pre-workout, the demand for safer ones has also increased. (2✔)

Does Pre-Workout Work? | Jolt Your Workout

A majority of pre-workout use the same main ingredient, caffeine. The same thing you drink in your morning coffee is used in a bodybuilder’s pre-workout supplement. This is why getting addicted to pre-workout is almost as common as an addiction to coffee. (1✔) (3✔)

The point of pre-workout is to provide an athlete or lifter with extra or enough energy for the coming workout. They’re a handful of situations in which someone may want to take a pre-workout for an extra boost, such as after a long shift at work or morning just after waking. (2✔)

Benefits Pre-Workout Provides

When talking pre-workout, there aren’t too many other benefits besides the main one discussed here. However, from my experience of taking pre-workout, I’ve come up with a handful of benefits surrounding pre-workout.

Energy For Workout/Work

As for pre-workouts apparent purpose, the supplement gives you a surge of energy through its various ingredients. The main component of pre-workout is caffeine, but multi-ingredient pre-workout include beta creatine, beta-alanine, amino acids, and nitric oxide agents. (1✔)

This combination of ingredients provides the user with a synergistic effect on acute exercise performance and subsequent training adaptations. Above is a video explaining how caffeine, not only in pre-workout, wakes our brains and bodies up.

The amount of energy expended on pre-workout compared to someone who’s not on pre-workout is still debated. Studies go either way when trying to prove if pre-workout actually improves the performance of some.

Does Pre-Workout Work? | Jolt Your Workout

Ingesting pre-workout before a workout seems to improve the power output of multi-joint resistance training in one study. The supplement “enhanced the total number of repetitions performed during the exercise bout.” (4✔)

Other studies, however, show no difference when pre-worked is compared to a placebo in an experiment. A study on 5-km runners showed no difference in feelings of fatigue for both groups. Also, high-intensity cyclists displayed no acute decrements or ergogenic benefits in cycling performance” when on pre-workout. (5✔)(6✔)

Zero-Calorie Supplements 

They’re a handful of supplements that are zero calories, such as creatine and omega-3 fish oils. You can add pre-workout to that list because a majority of pre-workouts contain absolutely no calories.

Does Pre-Workout Work? | Jolt Your Workout

This is a good thing if you’re cutting weight since you want to keep a keen eye on tracking your calories. Since pre-workout has no calories, you won’t have to worry about keeping track of it since the energy is coming from calories, but caffeine instead.

Do You Even Need Pre-Workout?

Is it even necessary to use pre-workout to enhance your lifts and training? The answer is simple; no, you don’t. We’ve discussed the main component of pre-workout, caffeine. So a simple coffee before your lift will do plenty. The lifters back in the day drank coffee as pre-workout before pre-workout even existed.

Many people don’t particularly like the taste of coffee, so pre-workout, which comes in all different flavors, is taken regularly. Flavors like fruit punchlemonade, and blueberry hook people in with their sweet flavors.

However, if you’re not looking for coffee or pre-workout, and don’t mind consuming a few calories before a workout, a banana can provide you with the same spark. The fiber and magnesium in bananas help slow the digestion of sugar, making your energy stable for a long time.

Does Pre-Workout Work? | Jolt Your Workout

Not to mention, bananas are cheaper and more accessible than pre-workout. This isn’t a promotion for bananas, but it’s good to have in mind that if you’re out of pre-workout, a banana will do plenty in a pinch.


In conclusion, does pre-workout work? It really depends on how your body reacts to the supplement throughout the workout. For some people, along with some studies, it provides them with a solid spurt of energy. While others experience no different feeling from what they felt before the workout.

If you’re looking to buy a pre-workout, by all means, get one. You could experience some of the greatest workouts in your life on the supplement. If not, there are always cheaper alternatives like coffee or a simple banana.

Got any questions? Leave them down below, along with any questions you may have!

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