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Can Protein Powder Make You Gain Weight?

The protein shake has been utilized for many things, primarily for building muscle. However, does protein powder cause weight gain?
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The protein shake has been utilized for many things, primarily for building muscle. However, does protein powder cause weight gain? 

When the word protein shake comes to mind, people tend to think of bodybuilders. A supplement used to pack on lean muscle mass if used correctly. 

However, to those uniformed about protein shakes and powder, hidden scares lie beneath the colorful labels.  

It is suspected that protein shakes cause weight gain. In today’s article, we’ll see if this claim is true or false. 

How Does Protein Powder Work? 

Protein powder is a dietary supplement that when used correctly can help many individuals with their protein intake. 

That’s the main purpose for protein powders, to increase protein intake. (1✓)

The increase in protein intake does cause an increase in strength and muscle growth, but it is the base of the variety of benefits it provides. 

Most scoops of protein hold about 20-30 grams of protein per scoop

The ingredients used for protein shakes vary and depending on what necessities you have, whether lactose-free, or gluten-free, there are powders out there for you. 

We’ll have a list compiled at the end for the best types of protein powders depending on which category you fall in. 

Does Protein Powder Cause Weight Gain?

The main reason as to why people suspect protein powder causes weight gain is due to the amount of calories in them. 

On average, a scoop of protein powder will have about 100-250 calories, not measuring what beverage you use to mix the protein with. 

Just doing the math, two scoops of protein powder a day can add up to 500 calories, which is ¼ of the amount of calories in a standard adult diet. (2✓

With that being said, protein powder can technically cause weight gain if you’re not watching the amount of calories you’re consuming. 

However, this is easily both manageable and preventable if you incorporate certain things into your lifestyle. 

How to Prevent Weight Gain

They’re several ways you can prevent any additional weight gain when drinking protein powders. 

Tracking Calories

As a tried and true method of preventing weight gain and even seeing weight loss is the incorporation of calorie tracking. 

The only way you’ll gain weight is by eating more than you burn.  

Setting a maximum number of calories you may consume in a day will prevent you from going over and eating too much.

You’ll have to carefully balance out the foods in your diet to remain under your target, which can be quite challenging for some.

Working Out

Exercising will benefit just about anybody, and in this situation, benefits will more than help. Burning off excess calories will aid in keeping you below your calorie amount. 

They’re plenty of forms of exercise, and you’re bound to find one that you’ll enjoy.

Taking the time to learn strength training at gyms or at home will go stupendously with a protein powder. (3✓

Muscle growth will be experienced through consistency of proper diet and exercise.


In conclusion, can protein powder make you gain weight? It will if you’re not careful with how you drink it. 

Be sure to prioritze exercise and calorie tracking when taking a protein shake in order to prevent any unwanted weight gain.