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To face a hardcore workout, you need to prepare for a hardcore workout. This Pre-Workout Review has the stuff to get you ready. A common supplement that is taken right before a session at the gym is pre-workout. Much like a lot of supplements in the fitness industry, controversy surrounds pre-workout. You need trusted supplements. In today’s article, we’ll be seeing if we actually believe the pre-workout produced by the largest online supplement shop in the world, Let’s get started!

Product: Signature Pre-Workout 

Price: $27.99 (typically goes on sale)

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Size of Container: 30 servings Background

Founded in 1996, CEO Ryan DeLuca’ established what is now the largest online fitness store. None come close to what has done and will be doing in the future. They go above and beyond, from lifting advice, nutrition tips, supplementation advice, and even moral support. Pre-Workout Review | Instant Jolt has a handful of core values they follow that has made them so successful. At the very top of the list, the customer is before anything. They have a single-minded focus to help the customer achieve whatever goals they have set in store.

The numbers puts up are impressive, to say the least. They’ve most certainly evolved when they started from nothing in 1999. DeLuca started in his garage not long after high school. When we run some numbers about the site, it’s phenomenal what he’s accomplished.

In today’s review, we’re looking at the pre-workout has in their signature collection. They’re so unique because you can’t buy their products in-store, they’re all online. This may close off a lot of the population from buying their protein, but e-commerce just keeps growing and growing. Will their protein hold up to’s name? Let’s find out!

BB.Com Pre-Workout Pros

Let’s start with some of the pros of’s pre-workout. I’ll personally give a section to my personal experience a little later, but for now, let’s discuss some of the positive things with this pre-workout supplement.

Quality Ingredients 

A quality pre-workout is much more than a bunch of stimulants thrown into a product and sold to the public. It’s a vital tool used to push the user to another level when hitting their workout to make the most out of it. The ingredients in’s pre-workout are outstanding.

The main component of their pre-workout and the main component of most pre-workouts on the market is caffeine. Why is caffeine used so much in pre-workouts? To put it simply, it works. The caffeine helps improve focus and strength during your performance, allowing you to dig deep when it matters most.

The pre-workout also contains amounts of L-Leucine, an amino responsible for the starting of protein synthesis, muscle building. This amino acid is an essential amino acid since our bodies cannot produce them on their own.

Last but not least, traces of beta-alanine can be found in this supplement. Beta-alanine acts as a buffer to lactic acid build-up. Lactic acid is the chemical property that fatigues your muscles when working out since they’re running short on oxygen. Better muscular endurance can be achieved when taking this pre-workout with beta-alanine.

Tasty Variety

It’s common for pre-workouts to have a sweet taste to them to get the user pumped with a good taste.’s pre-workout has some pretty interspersing combinations of flavors. Such as Blueberry LemonadeWatermelon Lime, and Tropical Lime.

My favorite personally is the Fruit Punch. If you’ve tried Cherry Kool-Aid or any good cherry juice, it tastes exactly the same. As a kid, I used to like Kool-Aid, and now that it’s in the form of a pre-workout, I always get nostalgia. Pre-Workout Cons

Now that we’ve discussed the positives from’s pre-workout, it’s time to discuss what things hold it back from being that perfect supplement. By no means is it a bad supplement, but there’s one thing I, and many other users share in terms of drawbacks.

Trouble Sleeping

On a couple of occasions, I did experience restlessness while sleeping after hours taking this supplement. I could not fall asleep for my life; nowhere near tired, even after hitting an insane workout. Pre-Workout Review | Instant Jolt

I have a good idea of why this may happen. My workouts are all in the afternoon, around 6PM, and my bedtime is around 10PM-11PM. The four-hour buffer was not enough for the pre-workout to wear off.

Some workouts that I hit in the morning with my brothers after taking a pre-workout gave it plenty of time to wear off. Those days had me sleeping like a baby since the pre-workout wasn’t in my system by then.

My Experience With Pre-Workout

This won’t be a valid review if I’ve never tried this supplement out myself. I’ve been taking’s pre-workout for about 2 ½ months, and it’s really pushed me to new limits during my workouts. I let my brother try it out, and he vouches for it too.

Tropical Punch was the flavor I stuck with and probably will continue to go with moving forward. Unlike other pre-workouts, you don’t experience that jittery sensation you feel when approaching a workout. Which I’m very fortunate of.

I did mention that I had restless nights of sleep from taking pre-workout in the afternoon. It makes sense since the supplement is a powerful one, with lasting effects of endurance. To stop this, opting for the pre-workout in the morning is the way to go.


In the conclusion of this Pre-Workout Review, I can safely say this supplement is worth the purchase. The new boost in strength and endurance is all that pre-workout is about, and this is no exception. Taking it later on in the day may put you at risk at some sleep issues, but there are plenty of ways to work around it.

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