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It’s no secret that many people’s diets lack vital nutrients due to a lack of awareness and effort put into one way of eating. This Multivitamin review might be the supplement people have been looking for to fill the gaps in their diets.

There are plenty of vitamins you the reader have probably never heard of, unless you work in the nutrition field. In today’s article, we’ll be going over the signature multivitamin supplement has got in store. If you’ve been looking for a multivitamin to try, you may want to keep reading.

Product: Signature Multivitamin 

Price: $16.99

Cheapest Place to Purchase: 

Size of Container: 90 Tablets Background

If you haven’t heard of, you may be living under a rock, or are isolated from the internet. is the largest online supplement/fitness store established in 1996 by Ryan DeLuca. Multivitamin Review | Diet Fixer has a handful of core values they follow in order to achieve goals they’ve set themselves. One of their biggest priorities, if not the biggest, is customers. Shouldn’t come as a surprise as their customer service is impressive

It’s outstanding to see what they’ve accomplished when you look at exactly where they started from. Going back to CEO Ryan DeLuca, he started the company in his garage not long after graduating high school. The accolades and awards just kept rolling in for Deluca as the years went passing by.

From their signature collection, we’ll be discussing their multivitamin containing a total of 90 tablets. Will the supplement be another reliable product from their personal line? Or will the multivitamin be overshadowed by the other multivitamins on the market? Let’s find out! Multivitamin Pros

Let’s start off with the pros I found after taking this multivitamin. I’ll personally talk about my experience in a later section, but I’d always down a pill after dinner. After 4 months of consistently taking this multivitamin, here are the pros I’ve gathered.

Exclusive Vitamins

Shared with many multivitamin supplements, crucial vitamins/minerals are missing from the formula. The missing vitamins and minerals really defeat the purpose of some multivitamins since they’re supposed to fill gaps in your diet. Multivitamin Review | Diet Fixer
With’s Multivitamin, you’ll find many of the particular vitamins missing in other supplements, which is a nice plus. These nutrients are crucial for the body since they can’t be produced by the body or aren’t produced enough. Some exclusive vitamins include…

  • Copper 
  • Vitamin B 
  • Iodine
  • Vitamin K
  • Zinc 
  • Magnesium

These are just a handful of the vitamins found inside the tablets. As labeled on the bottle, each tablet has 29 nutrients, that’s a ton. The tablets will most likely fill in the gaps in your diet where there’s filling needed.


The bottle is about $16. However, typically has its products on sale or discounted. I got my bottle for $12 and considering how long they last, it’s a steal. There are a total of 90 tablets in the container. Multivitamin Review | Diet Fixer
The serving size is just one tablet a day, meaning if you were to take one a day, the bottle would last you 90 days or 3 months. For the 4 months, I’ve used the multivitamin, I’ve only bought two supplies, and I’m still currently using the 2nd one. Multivitamin Cons

The multivitamin has given me some great benefits to talk about. Providing long-missing vitamins not found in other supplements all at an affordable purpose. However, there are a couple things that I personally didn’t like when taking the tablets.

Tablet Size

This may not be an issue for everyone, especially if you’re a seasoned pill or tablet taker. However, me not being one, pep talks before downing a Multivitamin were definitely needed. Multivitamin Review | Diet Fixer

The tablet’s size can be deemed as above average. The picture above may not do the size of the tablet justice. However, some users have said downing the pill was like “swallowing a football.”

As exaggerated that may be, the tablet is quite large. If you struggle with taking tablets or just pills in general, you may want to look elsewhere for a multivitamin. Some people stop taking this multivitamin for that exact reason and regret buying something they physically can’t swallow.

My Experience With’s Multivitamin

After listing some of the pros and cons, I’d like to begin talking about my experience with the supplement itself. I mentioned that the relatively low price is a good one, along with the number of tablets allowing for smaller chances of running out.

Taking one tablet a day after dinner was difficult physically due to the size. I cannot stress enough that if you struggle with taking tablets, don’t try your luck with this multivitamin. There are plenty of smaller tablet sizes that will go down easier for you.

However, I persevered with taking the pills since I trust with the quality of their products. Their whey protein is my favorite protein powder for that matter. In all honesty, the tablet taking experience did get easier as the weeks went by.

So would I recommend this multivitamin? Definitely to anyone comfortable with taking tablets. The vast amount of vitamins fill the gaps of a majority of people’s diets in a flash.


In the conclusion of this Multivitamin review, is it worth buying? I’ll give you the green light for anyone wanting to try this supplement. It’s packed with tons of nutrients, and at such a low price, it’s not a heavy investment at all when purchasing it.

The tablet size is something to consider, however. Swallowing the tablet can be hard with a lack of pill swallowing experience. After some practice and time, the tablet swallowing does get relatively less difficult, allowing for more enjoyment of your multivitamin.

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