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Product: Signature Mass Gainer 

Price: $50.00

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Size of Container: 10lbs

Protein Per Scoop: 33.5g (Serving is 2 Scoops)

Get Huge Season

The mass gainer, supplement packed with protein and calories. has released its signature mass gainer, helping you on your journey to gain the muscle you’ve always wanted. Coming in their signature blue and white packaging, their massive 10lb. bag of protein comes in unfortunately one flavor, vanilla. But will that setback hold down this mass gainer? Let’s find out!

Nutrition Label

Here is the nutrition label on the packaging of the protein powder…

Apart from the serving size, the first thing that may catch your eye on the nutrition label is the massive amount of calories that two scoops contain.

810 calories???

That’s almost half of a traditional 2,000 calorie diet, and with milk, it could potentially be more than half!

However, before jumping to any sort of conclusions about the supplement, be mindful of what audience a mass gainer is meant for, hardgainers. A hardgainer, or an ectomorph, is a person with a body type who has a hard time gaining any sort of weight due to their rapid fast metabolism. In that case, to build some actual muscle, they need to eat a lot more than a mesomorph or an endomorph, body types with slower metabolisms.

With that, some of these other giant amounts of macronutrients can be explained. 110g of carbs along with 67g of protein is beneficial for someone trying to gain muscle, let alone weight. Combining this mass gainer with a solid workout plan is essential for building muscle because just the supplement alone, you can expect to surely gain weight but mainly fat, not lean muscle.


Here are the listed ingredients below the nutrition label…

As a long list of ingredients, I’d like to break down a handful of the ingredients, mainly the more important ones and some that caught my eye…


With a whopping 110g of carbs per serving, BB.coms mass gainer provides both fast and slow-digesting carbohydrates. Ready to equip you before and after a workout. 

Maltodextrin: Cheap commercial sweetener that technically isn’t sugar, adding plenty of carbs and calories to the nutrition label.

Cluster Dextrin: As a breed of maltodextrin, Cluster Dextrin offers a slow and sustained release of carbohydrates instead of a quick and massive spike in blood sugar like a lot of pre-workouts. CD passes through your stomach fast, making it available to be burned for your workout not long after consuming it.

ModCarb: This healthy carbohydrate also provides slow-burn energy along with a smoother, creamier sensation to the drink.


Commonly misunderstood, fats are vital for your body. Many people tend to avoid fats, but they’re key for your body to produce hormones, build cell walls, construct neurons and much more. 

Creamer: Frequently used to add flavor and give a better texture to the drink.


The main macronutrient in many muscle building supplements, protein is necessary to build your lean physique,

Egg Whites: In an egg, the egg white contains most of the protein. Egg whites are just one of the animal sources of protein inside of this mass gainer.

It’s A No Go For A Low Carb Diet

It might be obvious, but this mass gainer should be avoided if you’re seeking to cut your carbs. The 110g not only meets your daily carb goal, but it exceeds it, by a lot. Same goes for Keto, this supplement should not be in your diet.

Stick to regular protein powder, like whey, casein or even vegan. Those contain much fewer carbs and still offer a great source of protein. also has their whey protein, personally my favorite protein powder, with only 3g of carbs, with a sensational taste. I also have a review on that, click here to check it out: Whey Protein – Powerhouse of a Protein


Overall,’s mass gainer powder is a sensational product for anyone, not just hardgainers, trying to gain some size. The huge amount of protein, carbs, and calories conveniently come in one shake, perfect for your muscle-building journey.

Have a burning question about this mass gainer? Leave it below, along with any comment you have regarding this supplement.

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