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Product: Signature Casein Protein

Price: $50.00

Cheapest Place to Purchase: 

Size of Container: 4 lbs.

Protein Per Scoop: 25g

Slow and Steady Wins The Race Casein Protein Review: We’ve all heard the story of the tortoise and the hare, speed isn’t everything. The tortoise is like Casein Protein, a slow winner! Without going into too much detail, since this is the intro, is a company I put my trust in 100%. I trust this company’s supplements completely, delivering with the best products on the market. My personal protein powder that I use and adore is made by, and it’s also from their signature line. Let’s have a look at their 2nd protein powder in their signature line to see if it delivers to some spectacular results. Casein Protein Review - Slow and Steady Wins The Race

Nutrition Facts

Before talking about’s Casein in all it’s slow-digesting glory, more about the digestion later, we must discuss the nutritional aspects of it. We’ll be doing this by observing the nutrition label found on the packaging. Casein Protein Review - Slow and Steady Wins The Race
I like to discuss the three main macronutrients when it comes to the nutrition of protein powder. Since it is a “protein” powder, I’d like to touch on that first. The signature line of always provides solid amounts of protein, with this one being 25 grams, same with their whey protein. There are both complete sources of protein, meaning they provide your body with the 9 essential amino acids. These 9 amino acids are organic compounds that you’re body cannot produce, so it needs to be obtained through dietary protein. If you’d like to know more about amino acids, click here for this article where I explain amino acids in depth.

Next, I’d like to talk about carbs, the first line of energy your body taps into. As you can see, you won’t be getting a lot of energy from taking a scoop of this bad boy. With only 2 grams, you won’t feel all that energetic. However, that doesn’t mean low carbs is a bad thing. The small amount of carbs can make good use of specific diets that pick out low-carbohydrate diets. Two specific diets really focus on lower carbs; Keto and Paleo.

I actually did Keto my sophomore year in high school, and boy did it work out in my favor. During that summer, I lost about 25+ pounds before coming back to school, and I still maintain this weight until this day. I used it in combination with an eating pattern called intermittent fasting, which just changed my life completely. Although I have not attempted the Paleo diet, it’s still advantageous. It consists of cutting out processed foods like some breads and sweets and focusing on whole foods.

Last but not least, the fats that are contained in this protein shake is quite minimal, and I mean minimal. There’s only half a gram of fat in one entire scoop, hardly any saturated fat, and absolutely no trans fat, which is excellent. Trans fats are the fats that clog your arteries if eaten in abundance. Clogged arteries may lead to heart problems like heart disease and even possibly a heart attack. Having none of that makes their powder very heart-healthy.

The Battle Between Casein and Whey

On the market, you’ll most likely see these two types of protein more than anything else on the shelves or online. However, whey outshines casein, by a lot. There are couples reasons as to why that is, some being taste, pricing, and or preference. (If you’d like a whole list as to why whey puts casein in its shadow, click here to check out an article I wrote about on it) There’s one thing that does stand as a difference between the two, their respective effects on the body. Take a look at this chart provided by Casein Protein Review - Slow and Steady Wins The Race
If this seems like a lot to digest, no pun intended, I’ll break it down for you in this Casein Protein Review. “Blood Amino Acid Levels” refers to the amount of protein in your bloodstream. Protein is composed of amino acids, and the point if which the lines on the graph spike is when the most protein is in your bloodstream. With whey, the spike arrives early, only taking about a couple hours to reach its peak, and declining steadily afterward. With casein, there’s no real noticeable spike because the protein is dispersed slowly over a more extended period.

Either one can be used to your advantage if used appropriately. Whey is recommended to take before or after your workout to immediately repair your damaged muscle fibers from your vigorous lifting session. The amino acids spike into your bloodstream and shoot to your muscles for repairs. With casein, however, your best bet is to take it before bed. While you sleep, your muscles are more susceptible to muscle atrophy or muscle breakdown since you you’re not consuming protein to repair your muscles. Since protein can be kept in your bloodstream for 7-8 hours with casein, it’s better to take it right before hitting the hay.

Taste Above The Rest

It’s a common theme to hear casein protein powders tasting abysmal, lacking good texture and overall taste. A lot of caseins are like this, while its brother whey has some great tasting powders. With’s Casein Protein, the taste is nothing short of delicious. Its texture is excellent, very smooth with no clumps what so ever. There are a variety of flavors, including chocolate, which is my absolute favorite. Mainstream caseins are too gritty and thick, but we got a winner here at


To conclude this Casein Protein Review, this powder is no ordinary casein you see every day on the supplement market. It’s an elite product manufactured by an elite company that I completely trust. The taste just blows the other caseins out of the water, definitely a supplement you should have in your arsenal. If you’d like to add this protein to your weaponry, click on the link below. Casein Protein Powder

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