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Best Protein Powder For Men – Maximize Masculinity

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The Gender Pumped With Testosterone

Men, the gender that runs of testosterone, protectors of society, and the gender with one X chromosome and one Y. Mankind would not be like how it is without the creation of the man, no men, no world. Different cultures interpret and characterize the man differently, macho, reliable, caring, intelligent, diligent. As a man myself, I am very proud to be built the way I am, proud of all men around the world, showing the proper ways of a gentleman. For our macho men, we need an equally manly diet. A balanced diet to fill our bodies and build our structure to its maximum potential. For that, we need a specific macronutrient that is loved by many, protein! That’s right-you’re going to need a lot of protein to build your muscle and physique. For the lads, we have a list of the best protein powder for men, tune in.


4.) Vega One All-in-One Shake

Best Protein Powder For Men - Maximize Masculinity

Product: Vega One All-In-One Nutritional Shake 

Price: $39.11

Cheapest Place to Purchase:

Size of Container: 1 lb

Protein Per Scoop: 20g

Herbivorous Snack

First up on our list of best protein powder for men, a protein that all men can enjoy, regardless of their allergies. Vega One protein powder is more than just a protein powder, it’s a shake jam-packed with nutrients. You could say it’s more of a meal replacement shake, but it fits the criteria of a protein powder, which is what I know best. Let’s hope right on it to what Vega All-in-One triumphs and loses in.


As mentioned before, there is not a trace of dairy within this protein powder, which is a common allergen in protein powders. That’s a common fear of drinking whey or casein, two dairy protein sources, the risk of having an allergic reaction. Vega One has thrown in all types of plant protein sources, like pea, rice, hemp, and even soy.

Best Protein Powder For Men - Maximize Masculinity
Some may argue that the protein from a vegan source, like pea or rice, does not compare to the protein from a dairy source, like whey or casein.

However, that is not the case.

One plant-based protein source by itself may not match whey or casein, but multiple vegan sources in one protein powder is more than enough to compare with whey. It’s a common misbelief that dairy protein towers over vegan protein, but it is just a myth.

But Wait, There’s More

Besides being full of protein, Vega One also has tons of other nutrients to offer. On the packaging, it shows off the other fantastic essential nutrients your body needs to survive.

Veggies and Greens

Best Protein Powder For Men - Maximize MasculinityMade from actual veggies and grees, Vega One’s protein powder has tons of vegetables to satisfy your daily needs. Some of the plants include broccoli, kale, and tons of other green foods.

Vitamins and MineralsBest Protein Powder For Men - Maximize MasculinityIn this vegan powder punch, every scoop ha at least 50% of our daily value of 12 vitamins and minerals made from real, plant-based food ingredients.

Fiber and Antioxidants
Best Protein Powder For Men - Maximize MasculinityFrom the acacia gum and flax within the powder, you’ll be provided with 6g of fiber. Within the same scoop, antioxidants like Vitamin E, C, and A are all inside.

Best Protein Powder For Men - Maximize MasculinityGet 1.5 grams of essential fatty acids from flax, chia, and hemp ingredients.

Chalky Taste

The ones things you may raise an eyebrow towards because I did, is the flavor. Taking my first sip of this with a cup of water, made it my last. The chocolate taste is chalky as if the powder came from the actual earth itself, which in reality, it did. It’s an acquired taste, you’ll have to get an instant liking for it from the first sip, or else, you might end up throwing it out.

Best Protein Powder For Men - Maximize Masculinity
In my opinion, there are many other tastier proteins that I rather stick to, but if you are genuinely a vegan Earth lover, this is the drink for you. That is the main reason behind my small disliking of this protein powder, which why it ranks fourth on the list. If it’s not something you will not be consistently drinking, it’ll be a waste. Moving on to the bronze medal.

If you’d like a taste of the fresh green outdoors, click here.



3.) Optimum Nutrition Casein

Best Protein Powder For Men - Maximize Masculinity

Product: Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Casein Protein

Price: $34.99

Cheapest Place To Purchase:

Size of Package: 2lbs

Protein Per Scoop: 24g

Whey’s Slower Brother

We all know and love the most common protein supplement source known in the fitness industry, whey protein. As the byproduct of curdling cheese, whey has touch the hearts of many. Many do not know about, however, the brother of whey protein, another byproduct coming from the making of cheese. They both offer quality protein, but they do it in processes that are quite the opposite.

The Tortoise And The Hare

If you think back to the story about the race between the slow tortoise and fast-paced hare, it is very relatable to our comparison here. Think of whey protein as the hare, and casein as the tortoise. With whey protein, right after it gets digested by your body, it immediately shoots into your bloodstream as fast as it can to travel to where your body needs it. It’s a quick surge, the whey’s amino acids blast right in, but run out after a short time.

Casein is the complete opposite.

After your digestive system absorbs what it needs from the casein protein, it’s amino acids slowly trickle into your bloodstream. The amino acids slowly arrive at your tissues and fibers in increments and not all at a time, causing the process to carry on longer. Casein could stay in your bloodstream for up to 8 hours, so you could still experience the benefits while you sleep, amazing!

It’s hard for the whey to do that because the process takes around 4 hours for it to dissolve from your bloodstream since it goes away after spiking so high at the beginning. Take a look at the diagram below, it depicts the way casein and whey compare in terms of amino acid bloodstream duration.

Best Protein Powder For Men - Maximize Masculinity

On The Pricier Side

Even before you can bring the protein powder home and start drinking it, you have to pay some of your hard-earned money on this protein powder. Supplements in general fall on the more expensive side, ranging from mid to high prices depending on sizes and types. However, you can always count on casein to cost you a few extra bucks. It all has to do with the processing of creating casein.

Unlike whey, casein actually comes from milk, while whey is a side product of the curdling of cheese, which doesn’t cost much. Milk, on the other hand, is a bit pricy, which is why casein will cost you a couple more dollars from your wallet. If you’d like to find out more about the pricing of casein protein powder, click here for an article I wrote describing the slow amino releaser.

If you got the extra cash to spend on a protein powder that will supply your body with protein for a more extended period, don’t hesitate to buy. Click here to buy the casein protein powder. You’ll be delighted with the variety of tastes they also have to offer.



2.) Signature Whey Protein

Best Protein Powder For Men - Maximize Masculinity

Product: Signature Whey Protein

Price: $49.00

Cheapest Place to Purchase:

Size of Container: 5 lbs

Protein Per Scoop: 25g

The Powerhouse of Protein Powders

From the producer and seller of one, the most trusted supplement websites,, has tons of products to offer. They offer far more than just protein powders, supplements that you’ve never even heard of that provide benefits that you’d dream of. Not only do they sell protein powders from other brands, but they’ve designed their own signature line of products. Let me tell you,

i’m fascinated with their line of products.

More specifically, their whey protein, it’s my favorite protein powder on the entire supplement market. As a member of the brotherhood, I want to fill you in on the great benefits has with their whey protein. I’ll also let you know why my favorite protein does not take number one on the list, which does pain me.

Threefold Whey Combo

The geniuses at tried something uncommon with whey protein powders that seemed like taking a risk at the time. With many whey powders, you will see one of the three types, either,

Whey Isolate: Great for low-carb diets, low in fat, and easily digested. Containing the highest concentration of protein, accumulating to about 90% of protein from other macronutrients.

Whey Concentrate: Concentrate has a more balanced amount of proteins, carbs, and fats to fuel your workouts. The second-highest concentration of protein.

Best Protein Powder For Men - Maximize Masculinity

Whey Hydrolysate: This whey protein has been hydrolyzed, or broken down into strings of amino acids called peptides, for even faster absorption than standard whey!

However, threw the norm right out the window and mixed all three whey types into one astonishing protein powder. They thought outside the box, and their creative thinking paid off, becoming the best product from their brand. The results and benefits from the protein powder due to the triple combo puts it ahead of the other whey protein.

Exquisite Taste

Another and one of the main reasons I love drinking’s Signature Whey Protein is due to the outstanding taste. Regular readers of my site know that my go-to flavor for protein powder is chocolate, I love me some chocolate. Something about those ground cocoa beans instantly hooks my state buds, and don’t let go until it’s all gone. And

Their chocolate flavor does not disappoint.

The creamy, rich goodness of the protein powder mixed with a cup or two of milk gives me cravings at times. It’s something you need to taste in your life because you don’t come across chocolate as good as this. If you’re not into chocolate, has plenty of other flavors that I’m sure you will enjoy. They have flavors ranging from vanilla, oatmeal cookie, and mocha cappuccino.

This is honestly my favored protein powder on the market, the trust I have in is like none other. Their products produce fantastic results and products that meet anyone’s goal. However, there’s just one protein powder that sweeps the competition due to its name and reputation. It’s a classic for many protein drinkers, and you’ve undoubtedly seen it once in someone’s pantry.



1.) Optimum Nutrtition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Best Protein Powder For Men - Maximize Masculinity

Product: Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey Protein

Price: $30.00

Cheapest Place to Purchase:

Size of Container: 2 lbs

Protein Per Scoop: 24g

The Man Among Boys

Last but not least, we have Optimum Nutrition’s most notorious supplement they have on the market, which nothing can compare. As the winner of the “best supplement of the year,” for ten years straight, ON’s whey protein distinguishes itself from the rest of the protein powders through its exceptional quality and striving benefits. It’s honestly hard to find anything wrong with it, it’s spectacular.

For The Carb Minalist

This goes for many whey protein powders, their carbohydrate amount isn’t very much. They excel in the protein macronutrient, obviously, and carbs don’t peak any higher than 5 grams of carbs in most protein powders.

But this isn’t a bad thing.

Low-carb foods are looked for by many consumers, they can be used in many different types of diet. You can utilize it in diets such as low-carb, keto, and even paleo diets where protein soars over carbohydrates.

Oldie But Goodie

Optimum Nutrition has been around since the 80s, and ever since, they have come out with outstanding product after outstanding product. They set the bar for protein powders and supplements for the market. The whey protein is advertised for muscle growth and recovery, but it can be used for plenty of other purposes, such as weight loss.

The weight loss you can achieve from drinking protein powder,or eating more protein in general, can really do you good in losing weight. The added crucial benefits for shredding of fat all come from protein, a fact many people do not realize. If you’d like to know more about protein powder aiding fat loss, click here for an article I wrote about it.

Best Protein Powder For Men - Maximize Masculinity

Banging Taste

The chocolate once again pleases the mouth and excites the taste buds. It is once again creamy and rich like the chocolate whey protein seems like a theme with awesome protein powders, great taste. However, I’d still give’s whey the edge in the taste category, it can’t be matched.

If you don’t like chocolate, what a world, they have tons and tons of other flavors that you’re bound to enjoy.

I counted 18 different protein powder flavors.

If you can’t find favorite protein powder in 18 tries, then you either are very picky or have a disliking for ON’s whey protein.

The Verdict

In the end, Optimum Nutrition’s Whey Protein proved itself the most macho man out of the bunch, being the best protein powder for men. It’s consistent accolades and awards put it ahead of the competition, having the competitors trying to grasp at its ankles. In reality, all these protein powders can produce extravagant results if used appropriately, happy hunting!

Got any questions about these protein powders? Leave them down below, along with any comments you’re holding on to.