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Are Protein Shakes Worth It? – Waste of Money?

Paying for Gains?

Are protein shakes worth it? As one of the most popular food supplementation known to man, protein shakes have shaped the fitness world to what is today. They are an easy and convenient food to get in a quick amount of protein with only a scoop of powder. Lifters around the world swear by these miracle workers, they claim to be the answer to your fitness struggles. Looking at the studies, it’s easy to see why they affirm and swear by this, which we will cover.

However, for those who are unaware of pricing on supplements, they’re not cheap. On average, a 2lb protein powder cost from $20 – $30, and if you’re drinking protein every single day, it goes away awfully quick. For those on a tighter budget who seek to buy supplements, they ask themselves,

Are Protein Shakes Worth It? - Waste of Money?

Do these “miracle workers” really do what they say and guarantee the gains lifters across the globe keep claiming? In this article, I will answer that principle question, one that may have been on your mind too. Are you making a critical investment? Or are you throwing your cash down the drain? Keep reading to find out.

What’s So Good About Protein Powder?

What’s the purpose of taking a protein shake, and what am I going to benefit from it? This is asked by everyone who doesn’t really know much about supplements, too scared to invest their money, which is entirely understandable. Here are three good reasons I see to buy a protein powder.

Easy Source of Protein

After a great workout, you need amino acid to make proteins in your body to help repair the damaged muscle tissues. You could go ahead and make a meal with a substantial amount of protein, like some eggs or some chicken breast. That could take some time to cook, which if you’re craving it enough, you can go ahead and do it. Or, you could pass up on all that and get an easy 20-30 grams of protein by adding a single scoop of protein powder into a cup of milk or water. Two ingredients that quickly put your 25 grams closer to your daily protein intake amount.

Lose Body Fat While Keeping Lean Muscle

Protein shakes have a lot of benefits when wanting to lose weight, being the most essential macronutrient needed to lose fat. The satiation you feel after you eat protein is better than any other macronutrient, it keeps you fuller longer. While also sparking metabolism, protein helps you keep your lean muscle by feeding them, while also stripping off the fat. I’m only scraping the top of the barrel when discussing this topic, I have another great article discussing protein shakes and weight loss that goes in-depth on this site. I’ll leave the link right below if you’d like to know more!

Can I Lose Weight Drinking Protein Shakes? – Easier Than you Think

Tasty Snack

A food with amazing benefits is hard to consume if the taste of the food isn’t right. You could eat or drink it once or twice, but if you want to keep coming back to it, you’re going to want something to look forward to. Luckily,

some protein powders taste absolutely amazing!

Me personally, I like chocolate in my protein powders, it’s my go-to, thankfully, it’s one of the most common flavors. I’ll leave a link to my favorite powder overall, high test, and superb results. Creamy, delicious chocolatey goodness is all I can say about it! Signature Whey Protein

Protein Shake vs. No Protein Shake

This is a fascinating topic that many have debated for a long as I can remember. You’re either on team protein shake or against supplementation, I’ll tell you what side I’m on at the end of this section. A piece of information that impacted my way of thinking about protein shakes was a study conducted by the Frontiers of Nutrition in 2018. about the impact of protein powders on “performance and recovery in resistance and endurance training.”

Through the experiments conducted, there is massive evidence showing that taking a shake pre/post workout spikes your muscles into protein synthesis. The shake optimizes physical performance and has a positive effect on the recovery process after concluding the exercise. The study also mentions a myth that has been circulating around since weight training’s beginning. I’m referring to the anabolic window, a time frame after your workout where protein must be consumed. If you don’t get protein in by this time, protein synthesis won’t properly stimulate, and you could possibly leave gains on the table.

Are Protein Shakes Worth It? - Waste of Money?

Studies show that the window might be a little bigger, a lot bigger actually, it’s more like an “anabolic gate.” Protein synthesis can be sparked within 24 hours after your workout, which is plenty of time to get any protein. The study concludes that although the short window has been proven wrong, it’s still better than consuming nothing, which can cause more bad than good.

So to fill in this anabolic time frame, a quick drink of a protein powder might be pretty useful. It’s a boost of protein surged right into your torn up muscle fibers to begin recovery through the amino acids. In reality, however, any protein source will be beneficial with the building of muscle.  Link to the study above right down below.

 Effects of Protein Supplementation on Performance and Recovery in Resistance and Endurance Training

Do You Really Need It?

This is the question everyone wants to know, do you really need to be drinking protein shakes to build muscle? The quick answer,

Not at all.

 You don’t need them to build muscle, there is a reason they’re called “supplements.” They enhance something when added to further complete something. They make things much simpler and more comfortable to buy, filling in a chunk of your daily protein intake. Along with filling your appetite and assisting in fat loss. You’re paying for the convenience, which is worth it in my opinion.

Are Protein Shakes Worth It? - Waste of Money?

The Verdict

In my opinion, if you’re looking to build muscle this new year or see some fat melt off your body, protein powder is a must. They make getting the job done much more accessible, it supplies your body efficiently. This is a substantial investment, I recommend it to anyone looking for results, to go further beyond!

Have any questions about protein shakes showing their worth? Leave them down below, along with any comments you may have.


Protein Synthesis: the process in the ribosome that produces protein for cells and the body to use.

Anabolic Window: time after workout when food is consumed to start protein synthesis.



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  1. uechchi

    You needn’t bother with them to manufacture muscle, there is an explanation they’re classified “supplements.” They upgrade something when added to additionally finish something. They make things a lot more straightforward and increasingly agreeable to purchase, filling in a piece of your every day protein consumption. Alongside filling your hunger and aiding fat misfortune. You’re paying for the comfort, which is justified, despite all the trouble as I would like to think.

    • Jose Gallegos

      Hey Uechchi,

      Yes, protein powders are a supplement, most definitely not necessary for building muscle, but great for stepping your muscle-building to the next level.

  2. Jessie

    Hey thank you for the awesome post!  I really enjoyed reading this because I have been using protein powder for several years, and I can agree with your verdict that it is a must.  I was able to burn a few extra pounds of body fat in college thanks to Myotein, and it is a very filling breakfast option.  Pop in some bananas, strawberries, and a tablespoon of low fat peanut butter, with two cups of skim milk! Man that is a meal right there and it is delicious!

    • Jose Gallegos

      Hey Jessie,

      Thank you for sharing your experience! Protein powder can help burn off the lasts bits off fat you have situated on your body you want to get rid of. I’d love to make a review on Myotein, any comments about it?

  3. Benson

    I have just started going back to the gym and although I am not really unto making use of protein when building muscles but this time I am meaning to make a difference. I have seen a lot of protein supplements but I am not always content with the process of making and it not being fully organic. I feel satisfied with your description on protein shakes and would like to give it a try. Great article.

    • Jose Gallegos

      Hey Benson,

      Not all protein powders are true with what they claim, it is critical you examine the ingredients label and then some.

  4. Gomer

    I’m already 40 years old and as we know it, life begins at 40 which means, aches and body pains are beginning to come out when you enter this stage as compared to when you’re just in your 30’s or 20’s. Sometimes, I think I have Rheumatism or Arthritis now because whenever I consume food that is high in protein, things like that happen. 

    Now, being a person who has just started my own personal fitness program, I want to try this Whey Protein, as the instructor told me that in order to really build big muscles, I must consume foods that are high protein. But I’d like to know, is this preparation (like this one from Signature) okay? I, mean, will this high protein powder affect my problem with Rheumatism?

    • Jose Gallegos

      Hey Gomer:

      This is an excellent question! You are correct, in order to grow larger muscles, protein intake must be increased. However, for someone like yourself, the type of protein is crucial. Unfortunately, dairy products, like the Signature Whey Protein, may cause even more irritation to the tissue around your joints. To avoid this and still build muscle, take a look at some Vegan protein powders.

      Vegan powders have no dairy and provide most of the same benefits as whey and casein, another milk protein. I have plenty of vegan protein reviews on my website, feel free to have a look!

  5. Kozakiv

    After training, my body needs many nutrients to help it recover and feed tired muscles. A period of 60 minutes after the end of the training was ideal for the intake of the necessary proteins and carbohydrates, since during this period the body was “available” to supplement the necessary nutrients. Therefore, protein shake is an ideal choice that provides me with everything I need to recover and build muscle and energy. The post about shake is a great hit for people who go to fitness.

    • Jose Gallegos

      Hey Kozakiv:

      As of recently, this “anabolic window” which you speak of, time after a workout most optimal for protein to enter to your muscles, has been debunked. The time frame is much longer, almost two days actually. So after all this time, there is no real rush after training to get protein in. As long as you actually get something in!

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