Are Protein Shakes Good For Breakfast? - Morning Gains
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Are Protein Shakes Good For Breakfast? – Morning Gains

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Morning Gains

The clock hits 8:00 AM as the sound of your alarm blasts. You’re eyes slowly bat open, and you groggily stand up from your bed. You put on your slippers, stretch a little, and head for your kitchen. You stayed up late last night finishing a project for work, so today has you feeling anything but happy. You’re not in the mood for making anything for breakfast, so you look around for something to grab and eat. You’re surveying the kitchen, and your protein powder catches your eye. It’s hesitating, and you think to yourself,” are protein shakes good for breakfast?”

This is a common question asked around without many answers given. Some people are frankly too tired to care if protein shakes are healthy for you early in the morning and go ahead and drink it. However, if you are concerned with drinking a supplement for your “most important meal of the day,” you want to know a definitive answer. What effects can I experience? What would happen to me? Are there any benefits I can get from it? I’ll get to the bottom of it if you read on!

What Is A Protein Shake?

This may be something that you already have a decent grasp of, and if you do, you’re fine if you’d like to skip this section. However, you may think that you fully understand the typical protein shake, but there may be a couple of things that you may not know. A protein shake is a dietary supplement people use to increase the amount of protein they eat in their diet. That’s exactly what a protein shake is. It’s not a get ripped quick tool, not is it again muscle fast miracle supplement. Not to say you can’t lose weight or gain muscle with protein shakes, click here to learn how, it’s just not going to happen overnight.

Are Protein Shakes Good For Breakfast? - Morning Gains

There are many types of protein powders out there, none being better than the other. We have protein powders made from whey, casein, brown rice, egg, peas, and even hemp. It really depends on what your body is most comfortable consuming. Individuals who have trouble digesting milk, or are lactose-intolerant, may shy away from milk-based products like whey or casein. If that’s the case, choosing a vegan protein would be your best option.

Clean Label Project

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding protein powders, they pose a lot of concern for everyday consumers. In 2017, a project called the Clean Label Project was conducted by a group of people to try to raise awareness of what companies really put in their products. Protein powders wouldn’t be a problem with the project if the FDA actually checked upon these products. Since protein powders are supplements, they aren’t regulated by the Federal Drug Administration. Meaning, protein shake companies can put whatever they’d like in their containers without getting in trouble.

Are Protein Shakes Good For Breakfast? - Morning Gains

The group found unbelievable things in the powder, things people would never guess companies would put in their products. They found toxic substances, including lead and arsenic in the powder. If you’re unfamiliar with arsenic, it’s a substance that has been connected with causing cancer. Yeah, wrap your head around that. Imagine thinking that artificial flavoring as the most eyebrow-raising ingredient in your supplement, while it’s really a toxic chemical. Things to look out for when buying a protein shake from anyone.

Supplement In The Morning

People take protein shakes at many times during the day. Before bed, after a workout, before a workout, throughout the day, but how about first thing in the morning? Is it common to drink a protein supplement in the morning, and if it is, what effects can it give you? Well, as a person who used to drink protein shakes in the morning consistently, I can tell you a thing or two. You could experience some of the things below if you decide to begin drinking protein in the morning.

Filled Up For Hours 

Protein is a macronutrient, unlike any other. It is the most filling nutrient we can consume, more filling than both carbohydrates and fats. Studies have shown that it suppresses hormones that cause hunger in our bodies. Ghrelin is a hormone that makes us ravenously hunger, hungry enough to eat an ox. Subjects were given breakfasts composed of the three nutrients, one breakfast packed with carbs, one with fats, and one with protein. It was concluded that protein quieted ghrelin the quickest and the longest.

This is also a reason why people eat more protein when wanting to lose weight. The protein keeps them from eating more and limits the calories they consume. Within a month, they see noticeable changes in their bodies and the amount of food in their fridge. Combined with a proper workout routine, you could potentially lose tons of fat.

Light Breakfast

Protein shakes are very light, containing minimal amounts of calories. If you have a protein powder nearby, have a look at the back of the container for the label. If you don’t have one on standby, take a look at the label down below from one of the most consumed protein shakes on the market. I’m talking about Optimum Nutrition’s Whey Protein, a staple among lifters and bodybuilders. You may have seen this powder somewhere or may have even drunk it yourself. 
The calories per scoop add up to 130 calories and 24 grams of high-quality protein. This isn’t a food that’ll make you feel heavy like after you eat a big meal. It’ll make you full, but you’ll still feel nimble as if you nothing even entered your system. This is an excellent choice if you’d like to feel light when going on with your day. Having a cooked meal does run the risk of making you feel heavy, depending on how much breakfast you make. The protein shake is reliable to keep you feeling like a feather while being full.

Easier To Reach Protein Goals 

If a goal of yours is to eat more protein in your diet, starting with 20 – 30 grams of protein in the morning can help. Wanting to build more muscle or losing layers of fat requires you to eat more protein. Starting with a protein shake takes a good chunk out of what you need for the day, and makes it easier as the day goes by. It even gives you the motivation to keep eating clean for the rest of the day. Knowing you started off the day on the right foot makes you want to keep the good flow going.

Is A Supplement For Breakfast Safe?

This should not go without being told, the safety of supplementation in the morning. Besides what I discussed about the potentially hazardous ingredients potentially lurking in your powder, what else can there be said? It should be noted that relying on supplementation rather than whole foods is an unhealthy habit. Your body wouldn’t mind supplementation in your diet, but supplementation to foods you’re already eating. Let’s take at the word supplementation to really know the definition. 
Straight from the Oxford dictionary, it is the addition of an extra element or amount to something. Emphasis on the word “something.” Supplements add an extra element to something that is already there. That something is your diet, the whole foods that make up your daily diet. You shouldn’t be establishing your diet on supplements, that’s not what they’re made for. So in the case of trying to avoid an unhealthy habit of starting the most important meal of the day with a supplement, don’t do it too often. Unless you’re feeling really crappy in the morning, and have absolutely no energy to make yourself nothing, resort to the protein shake.


In conclusion, are protein shakes good for breakfast? Well, it’s really up in the air. The significant aspects of drinking protein powder in the morning can provide to be pretty beneficial in your life. The motivation to eat cleaner the rest of the day and get closer to your protein goal gets better when taking one in the morning. Not to mention, the amount of fat that can be lost when on such a low calorie and filling supplement can be fantastic. Only around 120 calories per scoop with an output of about 25 grams of protein is totally worth it.

However, the constant drinking of protein shakes in the morning instead of whole foods can prove to be an unhealthy habit.  Your diet should consist of whole foods to help you go about your day with an optional supplement thrown in here and there. If you can, try to avoid a protein shake in the morning unless you’re dead from fatigue. Maybe you’re just not a morning person, and fatigue is a constant issue in all your mornings. Try to prepare something the night before so you can just stick it in your microwave or on your stove to heat up. Anything to break the habit.

Got any questions? Leave them down below, along with any comments you may have!