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Are Protein Powders Healthy? – Too Risky?

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The Hero or Villian?

Are protein powders healthy? Protein shakes are renowned in the supplementation industry for providing all types of results, whether it’s putting on some muscle or melting off fat. When people want short cuts in fitness or diet, they gravitate towards supplements, something to get them to their goal more accessible. Protein powders are seen in the spotlight; they take the role of the sought out hero in the industry. But, how many people stop and think of the dangers of protein shakes?

Could protein shakes be the villain instead of the hero?

People who are conscious of what ingredients and additives they put in their bodies raise some eyebrows when the topic of protein powder surfaces. This is because of the somewhat questionable effects protein shakes may impose on your body. These effects make many consumers question,

With that question, people want an answer, which is why I’m here to give it to you straight. By the end of this article, I’ll let you decide with all the information I provide if protein is worth drinking after all. I’ll give you my insight too.

Superb Benefits

Before we start bashing protein powders for their hidden dangers, we need to introduce the great positives they also hold. I like to divide into three great benefits protein shakes provide that will help without a doubt!

Easy Source of Protein 

A universal benefit when taking any protein powder is the convenience of them. I always like to compare their convenience of protein with a meal of some sort. After you get done annihilating a workout, your muscles need some amino acids to repair themselves to get bigger and stronger. After giving it your all, you might feel some fatigue.

Are Protein Powders Healthy? - Too Risky?

You could potentially make yourself a meal, prep it, and then cook it, which may take some time. If you’re up to it, you can get it done; I’ll give you props. Or, you could settle for something much more accessible. Imagine getting a surge of 20 -25 grams protein into your body,

in 6 seconds!

Yes, I timed the time it takes for you to place a single scoop of protein powder into your cup of milk or water. Of course, you have to take into account the time it takes actually to drink the darn thing, but you could do that at your own pace. Point being, in only 2-3 steps, you could be looking at at least 20 grams of protein in no time, very convenient.

 Melt off Body Fat

I’ll have an article talking about this topic of protein powder shredding body fat below; it dives more profound than what I’m going to explain briefly. The way protein fills you up in no time due to its ability to suppress hunger hormones like ghrelin makes it a key player in fat loss. Through the thermal effect of food, kicking your metabolism into overdrive, you can practically see the fat come off you.

Can I Lose Weight Drinking Protein Shakes? – Easier Than you Think

Flavor for the Whole Family 

Unbeknownst to the public, protein powders can have some fantastic flavors. If there’s a particular flavor you don’t like, you’re not going to come back to that food, and it goes farther than protein powders with that. With a meal that you genuinely love, you’re more likely to go back for more, even crave it at times.

Are Protein Powders Healthy? - Too Risky?

My go-to flavors, as many of you may already know, it knew other than chocolate. The creamy sensation my chocolate protein provides can not be matched. I’ll leave a link to if you’re into things that taste good! Signature Whey Protein

Tough Time Digesting

It’s time to delve into what isn’t so bright about the beloved protein powder. Before you can experience any of the effects of a protein powder, you need to digest it through your digestive system, self-explanatory. However, this is easy for some, while some can experience some mild self effects during digestion.

The side effects happen to those who are lactose intolerant. Many of you may have heard of this term and know the results of it, bloating gassiness, or even diarrhea. But why does it happen? Well, a quick science lesson. In milk, the sugar we digest for usage is called lactose. To break down this sugar, we utilize an enzyme called lactase to quickly and efficiently deconstruct it.

Are Protein Powders Healthy? - Too Risky?
So when our body does not produce enough of this lactase, the lactose cannot be broken down properly. When this occurs, the sugar sits in your gut, waiting to be broken down by bacteria. Being broken down by bacteria leads to stomach cramps, gassiness, and other problems you don’t want to experience.

Several protein powders contain lactose because many of them contain either casein or whey. These are two of the most common protein shakes, although good, which may cause some digestive problems. To avoid these effects, if you’re lactose intolerant, invest in a vegan protein powder that contains no lactose. I’ll leave a link below to a review of one of my favorite vegan favorite protein powders.

Vega One All-In-One Nutritional Shake – Nutrition Bomb

Hard On Some Kidneys

This hazard is experienced by individuals who already have previous kidney problems. Perfectly fine healthy individuals rarely and do not experience struggles from their kidneys when consuming protein powders. Protein powders contain tons of proteins; your kidneys are responsible for flushing out any excess protein after protein synthesis. The more protein requires your kidneys to work more, possibly overworking them.

Are Protein Powders Healthy? - Too Risky?

However, if you have no previous problems with your kidneys, you should have no worries with protein being hard on your kidneys. Protein powders should be taken lightly if you experience kidney issues, careful about how much protein you make your kidneys flush out.


In conclusion, protein powders have more than meets the idea that does into your body that may or may not harm you. In my opinion, protein shakes don’t show any noticeable problems for my body, which makes me want to keep drinking them. If you experience no issues, I say to drink protein powders to your heart’s desire.

Got any questions? Leave them down below, along with any questions you may have!


Amino Acids: building blocks of protein

Lactose: sugar in milk

Lactase: enzyme that breaks down lactose

Kidneys: organs that filter blood, and removes wastes and extra water from the body

Protein Synthesis: the process of building proteins from amino acids