Are Protein Bars Healthy? | Hidden Ingredients
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Are Protein Bars Healthy? | Hidden Ingredients

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Hidden Ingredients

Are protein bars healthy? This is a common question asked by consumers who are planning to buy bars for their diet. It’s even asked by people who actually take protein bars and have no clue about the snacks’ logistics.

I’ve tested and tried a lot of protein bars in my time. You may have eaten protein bars that taste way too good for them to be a healthy choice. In this article, we’re diving deep into the properties of protein bars to see if they are a healthy choice for your diet.

The Simple Protein Bar

A protein bar is a straightforward snack when you think about it. You eat when for several reasons. Whether it’s because you’re hungry, need a “healthy” snack, or need some more protein in your diet.

Are Protein Bars Healthy? | Hidden Ingredients

That’s the purpose of a protein bar to add more protein to your diet. I may be quite hard reaching for tripled digit protein grams in some diets, so certain foods were manufactured to help with this goal. Protein bars are just one of the many foods in that category.

The average protein bar offers around 20 or so grams of protein, which is very solid. To go alongside that, a majority of them are low-calorie, providing zero compromises when eating them.

At times, it’s hard to put down protein bars when some of them taste very good. At the end of the day, a protein bar is still a bar. There are so many ways you can flavor a bar, and the majority of them are tasty flavors that you crave.

The protein bars I’ve personally eaten and enjoyed are from Quest and Clif BarThe Quest Bars have a delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor while Clif Bar has a wonderful chocolate mint flavor. I eat them to this day.

Protein Bar vs. Protein Powder

As one of the most debated “battles” in the fitness industry, the protein bar vs. protein powder discussion knows no limit. Some fight for the powder, others for the bar, and some, like me, fight for both. They’re both built very similar in specific ways, providing both the same purpose. To provide the consumer with more protein. They each have around 20 or more grams of protein, so either one you take will have about the same protein.

When looking at a protein powder, it’s easy to see why it lasts much longer than a pack of protein bars. You can get protein powders at 2lbs, 5lbs, or even 10lbs if you look hard enough. Typical protein bars come in no more than 12 per box.

Eating one a day, you’ll have protein bars in supply at a little less than two weeks. With a scoop of protein powder a day, you could have enough to last longer than two months. It sounds right since you do have to pay a little more for protein powder than bars.

None is better than the other solely because they do their job both with equal success. They both provide solid amounts of protein and are considered low calorie. If you’re stuck between the two, either one will do you good.

Are They Healthy?

To answer this question, let’s have a look at a protein bar to analyze its properties. The majority of protein bars have the same makeup since, once again, they’re made with the same intentions. Let’s have a look at the back of these Quest BarsThe nutrition on these bars looks to be right on par. The carbohydrates do look concerning. However, a majority of them are from the fiber, an indigestible carbohydrate. The protein is a great amount, not too far, and sugars only amount to one gram.

The ingredients follow that of a whey protein, using whey protein isolate as the main source of protein. Meaning, a lot of the risks and dangers of whey protein come with the protein bar. The main ones include the likes of lactose intolerance and allergic reactions.

However, many other protein bars choose to stray away from whey as a source of protein for those exact reasons. A lot of the population suffers through milk, whether it be lactose intolerance or allergic reactions.

Are Protein Bars Healthy? | Hidden Ingredients

Clif Bar’s protein source is hemp, a great plant-based protein also used in protein powders. I personally tried it myself, and it remains one of my favorite protein bars. The chocolate mint covers any sort of hemp after taste, which is fantastic.


In conclusion, are protein bars healthy? For me, and probably for a lot of people out there, they’re completely healthy. The risks you need to watch out for lie in the ingredients, keep a keen eye on what the bar is made of.

If your body has a problem with milk, anything with the substances of whey or casein you should stray away from. Vegan or plant-based protein bar options is what you’re looking for, as they provide you safer ingredients when eating a protein bar.

If you have zero issues when consuming milk, then a protein bar from whey protein will cause you no trouble. It’s all about experimenting, you may not like the first bar you pick, so trying new ones is a good idea.

Got any questions? Leave them down below, along with any comments you may have about protein bars!