Are Collagen Peptides Effective? | Worth The Money
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Are Collagen Peptides Effective? | Worth The Money

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Worth The Money

You may have heard of the supplements or proteins known as collagens, but are collagen peptides effective when using them consistently? This is a question on many people’s minds currently due to the growing popularity of collagen supplements.

The containers and bottles promise many things, including the possibility of making one look younger by reducing wrinkles. But how true is this? Do the studies and research back up what collagen peptides claim? Today’s article is all about collagen and what it can actually bring to the table.

What Is Collagen?

Jumping right into things, we’ll discuss what collagen exactly is. As the most produced protein in our body, collagen is a major component in our body’s connective tissue. We have connective tissues throughout our muscles, skin, ligaments, and in many other parts. Are Collagen Peptides Effective? | Worth The MoneyCollagen’s functions vary depending on what connective tissue it’s working with. Some of its more important functions include providing structure to the skin along with strengthening your muscles. We’ll go over more benefits in the next section, but collagen can stretch itself to help in many parts of the body.

A majority of people get their collagen from supplements, as the years go by and people begin to age, popularity with the supplements grow. However, supplements aren’t the only source from which one can get collagen.

One of the more popular foods collagen can be found in is bone broth, a cooked soup made from the connective tissue and bones of animals. Bone broth makes sense consuming since you’re literally eating the connective tissue from animals to benefit your body.

The Benefits of Collagen

Collagen benefits seem to range from very minor to extremely critical to the health of some. I’ll be giving you benefits that have been backed by research and have been proved to work. You may hear other claims from strangers on the street, but their authenticity can’t be trusted entirely.

Improvement In Skin

As the major and main benefit of taking collagen, strengthening your skin is definitely noticeable. Collagen plays a huge role in firming your skin. It helps the way your skin takes in hydration along with its elasticity.

Are Collagen Peptides Effective? | Worth The Money

As we get older, we produce less and less collagen, which leads to the dryness and wrinkles we see on older folks’ faces. Collagen supplements help stop the formation of wrinkles on the skin by producing the missing collagen your body needs.

Tons of studies have shown that consistent consumption of collagen supplements has shown improvement in the skin after many weeks. A significant reduction in wrinkles was seen compared to the other groups, not on any collagen supplements.

Several claims have been made stating that collagen supplements have shown improvements in acne. While it would be a great benefit to add to this list, the research simply does not back up these claims enough to call it true.

Boost Bone Strength

Little to the knowledge of people, bones are primarily collagen that gives them the strength/structure they’re known for. Much like how your skin starts to wrinkle as you get older, your bones begin to lose its strength as your collagen begins to deplete.

Are Collagen Peptides Effective? | Worth The Money

Conditions of weakened bone strength, like osteoporosis, occur due to a lower amount of collagen as we age. Studies have shown that taking collagen supplements decreases the breakdown of bone that could lead to diseases like osteoporosis.

BMD is how we measure the density of minerals like calcium in our bones. With collagen, BMD increases, although more human research is being conducted to consistently prove this.

Muscle Mass Increase

It may seem like collagen is everywhere throughout your body. That’s because it most certainly is. 10% of our muscle tissue is composed of collagen, it’s needed to keep our muscles strong and functioning correctly.

Collagen helps in atrophy, the loss of muscle instead of the building of muscle. It also helps boost muscle mass with sarcopenia, the loss of muscle as people age. Studies have shown that even weak frail men can start to look a bit beefier when taking collagen supplements.

Scientists believe that it has to do with the way collagen promotes the synthesis of muscle proteins like creatine in the body. More research is needed, however, to completely call this claim true.

Help Joint Pain

Once again, we see collagen stretching itself to be in yet again another part of your body, this time, it takes part in our cartilage. Cartilage is a tough, flexible tissue found in our ear, nose, and also around our joints.

It’s there to protect it from getting disorders such as osteoarthritis. The chances of us acquiring this disorder increases as we get older as our collagen production decreases. However, taking collagen supplements can, in fact, help your cartilage from deteriorating.

Some studies have shown improvement in symptoms of osteoarthritis, along with reduced joint pain overall. The supplemental collagen accumulates in your cartilage and stimulates your tissues to make more collagen.

Should I Buy A Collagen Supplement?

This is the question on everyone’s mind. Are collagen peptides effective, and should I actually buy one? Well, the research surely does back up all the benefits I mentioned. If you’re willing to spend the money, it’s definitely worth buying.

Are Collagen Peptides Effective? | Worth The Money

Collagen is found throughout your body, and as we age, we’re going to need more and more of it. Collagen supplements are an excellent choice when needing more protein to improve your body in the plentiful ways I mentioned.

Then again, there are other sources of food from which one can actually get collagen without supplements. Foods like bone broth can definitely provide you with collagen. However, if you don’t like the taste, or are vegan, supplements should be in your future if you’re looking for more protein.


In conclusion, are collagen peptides effective? The research and science all back up the claim that they are very effective. Benefits in your skin, bones, muscle mass, and even joints have been shown through studies and experiments.

Got any questions? Leave them down below, along with any comments you may have!