Are CLA Supplements Safe? | Dangerous Pills
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Are CLA Supplements Safe? | Dangerous Pills

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Dangerous Pills

A question everyone has in mind about taking certain fat loss pills is about their safety. Are CLA supplements safe for consumption? It’s crucial to know in order to experience the promised fat loss from CLA without any repercussions.

In today’s article, I will be going over a handful of things about CLA, primarily about their safety. Things you should look out for when taking CLA supplements, and for that matter, why they could be dangerous. Stay tuned!

What Is CLA?

Short for conjugated linoleic acidCLA is a type of omega-6 fatty acid. Unlike its counterpart, omega-3 fatty acids, omega-6 fatty acids are found in foods of dairy and meat. Within meat and dairy, there are more than 28 forms of CLA, which is a ton.

Are CLA Supplements Safe? | Dangerous Pills

You need both types of fatty acids in your diet to survive. According to researchers, you typically get enough CLA fatty acid as it is in your regular diet. So why do some people take in extra amounts of CLA through supplements?

Well, although we do get enough CLA in our diets, the CLA in supplements is different from that of dairy and meat. The conjugated linoleic acid in supplements is T-10 and T-11, the fatty acids that promote fat loss.

CLA Benefits


There is primarily one benefits that one can gain from taking CLA supplements. The logistics of the benefits when backed science will be talked about later on in the article. However, some people do experience the one benefit listed below.

Fat Loss

As the primary benefit of CLA supplements, the fatty acids can help burn fat when fat burning is plateaued. T-11 increases the rate of fat burning while T-10 decreases the accumulation of fat, which results in weight loss for some people.

With the obesity crisis affecting more and more people, individuals have looked for “quick-fixes” in their diets to lose fat. Lots of people notice dramatic changes in their body composition and weight from taking CLA supplements.

These changes can immediately decrease one’s risk of getting type-2 diabetes or obesity, diseases caused by excess fat stores. Before rushing to the store to buy yourself a CLA supplement, keep this in mind, however.

Studies have consistently shown only moderate weight loss from consistent CLA consumption. This means that it’s not a complete guarantee that you’ll begin to shred fat once on CLA, other factors also must go into play.

The Safety of CLA

When taking CLA supplements, side effects do, in fact, come along the ride. Like how CLA has practically one benefit, CLA only has about one significant side effect. Some people might be affected, while others may be completely safe.

Fatty Liver/Inflammation 

Your liver can take some damage when taking CLA in some people. The large doses of supplemental conjugated linoleic acids have shown increases in the build-up of fat in the liver, along with inflammation.

Are CLA Supplements Safe? | Dangerous Pills

Your liver is a very important organ, responsible for regulating your blood and disposing of any harm it carries. You’ll want your liver working at its best, and compromising it for minimal fat loss isn’t something I can personally get with.

You’re only born with one liver, so taking care of it is crucial for you to live a healthy life. Putting it in harm’s way of “debated” fat loss is something I rather not have to deal with.

Do CLA Supplements Even Work?

I touched on the logistics of CLA a bit earlier, but now, I’d like to talk about the controversy CLA surrounds itself in due to its underwhelming results. In the most direct way I can describe CLA supplements, they are most definitely not worth it.

Are CLA Supplements Safe? | Dangerous Pills

Studies have shown time and time again that the resulting fat loss is just too minimal or not substantial in any way. The average measured weight loss with CLA supplements over 4 months is about 2.5 lbs. Is that a lot you ask?

In terms of the time, it took to lose that amount of weight, absolutely not. I personally have lost over 30+ lbs doing intermittent fasting in about 2 months. The 2.5 lbs of fat loss aren’t even guaranteed, so it could be a potential for a huge waste of time.


In conclusion, are CLA supplements safe? Well, in actuality, they are mostly harmless to consume just with one added drawback. The safety of one thing is entirely different from its actual effectiveness, which is quite evident here.

Me personally, I’d say to save your money by not wasting it on CLA supplements since the results are very underwhelming. As for safety, keeping your liver in check is important. It adds another reason to why you’d want to stay away from CLA pills.

Got any questions? Leave them down below, along with comments you may have!