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Animal Whey Review – Unleash The Beast From Within

Animal Whey Review - Unleash The Beast From Within

Product: Animal Whey Protein Powder 

Price: $35.00

Cheapest Place to Purchase:

Size of Container: 2lbs

Protein Per Scoop: 25g

Ferociousness In A Powder

Think of the most fierce animal on the planet, imagine how the rest of the world trembles and fears said beast. Every animal on the Earth is intimated by such a creature, nothing dares to stand in its way. Now, imagine taking that ravenous beast and condensing it into a protein powder. Taking it, and smashing it into a powder, ready to be consumed it. Actually, physically doing that would be considered animal cruelty, but metaphorically, it gets you intrigued. As a lesser-known protein powder on the market, Animal Whey Protein is a humble supplement. But can it live up to such a savage title, tune in to this Animal Whey Review!

Wouldn’t you want such a supplement that converts you into such a brute?

Animal Whey Review - Unleash The Beast From Within

Nutritional Label

To kick off this Animal Whey review, let’s have a look at the nutrition label listed on the beastly container.

Observing the three main macronutrients, they offer substantial numbers. The protein per scoop sits at 25 grams, a decent amount. This will work well for filling up your appetite and rebuilding your damaged muscle fibers for growth. With a whopping 1 gram of fat, it may not be enough for your daily intake for fat, but it’s easy to keep your fat in check when consuming it.

The flat portion of carbs also provides many additional benefits. It may not provide you with a sudden spark of sugar for your cells, but this protein powder can be incorporated into many different diets. One’s such as keto, low-carb, and even paleo need low carbs to reach ketosis, where fat is burned for energy.

Speaking of providing energy, the protein in this shake will be doing plenty of that. Little do people realize the fact that protein provides stable power, just as good, or even better than do carbs. The steady rate it has your blood-glucose level differs much from the spiking factor carbohydrates cause in your body. I go more in-depth about protein and energy in this article down below if you want to check it out.

Do Protein Shakes Give You Energy? – Jolt of Life?

The Ingredients

For this Animal Whey Review, let’s also have a look at the ingredients and parts used to develop this protein, one’s that are not very common or some that people have not heard of.

Animal Whey Review - Ingredients

 Cross Flow Micro Filtered Whey Protein Isolate: This a term many protein powders don’t include in their ingredients label. (Maybe because it’s painstakingly long) To summarize it, “cross micro-filtered” is a process that helps give powders a higher ratio of protein compared to other macronutrients. Considering it is whey isolate, it’s going to contain a higher concentration of protein than either concentrate or hydrolysate.

The method involves extremely low temperatures with no chemicals to perform any functions. This process of lower temperatures allows for a lesser amount of lactose and fat to be in the protein powder. Not to mention small amounts of sodium and high amounts of calcium.

 Papain: Extracted from actual raw papayas, papain is an enzyme used to break down protein more efficiently. The bonds connecting protein, peptide bonds, are broken, and amino acids, the building blocks, are isolated and shuttled to where they are needed.

 Bromelain: Much like papain, bromelain also helps breakdown protein into its building blocks for even easier digestion. This makes the protein powder even more comfortable to digest, with all the added enzymes. Extracted from another fruit, pineapples, it helps digest the protein before it even gets into your body.

Creature From Beyond The Gym

As displayed on the front of the protein packaging, this supplement has a picture of a behemoth. The dude is jacked, waiting for you to experience the same results.

The digestive enzymes, as mentioned before in the ingredients list, makes drinking the shake have no problems. It practically is already digested for you by the time it enters inside your body. The whey protein isolate formulated into this powder is top-notch, high quality ready to be absorbed into your body. As labeled for serious lifters, this supplement will no doubt fulfill the required protein for their rigorous routines.

Not only is it listed for weightlifters, but it is also advertised for bodybuilders, competitive strength athletes, and anyone just trying to fill in their daily protein intake. Through 1-2 scoops of protein powder a day, you can quickly achieve any fitness goal, suitable for the listed individuals above.

Tastes Buds Tingling

Listed on the ingredients says “Natural and Artificial Glazed Donut Flavors,” a very unique flavor in protein powders. Just imagine turning a delicious glazed donut into a powder, and then having the pleasure of drinking that shake whenever you like. You already know that’s going to be a keeper.

That is only one of the 13 flavors Animal Whey Protein has to offer, a significant taste arsenal for anyone to enjoy. You’re just bound to find something you’ll love. People claim this powder to be

“The best tasting protein by far,”

That offers impressive results with outstanding digestion, absolutely no problems for this protein powder to go down the chute. My personal favorite is the chocolate mint, I have a protein powder that I really like the taste of, and the powder tastes just like it. Finding something delicious, and then discovering something else with the same exact feeling gives you plenty to work with.


To conclude this animal whey review, this truly is a beast of a protein powder. Animal Whey protein excels significantly in the digestion factor, knowingly precisely how to get into your body without any problems. Not only does it have a fantastic taste, this protein is meant for anybody, for the lunks in the gym, to your average everyday person.

Got any questions? Leave them down below, along with any comments you may have!

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Ketosis: metabolic state in which carbohydrates have been used up and fat is being used as energy

 Whey Concentrate: type of whey protein where a balance of protein and other macronutrients (fats and carbs) exist

Whey Hydrolysate: is a pre-digested protein that is rapidly digested by your body.

Peptide Bonds: bonds that connect amino acids

Amino Acids: building blocks of proteins, used to repair damaged muscle tissue.